Are you looking for a good place to shop in Gangnam?

This past weekend the newest location of the Korean Brand  8 Seconds (aka 8ight seconds, 8seconds, or 에잇세컨즈 ) opened its doors at last with crowds lining up!  I figured this would be a perfect time to not only share some photos of its newest (and I think nicest) location yet, but introduce the brand to you guys as a whole!


Company’s statement is  “Cheaper than Zara, trendier than Uniqlo” which fits the brand exactly.

So what kind of brand is 8seconds?  Well,  larger shops like Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, and Forever 21 (called SPA Brands which mean specialty retailer of private-label apparel)  have been extremely popular here in Korea because they offer a huge selection of clothing at reasonable prices, range of colors, and stay pretty up to date with the latest styles or basics that you always seem to need year-round ^^

Some of the other larger companies here in Korea like LG, Hyundai, etc have launched brands and stores here with success, so Feb 2012 the textile and chemical giant Cheil Industries (affiliate of Samsung and owner of other successful domestic brands such as Bean Pole) took a shot at the growing demand for foreign one stop high fashion SPA shops by making their own!

They set out to take the aspects that worked from all the successful SPA brands that are imported into Korea, lower prices, and since it is a true Korean brand by Koreans the style and pieces will appeal to what the market here wants in fashion a lot better.

If you are a regular shopper you may get the feeling of dejavu several times while walking around. Some areas for 8seconds are clearly inspired by other brands or stores, but I guess that is the appeal…its familiar..  For example, the new undergarment section at the Gangnam location is a copy of the popular Victoria’s Secret pink line and display tables.  Other areas feel like walls from Uniqlo or Zara, I believe they are taking what people want and making it better + cramming it all under one building for you.  We do not have Victoria’s Secret here in Korea, so I for one was super happy that I could buy cute cotton panties again~ even if they are ripping off another brand.  That’s the fashion industry for you though, so oh well!

8seconds first store opened on Feb. 23rd in the trendy Garosugil ~ this new Gangnam location I visited last weekend is its 8th location!  Not bad for the first year, huh?

8seconds locations always throw in a bit of organic elements in the building~ Koreans love that.

The new 8seconds carries everything on three large floors~  basics, undergarments, outerwear, high fashion pieces, jeans, accessories, plus has a large amount if unisex pieces for guys or girls as well as a dedicated guys section.  This Gangnam location is my favorite location so far, it is so nice and big and seemed to have a lot more interesting pieces stocked in it vs some of the other shop spots like at Dcube City Mall

Overall the brand costs a bit more than forever 21, but less than some of the other SPA brands here like Zara which is crazy expensive in Korea for some reason.  I found it very similar to H&M in price and quality, everything was fairly reasonable and the construction seemed solid for what I paid.

The selection feels a bit like H&M, it has a nice mix of plain things plus a few cool or extra fun gems thrown in~ things rage from a few won to almost 80,000… nothing seems to get extremely expensive here (unless it is a leather or fur item which they do stock a few of) but it is not completely cheap either.

I personally like 8secounds a lot!  I am a big fan of SPA shops in general though since they have such a selection that I can usually find what I need since I like to wear different things vs the norm sometimes~ 8secounds is just a Korean version of those shops, so if you are into Korean fashion you should enjoy it as well.

♥ ♥ ♥

Another plus is most items here are S,M,L,XL vs the ever present OS Free Size in Korea~  so if you are not a single size shopper you can have access to a lot more fun items now!

This is a store I always want to walk through when I see it, and usually leave with one item I am happy with every time.

I was SO INSANELY excited to see those neon school bags!!  I kept seeing neon bags by cambridge satchel over this year, but when I finally found one in the stores the price was over 200,000 won which I could not bring myself to pay since the only draw for me was its color.

8Seconds sells its version of the bag for around 45,000 won~ I bought the pink on the spot and will be going back for the orange-pink smaller style soon…. I cant help myself lol. I hope they make more, I will buy one in every color if I’m allowed *_*

lots of crazy felt accessories out right now, is this an international thing or Korea thing?  We loved the texture and color, but I just could not see myself wearing them~  Nara was tempted to buy the bracelet for himself though.

