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10000원 Man Won Finds!

The other day around Sillim Station I found a new 10000원 (about $10) shoe store with lots of CUTE finds! I fell in love with these pastel school girl shoes with pretty big bows~ can’t say no to stuff this cute…especially when it is only $10. Seriously!

I decided to buy the light purple, which looks adorable with the new lace socks I snagged last weekend around Edae! These are shockingly comfy as well, I just am a little paranoid about scuffing them since they are white~ but so far they have remained undamaged! yes

I also grabbed these adorable 10000원 wedges for summer~ I guess I have a thing for pastel purple atm

and I was SUPER excited that the shop also had a NICE pair of bow black high heels!!!  I bought a pink variation of these last year for around 45000원 and really wanted a black one to add to my collection since… well black goes with everything! Usually bow heels here are fugly and the bows are jacked, but these are *really* nice irl and the material takes abuse well + feel great on with a heel zipper ~ again, I bagged these babies for 10000원!

♥ Btw those stockings are from Sweetie Cakes and are the “Confetti Party” style. Love them♥

And adding to this post are some ACK ADORABLE shoes I found at this amazing shoe shop connected to the metro here (as usual). I will do a full post on the shop in another post, but for now here are the 10000원 shoes I snagged from them!!

I wanted the mint, but they only had one size left that was not mine~ damn.

♥ ♥ ♥

Buying cute shoes for 10000원 (or anything in general, you can find so many cute things for that amount if you get good at spotting and know where to look) takes a sharp eye sometimes in Korea, but once you get good at it shopping cheap is a piece of cake.

I make it a point to stick my head in and check out the stores that are just selling this price of shoes (they slap signs everyplace outside and are often little hole in the wall places or temp set up around the metro stations) and swoop in to sift through the racks of ugly ajuma shoes + check the stitching and quality plus feel how secure the glue is.  Some shoes are butt ugly and you see why they are so cheap, but if you are fast and inspect the quality you can snag some great shoes that are often marked up to 50000won in normal stores.

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19 Responses to “10000원Korea Shopping Find~ Pretty Bow Shoes ♥”

  • I want all dem shoessssssss

  • wow these are real great bargains ! I loved the last one.

  • Custom avatar Kate:

    Those first ones are gorgeous! I might have to look around for similar ones here in the US!

    And you have such lovely socks, haha~

    • Elle:

      Thank you! The socks are from Japan and Edae, who has a great selection of cute cheap socks atm~ I need to take pics of my fave sock man.. he had a little truck and sells them out the back for $2

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    eeep! i need all of these! <3 and only $10? total steal! have you found any websites that might carry these shoes?

    • Custom avatar margarita:


      • Elle:

        sadly I think yesstyle may have them, but not for $10 since to get that price you have to find special grubby shops/ sellers selling shoes fast and cheap in a temp shop sometimes! I will see if I can find the styles online for you guys 😀

    • Elle:

      sadly no, this deals (aside from gmarket… but you cant see the quality in person) come from random people that are just buying shoes in bulk from factories and throw them in a shop to unload super fast, so often I have to push through a sea of old ladies and the stores are not proper stores and do not stay around forever.

  • HAHA is that a purple llama?!?!

  • Custom avatar margarita:

    for only $10!!!!! wahhhhh it would be super duper awesome if they sold these in the us 😀 not even payless sell cute shoes like these for that prize. I would like to know if they have websites where i can get some like these.

  • asdfghjkljhgfdsdfgjh… oh gosh seriously… I seriously need to go there like rght now and buy all of them! They’re so cute! and it’s only $10 how can I do that? How can I master the skill of finding pretty stuff in cheap price? *cries* I’m so gonna prepare myself for some serious shopping spree this summer! Oh Korea, here I come!

    I always love when you post stuff from edae, hahaha… because that’s like my main target to go to hahahaha…

  • after rereading, I realized that it wasn’t in edae… *sobs* I should look for that shop now… geeeee… I mean, I’d do anything for cute shoes in only ten bucks!

    • Elle:

      Aw yeah! You can find these in Edae sometimes, but I have the most luck with shoes this cheap at underground shopping centers connected to metros! I will do a looooong post on them very soon, because the prices are really good and it is where I honestly shop the most nowadays 😛

  • Every single one of those shoes is completely and utterly precious~ <3

  • i love the black heels wit the bows on them, they are sooo cute ♥ . ♥, ware did u get them from, i would love to buy them ^.^.

  • Custom avatar Rafia:

    Is it possible to find shoes in a 8-9? Koreas shoes are SO cute but i worry they wont fit me 🙁

  • some of those shoes are super cute, but impossible to get in europe I fear 🙂

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