Small photo shoot from last April’s Vogue Girl Korea~ Tea with the queen!

I never really see Korean punks, so this is super fun even if it is only pretend + pastel purple wigs!

I’m so in love with that first image, its like something out of a comic book hehe.♥ ♥

Vogue Girl Korea ♥ April 2011 ♥ Photographer 김영준

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6 Responses to “Afternoon tea with the queen – Vogue Girl”

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    oooo, so much cooler than Vogue. spicier even. 😛

    • Elle:

      I found out that I have a soft spot for pastel haired Korean bad boys. *SIGH* I love this shoot!

  • Oh so lovely and amazing! I love the lighting and the colors for the hair! I so want a Korean Vogue Magazine now!

  • Pretty pictures. I love her fress in the final picture. Cream Tea is the one thing that I miss most about the UK while I’m here in Korea!

    • Elle:

      Have you tried some of the canned Milk Tea they have here at all? Nara is a big fan of it (although the royal milk tea ones in Japan are better) I could get you the name of a few kinds he likes if you are interested ♥

      • No I haven’t tried it! That would be great if you could recommend some for me! Then all I would need to recreate Afternoon tea in Korea would be mini sandwiches and scones! Thanks for your help!

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