I dont recall seeing this at the other locations, but the Gangnam store has a special side buisness set up that sells silk accessories!  If you wish to buy you have to take a slip up to the counter and bring it back to get your item, so don’t walk off with anything too quickly if you stop by.  They had headbands, pins, hair clips, rings, and more~ all with really fun and colorful patterns so each piece was a bit unique.  I fond a beautiful heart ring with silk fabric that I nabbed!

They had all the legging, tight, and sock colors that you could ever need!! It can be hard to find bright colors for clothing here, so I was very happy to see this wall 😀

Croc Crossbody bag~ 29,900 원

men’s section had lots of great shirts and jackets in a range of sizes! Nara had bigger arms here since most of the guys are really lean, so he was very happy to have some jacket options in actual sizes again. Also note the thin man bags/ clutches ~ those are still quite popular with the guys here!

The men’s section was a bit plain color-wise this season, but had lots of stylish pieces to pic from in a range of prices.  Shirts, jeans, suits, bags, etc~!  If you are a guy and like things a little more colorful just look around for the unisex clothing (sometimes it is in the girls section) we found a lot of great pieces that Nara wanted in that area!

They had lots of winter gear out with crazy neon colors… I like it!

Playful neon button sets in the men’s section to decorate your bag or jacket

They also had a very large section for soaps, lotions, etc.  The colors looked very pretty, but they are SUPER FLOWER PERFUME-TASTIC ugh.  I find almost all Korean beauty products overly scented with awful perfumes. Blah~ why cant they make something softer or a sweet fruity one?

8seconds seems to always have a little free gift or giveaway going on~ like most Korean brands here haha!  Today they had a special that if you spent over 50,000 won you could take your receipt outside and pick out a cute neon squishy bag!  I spent over 100,000 so I got two, muhahaha HOARD FREE GIFTS! I need to start giving some of this stuff way as prizes though… running out of room here!

Milk really liked the new bag!  When I go to Nara’s house I carry him in a bag, so this may be his new warm snow-proof one for the winter when I go outside.

 Aside from the bonus gift bag, everyone that bought something from the store receved a special gift regardless of what you spent~ this awesome artist print canvas wallet!  Its kinda like Poketo in its simplicity I think~ I really like it!  Nara used his right away because it makes a GREAT skinny wallet for your jean pocket, however I already have a wallet so I did not need mine….

I would love to give my extra (still in plastic wrap) canvas wallet from 8seconds to one of my lovely readers as a gift!


If you would like to win this wallet simply comment below saying “I would like to win the wallet” and let me know what MUST item you would buy in Korea if you came to go shopping??

I will pick a winner next week on 10/5/2012 and e-mail them, so make sure you have your proper E-mail listed when you comment




Curious to see the goodies I picked up??  Well I did not go too crazy since what I grabbed was not super cheap, but I did find a few treasures I could not leave behind ♥

As you can see, I am still really into the Neon Trend going on here in Seoul~ even though it has died down a bit on the street for now haha.

I am so excited to use this amazing pink school bag ♥ ♥

Silk button ring from the mini store they had within 8seconds~! Nice bit of pop!

Electric orange sherbet tights!!   The shoes are by Japanese designer Aperire B

I have to say, I am extremely happy with the quality of the tights so far!  They are very opaque, have a nice thickness which I will appreciate a lot when Fall rolls around proper, and come in both single piece and footless versions!  These set me back 8,000 won and are well worth the price considering how many choices you have + the thickness! Tights are one size, but I find them to be a bit more forgiving vs the OS tights sold on the street. I gained 8lb this summer (ugh noooo~)  so while my other tights from here are a little snug on me atm, these feel perfect.

A lot of the Men’s jackets on display had a few of these cute knitted flowers pinned on for an extra splash of color.  I think they are so sweet + Nara has been really into pinning things on his blazers this year so I bought a few for him…. I kind of want to go buy more for myself.  I love little pins like this~ they make everything you clip them on even more interesting!

I feel like a K-pop cupcake!!  Also, I wanted to wear some fun blue tights with this (bought them at Target a while back) and you can see how they are a bit thin VS the orange ones I just bought…. looks like I will be going back to 8seconds to get some more colors haha. I think I will visit my awesome alteration shop across the street and have them stitch the sleeves up with maybe a cool button or something to hold it in place? hummm

Again, love this neon satchel!!!!  49,000 won is SO much better than 200,000 won~  I hope they make more colors!  Cambridge satchel did a pastel set this year that I have also been longing for~ don’t let me down 8seconds!

