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Today I have a fun little hole in the wall to share with you~ its kinda a popular little place for the young guys in our area to stop by for food!  

회전초밥 스시 Is a small rotating sushi bar in Sillim, but it is anything but fancy like some of them tend to be!  This place has many choices, but the appeal is everything is 1,000 won per plate, that’s $1 PER PLATE!  This is an amazing deal since usually rotating sushi places can jump to several dollars per plate depending on what you grab, the plates are normally color coded to help with that.  This place still uses those plates, but the way it works is the cheaper sushi you will get several pieces per plate, while the “nicer/fancy” ones you may only get a piece or two. Whatever, it makes keeping track of the bill insanely easy.

Now I hate fish, pretty much anything from the ocean I will not eat… Yes I know I am a horrible person and so picky.  I hear it every day, I just hate it ok?  Nara on the other hand, LOVES seafood, and is  fancy-pants sushi fanatic.  When his brother raved about this dinky place I immediately said whatever since I was sure I could not eat anything, and Nara stuck up his nose to the idea because $1 sushi was prob going to be pretty gross.  Well one day he felt a bit brave and convinced me to come with…wow what a nice surprise for the both of us!

If you have never been to a rotating sushi bar its very simple~ Like I said above, things are normally color coded (just not here) just sit down and grab what you want or request it to be added to the belt and at the end they total up your plates.  Everything is on the belt covered with a little plastic dome to keep it safe ♥

Now when I call these sushi, its not traditional Japanese sushi per say (about as traditional as the deep fried roll sushi we get in the USA lol)… its more of a Korean twist on the food in Sushi form I guess.  We saw lots of interesting Korean-sushi at this place, mainly its presented like Nigirizushi 握り寿司 (sliced, hand placed on rice with a bit of wasabi), but some Maki roll concoctions made an appearance as well as typical Inarizushi 稲荷寿司 tofu stuffed with rice.

I was shocked to see hardly any Kimpap here, but I guess that’s because Koreans don’t think of it when they want sushi even though its similar to roll style sushi in a way.

They also have a small basic menu here with some other dinner dishes, but I would avoid them since its kinda about the cheap plates VS a cooked meal.  I tried to order a few times and they are always sold out of the dinner dishes too, lol maybe the menu is just up for show. Water and a typical broth soup are self serve buy the door if you want it!

Nara thought that the quality was OK, its not omg amazing~ but its very nice for the price you are paying… we can see why this place gets busy sometimes.  We tried some sushi at the Lotte department store rotating bar and it was 5 times the price and gross.  I’m glad he finally found a cheap place here that he wants to visit more than once lol.

♥ ♥ ♥

They have lots of choices like salmon, tuna, a tuna salad maki, octopus, squid, yellowtail, shrimp, eel, conch, and crab from what I can remember

Nara’s faves are the Salmon (because it comes with roe, sprouts, and some onion), the tuna salad maki, and the yellowtail!

Someone is making them up fresh while you eat usually, and if you want more he will whip them up for you in a big pile.

bacon sushi being nommed

The Sushi Chef is a younger guy with a ponytail, he is pretty relaxed and cool.  The sushi itself is not put together with much care or skill sadly, but its not horrible and the fish overall is cut nicely and consistently (although its a little thin VS what you get in the USA)… its just the type of sushi assembly skill that’s prone to falling apart sometimes so pop it in your mouth quickly. Again, its 1,000 won sushi though~ you cant be too picky I guess! haha

Ok now for the BACON SUSHI!!  One of the fun concoctions they had was this yummy thing right here, ITS SO GOOD!  Its basically just a thin slice of cooked bacon on rice with a bit of wasabi and topped with onion and sweet mustard. YUM. I was all set to order some teriyaki thing they had on the normal menu, but I ended up eating like 10 of these!!!  A 1,000 won plate gets you two pieces.  I love bacon…. I’m 100% addicted to these.

Have you seen anything like this in Korea before?  We have not, so I am not sure if its something unique to this location or what.  I wish they had even more crazy combos that I could eat like this one, but that’s ok~ I could eat a meal of just this too!

Nara ended up eating over 12 plates, haha not bad!  We totally pigged out the first visit and it came out to maybe 21,000 won ($21)

as usual, the meal is over when I hate myself. lol

Ok, directions!!!  This place is small, but super easy to find!  Take the Metro to Sillim Station (green line) and exit #7 which spits you out next to “Renaissance Mall“.  Just keep walking straight, you will pass the 24-hour A Twosome place, a statue, TGI Fridays, and when you see an ugly light-up orange palm tree the place will be coming up on your right.  Its next to a Daiso, Tokyo Hair (the BEST place for guys to get a hair cut) and a bus stop, so its hard to miss!

♥ ♥ ♥

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7 Responses to “1,000 원 Bacon Sushi in Sillim”

  • We have some rotating sushi bars in the Seattle & Portland area – some pricey, some cheap… but none with bacon sushi! Crazy!!

    • Elle:

      Its def a weird little “this is sushi, but our own way” kinda deal~ Korea loves to do that haha!! Its so freaking good though, I can eat 20 like candy

  • That bacon looks kinda undercooked and that kinda scares me. Other than that it looks good. :)
    And I’ve never heard of deep fried sushi…must be only available in some areas of the USA. That sounds nom too. :)

    • Elle:

      nah, its just not pan fried :) it was fully cooked, but yeah I had to bold COOKED on this since it looks a bit raw in the photos hahaha. You have never had any of those crazy roll sushi from the states? They cram like tempura and mayo..pretty much everything in them and top them with sauce + give them fun names haha its amusing.

  • Custom avatar oONARAOo:

    Definitely a win place for my periodic Salmon sushi craving ! Let’s go again this weekend!! >.<

    • Elle:

      Yeah!! after writing this I really want to visit again soon ahaha I need to take a shot of the wall menu as well, so we have a reason to go… lol kindaaaa!

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    I hope I visit Korea some day just so I can go to these little places you post about! I’ll try anything that’s $1 lol (Frugal Franny over here XD)

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