Name:  짱!셔요

Calories: 135

Maker: 롯데

Yum: ♥  1/2

짱!셔요   is a brand of sour gummies that you often find at the 7-11 and other mini stops around Korea right up at the register!  They cost about 700원 and if you are a fan of sour gummies these hands down are the easiest brand to find in Korea. The packet I have here has the characters on the outside, they are on a lot of sugar snacks atm so its not always the normal packaging with this candy ♥

This flavor is the one I see the most often in my area, its bone shaped and is an assorted fruit flavor. One bag gives you a nice handful of candy in 3 flavors with this pack, the individual flavors are not super distinctive though~ just a general sour fruity taste when I ate them! No IN YOUR FACE OMG THIS IS GRAPE going on with the purple ones lol.

I wish I could like these candies more since they do not taste too bad, but the texture bugs me.  This brand of candy is super mushy soft, so its just like I am attempting to chew a soft pile of sugar paste in my mouth.  I love sour gummies like Habribo or Sour Patch kids that have just a bit of chew to them… these are like baby food when I try to eat them though 😛  maybe because they are meant for young kids so they thought they had to make them as soft as possible? I dunno!


This candy also comes in a bottle shaped “cola flavor” which is coke flavored (not to be confused with blue “soda” flavor like some candies are in Asia) I like this one a lot more, but its hard to find in my area and still all mushy-mush soft so I don’t crave buying it….I would kill for some  Habribo sour cola gummies atm though!T_T

♥ ♥ ♥

While I was looking up some info on this brand I also found out about another flavor/shape type that was actually little balls…looked interesting.  I have never spotted it in a store and cant find them being sold in great quantities online though, so it must be a discontinued style or flavor.

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6 Responses to “짱!셔요 sour gummies”

  • wow wow wow.. slow down super woman.. hahaha.. look at all the posts you made! I remember the last time i visited was when you posted about ramen shop and I hadn’t even got the chance to make a comment.. hahah.. okay.. let’s see.. those looks yum, reminds me of.. gummy bears? but with sugar? 😀 kinda tiring to munch munch them, though (or I’m just being a lazy ass hahahaha)

    • Elle:

      oooh maybe thats what they are!! I have to revise the post a bit about the characters, because they are on so many things here atm I am sure its a character promo of some kind XD I have them all over some hard candies too

    • Elle:

      ok yes! They must be these “zoobles” things because it says something similar to that on the package.. lol I was wondering what the heck that word was! lmao

      • Custom avatar Holly:

        they are for sale here in australia but I know in Japan [and maybe korea] they are super cute and candy themed c:

        the toys curl up into little balls and when you place them on a magnet they ‘pop’ open to be some kind of animal

  • Hi Elle! I Love love love your blog 😀

    i just thought i’d let you know that Yup they are definatly Zoobles and theyr sold world wide. Im not sure if they originated in japan or america, but the colours for zoobles in western countries are hot colours with highly rendered illustrations, where as japan use really cute soft flat colours.

    It was a huge hit for a while in Australia but its starting to slow down a bit, i think it was/ still is in america, but its still super popular in japan, last year getting its own childrens show 🙂

    and now you know a lil bit of usless knowledge about zoobles. haha!

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