Directions to 8Seconds Gangnam Location

8Seconds  에잇세컨즈 Gangnam Location

서울특별시 서초구 서초동

Hours: 11am-10pm

The newest location for 8seconds is super easy to get to, and hard to miss since the building shape is quite unique + glows rainbow at night!!

The way I prefer is via the Seoul Metro Green Line #2  and get off at Gangnam Station. Find Exit #9 and you can just walk past the wooden steps of people waiting~ straight down the street a few yards till you hit the building on your right, piece of cake!  You can also opt to take Exit #10 which will put you right along the side of the building!

Do you like the Korean brand 8seconds? Have you been to the new location yet?  Find anything you loved or had to buy? Share below!

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61 Responses to “8Seconds ♥ Korea 2012 fashion brand~ Gangnam location grand opening!”

  • Custom avatar Katie:

    I would like to win the wallet! If I came to Korea I would have to buy one of the really cute alpacas!!!

    • Elle:

      hehe actually the Alpacas are from Japan ^^ I win them in the UFO games when I go to visit every time! XD Still counts though!

  • Custom avatar Elle Too!:

    I would like to win the wallet!
    If I came to Korea I would load up on all the cute Choo Choo cats things!! Meow!!

  • Custom avatar Nagisa:

    I would like to win the wallet! if I came to Korea I’d get one of those oversized glass frames, they make you look extra smart and nerdy but fashionable at the same time!!

  • Wow~ this looks super awesome~! ^^ I especially like the colorful tights~! I think I would be more tempted by the more muted, fall colors though~~

  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    I want to win that wallet! When I come to korea (and i likely will in about 2 weeks) I have to buy something from Holika Holika. Their packaging is just too cute, and im a sucker for packaging.

    Truth is, once i get my pay check I may end up going to this store anyways and getting my own free bag lol. I’m glad to see they have something similar to Victoria secret. I heard that korean underwear is different from the American underwear that we are used to. Is that true?Im a petite girl, so size doesnt matter to me, but cut and material does.

    • Elle:

      Hi Aislyn! haha YES I have been meaning to do a blog about it~ The difference is since we do not really have clothing dryers here they use a material that dries fast, but it is hot as hell to wear. The panties and bras are super cute though (I bought a ton, look for the brand “Body Pops” if you want cute ones or “Eblin” for elegant cute) but the fabric gets a bit uncomfortable to wear if its the least bit hot. Also, I found that the leg holes are particularly small on some brands, but I have bigger thighs vs girls here so that could just be a me issue vs a cut issue… but it felt like the cut was a tad small and meant to sit lower. They have the normal bikini and boyshort styles a lot here tho.
      If you wear XS-S back in the states and bras under a 34C you can buy a lot here.

  • Custom avatar Erin:

    I would like to win the wallet! 🙂

    If I came to Korea… hmmm… I would definitely have to buy almost any shoes I could get my hands on. 😀

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    I wish I could pull off that satchel here, but I think I would get a lot of weird looks. So jealous of all the stuff you can get in Korea!

    Let’s see.. if I were to go to Korea, I definitely would buy some Choo Choo Cats stuff! (Have you seen their “Around the World Tag”?? WANT.)

  • Custom avatar MinMin:

    I would like to win the wallet! ^~^ My must have item? Shoes! *-* I’m a closeted shoe-addict, but I’m only just now branching into Korean shoe lines, so I don’t know a whole lot of designers yet. ^~^

  • Is this open to readers currently in Korea? I would like to win the wallet!

    Since I’ve been in Korea, my must-have has been funky glasses. They’re so cheap compared to the US that I can’t help but buy them. I’ve gotten three pairs since I’ve lived here — huge black plastic frames, some really thin grey ones, and a ridiculous pair of thick white plastic.

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    Oh, what a fun post!! It really does remind me of H&M though, in terms of lighting, layout, and setup! Or do most Korean stores look like that as well?

    I reaaaaally like the bag you got! I’ve been looking for one like that too! (but in brown) I love the shirt you got, teehee~ the entire outfit really does !=reminds me of 2NE1’s Lollipop MV~!


    • Elle:

      Hi Ari! Not really, the brand’s goal was to “Bite” other popular brands here in Korea like H&M…so when you go in you see a lot of similar things in terms of layout (and selection sometimes) like other SPA brands. Koreans like western brands and stores, so many of the successful Korean brands here mimic brands, names, etc that you would find from an imported brand… but when I pick it up it is actually made in Korea haha sneaky! That being said, I was quite happy with the quality and selection of this brand~ so for people living here it is a good shop to visit for regular pieces that are a bit more fun VS uniqlo!

  • Custom avatar Shiho_DulceMau:

    So cuuute! Korean fashion is so trendy and with a cute side, love that!
    An item I would get… those big tshirts with a cat you showed once, and some of the cute shoes you showed too, with bows and stuff *O* (soo hard to get them here…)

  • Custom avatar Tracy:

    I just have to say I just love your blog!! It is so exciting for me to see all of the things Korean! I would like to win the wallet, and if I could get anything from Korea, it would have to be something unique, that you cant find in the US. 8seconds reminds me of Urban Outfitters in New York City. I absolutely love the fashion now! Thank you for your blogs!!

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    Oh my gosh I love that sprinkles shirt and the bright pink bag! So my style! Those flowers are crochet btw! Oh, and the felt thing is definitely happening over here in the USA right now also. The whole handmade thing is a trend, but not actually handmaking it yourself, just buying it from target. :/ Kinda lame if you ask me!

  • Custom avatar Alicia Morston:

    I would really love to win the wallet . I love the shoe shopping feature you did in Edae ,love shoes with bows …also that cute cat shirt by Kira Kitty. I would love some of those cute craft kits and some lovely Korean Papper Dolls , then go for lunch at some of the cute cafe’s like Kono Pizza or korean BBQ, then shop for some Neon .. like that cute school bag you just got.

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    I would like to win the wallet!
    Also this is my first time commenting but I have been reading your blog for months now and love it! I read it before I came to Korea and it got me very excited for it. Now that I’m here, well, I’m still excited and I still read your blog! Anyway, I’ve been here about a month but haven’t had the chance to really go shopping yet (sad face) but I hope to soon. The MUST have item I want to buy at this point is probably a bunch of cute headbands and hair accessories. So many of my Korean friends have these adorable headbands and bows and I want all of them! :3

  • Custom avatar Julinette:

    I would like to win the wallet! (thanks for the opportunity)
    If I came to Korea I would buy lot of Enakei cuteness, innisfree products (for me) and for my daughter lot of Pororo and Tayo cuteness.

  • Custom avatar Julinette:

    BTW very nice store…It looks like a mix of Zara and Aerie. The fragances and lotions part reminds me of L’occitane.

  • I would like to win the wallet!!! :3 If I came to Korea I would want to check out all the shoes! I love all the wild and interesting shoes you post about, I am so jealous we cannot buy those types of shoes here in the US. <3

  • Custom avatar GLoies:

    I would like to win the wallet!! ^^ i think if i were to go to Korea right now, i’d wanna get a whole bunch of bunny bows. They’re such a cute trend that I wish Americans would embrace it. XD

  • I would like to win the wallet 🙂
    If I were to go to Korea, I would like to buy some cute Hellogeeks accessories 🙂

  • Custom avatar Ana:

    I would like to win the wallet! If I came to Korea, (which I hope to someday) not only would I buy a boat load of shoes and super cute accessories, I would set out to meet and marry T.O.P of Bigbang. Because he is beautiful.

  • Custom avatar Jamie Alice:

    I would like to win the wallet! If I went to Korea I would shop for a total makeover.. from fashion hanbok to fancy nails. I would wanna go all out and then hit the town :)!!

  • I would like to win the wallet!! If I would have the change to go to Korea I would buy Make-up!! bbcreams, liptints, glitter eyeliners, lovely pinkie blushes and Sneakers!! I love wear sneakers and heels. Also Pepero (pockys), candies, k-pop souvenirs 😀

  • Custom avatar Kim:

    I would like to win the wallet!!! I would probably try to find some shoes there in my size (8.5 USA) because every time I look on websites that sell korean made shoes, they stop at like size 8! >_<

    btw, I couldn't find a link to your tumblr (if you have one) and I really wanted to share the arpakasso pic! I posted it here: Please tell me if you want me to take it down and reblog your post, I'll happily do so.

    • Elle:

      CONGRATULATIONS KIM~ You are the winner of the wallet! I will mail your listed e-mail here just in case you do not see this ♥ If you do not get back to my mail within 48 hours I will have the plug-in pick another winner ^^

  • Custom avatar Louisa:

    I would love to win the wallet! (if the comp is open to the UK?)
    If I ever went to Korea I’d love to buy those cute keyboard stickers you showed ages ago!

  • Asian countries are so colorful=Me like

  • whyyyy??? why I only found out about it AFTER I’m back from Korea??? *sobs* I think I’ve seen that shop, 8seconds somewhere, although I couldn’t bring myself to remember where… hul~ those are seriously tempting stuffs! Especially the leggings! And those colorful neon bags! *sobs* I feel like going there right now, although I’ve pretty much decided to come back there again after I finished my school, heh~

    anyways, of course I would LOVE to win the wallet! Ha! 😀

  • Custom avatar Brittany:

    I would like to win the wallet!
    And I couldn’t choose a must buy from a shopping trip in Korea, but I’d HAVE to visit this store (and this location. If you say it’s the best, I beleive you!) although, I would LOVE to have the neon pink school bag, it’s GORGEOUS! I need one! Haha

  • Custom avatar Jasmine-Anjali:

    i would like to win the wallet and when i go to Korea (whenever that happens) i would buy half a new wardrobe full of cute things i cant get here and a ton of cds that i don’t want to ask my relatives there to send to me.

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    Another amazing blog ^^ Point;300,000 for Elle Heehee c: I totally love the winter gear my favorite was the neon hat with the smiley face on it and the little puff puff ball on the top x] I liked the dresses you took pictures in, Super cute!

    P.S. I have the gold colored bracelet/ring you were wearing in one of the the pictures ^^

  • I would like to win the wallet!
    If I went to Korea, I would love to buy either oversized glasses (with thick frames?) or dresses/clothes! ^^

  • Custom avatar Kris:

    I would like to win the wallet!
    I would have to nab me a pair of those colorful shoes. It’s so hard to find things like that here in the states and I love to have a pop of color on my feet!

  • I would like the win the wallet! If I went to Korea I would buy loads of cute tunics, stationary, and kpop merch!

  • Ahhhh I want that orange-pink satchel!! I really like the style and kept seeing it while I was there, but like you said, they’re mostly 200,000 won or even up to 400,000 won! 8seconds is a pretty cool store/brand. I didn’t buy anything from it while I was there, but I’d definitely visit the new Gangnam location if I could!

    • Elle:

      Aw yeah! 40,000 for the 8seconds version was sooooo much better vs the original design price of 200,000+ for a fun color, maybe you can order some online? 😀 Next time you go you should totally stop by, its just like H&M so you always end up with at least one cute thing.

  • I love your website, its too cute! 😀

  • Wow that place looks amazing! I’m soo drooling over that blue collared top that’s on one of the models, and those neon bags are to die for. It’s too bad I can’t teleport to Korea right now, heh. Do keep us posted on how the quality of the bag turns out to be! I think I saw some at Target earlier this year and now I’m can’t remember why I didn’t pick one up! 😛

    • Elle:

      Will do! So far it has been very nice quality-wise! I actually was using it while I spotted some of the legit Cambridge ones and while they look different and will break in a bit differently since one is made with real leather, I was still happy I opted for the cheaper option in the end lol. I hope the paint on the bag holds up, that is my only concern now~ we will see if it eventually flakes away or not XD

  • Custom avatar Mree:

    I would like to win the wallet!
    If I somehow managed to get to Korea and had time to shop I would have to go hunting for scarves and sweaters. I have seen some really lovely scarves in blog posts and photo journals (that and I have a horrible winter wear addiction).

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    That bag is awesome! I’ve been going crazy trying to find the arpakassos here in the US. Do they have Bath & Body Works in Korea? I’ve founda great scent (not flowery!) called Sweet on Paris. I think you’d like it. Not to mention its pastel colored! ~_^

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, I always win them when I go to Japan~ I wish they would sell Arpakasso here in Korea! They do not have Bath and Body Works here to my knowledge sadly~ we have a lot of beauty brands, but just overall people prefer typical “OH I’M FANCY” scented things here hahaha

  • Custom avatar Gia:

    All that stuff looks super cute. I actually have a question regarding sizing in Korea. I know that in clothing websites like most are “one-size” and although I’m a 4 here in the US, it seems like most of this clothing wouldn’t be good for me (I have broad shoulders and lots of booty!). What are sizes like over there? Thanks again!

    • Elle:

      Hi Gia! Hummm, well that depends a lot of the pieces and cuts mainly~ I have no real issues here atm except with free size shorts because I have wider thighs VS korean girls! lol! Most shorts and pants come in S,M,L sizes and I am a L. The first time I came I had VERY broad shoulders because I used to be on a swim team and I remember having to keep an eye out for blouses and arm-hole size usually, sometimes depending on the maker I have a problem with the arm length. I think as long as you stick to loose styles and avoid the form fitting blouses and jackets you should be just fine! It seems the sizing overall is about a US Small nowadays, but lots of Korean fashion is VERY loose and flowy atm so you should be able to hunt around and have plenty to pick from. Its one of those things that the more you shop and spend on asian free-size, the better you get to know what to expect and what you can wear or should avoid! Hope that helps 😀 I’ll try and do a better guide in the future + some of my tricks!

      In regards to 8seconds, it is sewn VERY much like an import brand so if you can wear H&M clothing you will have no problem in that chain. I found the free sizes to be more like a US medium in that store, but they do have S-XL sizes on the racks for most things as well! ♥

  • Custom avatar han kyu-min:

    엘르씨? 무지 예뻐요~ 인형같아요.^^ 당신의 피앙세분이 부럽습니다.OTL ellessi you look like barbie doll. so pretty~

  • This is awesome, I am going to Seoul in January might visit this location. It looks very similar to Forever21 but with more selection for men & beauty products.

    • Elle:

      It is quite similar! I would say it is closest to H&M overall in terms of price and style though, not quite as youthful and cute as F21~ but we do have a F21 here in Korea as well ^^

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    Thank you for writing about 8Seconds! I’m fairly new to living in Korea (It’s coming up on the 4 month mark though. How time flies!) and I discovered your website a few months before coming here and it has been immensely helpful. Being a lover of things cute, colorful, and stylish, your blog is perfect for introducing me to stores like this where I know I can find clothes I’ll like that aren’t department store expensive but also not cheap quality. The 8Seconds store in my city is a small one but I’ve already found some good stuff there.
    Also every time I go in I look at those bright blue and neon yellow/pink smiley face hats and almost buy one but I somehow haven’t yet… I think I’m gonna go back today and do it though! :3

    • Elle:

      Aw you are VERY welcome Olivia! I am so happy that the blog can be of some use for you, I wish I could post faster because I have so many things still to add to this site haha! Ohh those hats, yes I know what you mean~ I keep eyeballing them every time I go into a store, but I have not just gone ahead and grabbed it yet haha. You should totally do it though, it is so cold now so that is a perfect excuse XD Hope you are having a good exp in Korea

  • 한국을좋아하시네요 ㅇㅂㅇ ㅋㅋ

  • Custom avatar 재이:

    the website for 8seconds is not working for me ^^ my auntie from Korea wants to buy me something from Korea, but I don’t know what to get! Do you know any stores in Korea that have very cute 얼짱 style! Also could you send me links to check out 언니? Thank you! I love you!

    • Elle:

      Ah that is strange about the website, I will check it out. hummm “얼짱” is not a style, its just a slang for a girl who is good-looking…mainly just the face shots you see online like on myspace you know? Although I know english speakers use 얼짱 makeup to define that more extreme korean makeup with circle lenses and more dramatic liner online, not sure what else ^^ If you are looking for more trendy things maybe, tell your aunt to look for the shop “Spicy Color”, “Style Nanda”, and “HT Connect” because I think maaaybe those could be shops that fit what you are looking for 🙂 These are stores I will be featuring soon on here as well <3

  • definitely going to check out this shop.
    been loving the clothes from korea. I have noticed some online shops selling Korean fashion such as partysu, milkcocoa, bubble n chic….do these online stores have actual physical stores in seoul?

    • Elle:

      Humm those names do not sound familiar~ some online shops like style nanda are starting to open physical locations, but its not always the case! Sometimes this is because they sell products not unique to their shop so koreans would not buy it offline, or the style is niche so its safer online, etc. For the best area to see korean brands I suggest the doota building in dongdaemun though, it has been rebranded the last 5 years to focus on featuring actual true brands vs shops if that makes sense ^^

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