Today I have a really wonderful shop and blog I would like to feature that is a lot of fun, but will be particularly invaluable to vegetarians and vegans living in or visiting KoreaAlien’s Day Out.

The Aliens Day Out Blog is a little bit of everything, but I find it personally to be mainly a food, nature, and occasional culture + bunny cuteness  blog.  The main draw to the blog are the reviews and information posted for people trying to live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle here in Korea~ which is possible, but can be a little tricky!  You can find great recipes, restaurant lists, and lots of other great information + resources that you just do not normally read on an English-language based blog here in Korea, I love it!

The owner of the blog is Mipa, a lovely vegan that has been living here in Korea since about 2006!  She was actually born here in South Korea, but  spent the majority of her life growing up in Ghana, Ivory Coast, England, Scotland, and the US (PA and So-Cal)~ I think this gives her blog a very nice Korean + Expat perspective.  Mipa is not only a blogger, but a very talented artist and baker as well~ you can find her art scattered around her site and for sale in the shop, it is extremely cute.

Aliens Day Out – Vegan green tea cupcakes with red bean topping. Click image for recipe!

The main reason I am writing about Mipa today is actually because of her Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop that she runs in connection to her blog!  Not only can you read her fun posts about where to eat, or try her recipes, you can also order home-made vegan baked goods by her that will be whipped up and shipped to your door fresh in just a few days if you live in Korea!  Finding GOOD baked treats like cookies and cakes in Korea can be a bit of a chore, so I was really excited to try some of her goodies!

♥ ♥ ♥

I am not Vegan myself, I am a huge fan of eating meat, eggs, cheese, etc~ but I am from San Francisco where vegan food, bakeries, etc are quite common and very delicious!  Vegan baked goods in particular, can taste almost exactly the same as the original egg and butter recipes, so with that in mind I decided to order some treats!!!

Since Mipa speaks English, it goes without saying that even though you are ordering a delivery of items from within Korea, it is all in English and easy.  She offers the option to pay via bank transfer which is very common here in Korea OR you can pay via paypal, which is the way I opted to since I had some cash in my account! Delivery takes a few days depending on when you order, or you can upgrade to a rush order for just a few won more.

You can also buy her goodies at High Street Market in Itaewon ♥

She has 3 categories currently~ cookies, breads + muffins, and custom order which you can use to order cakes, cupcakes, etc if you need something special or a larger order for an event!  Her menu rotates a little throughout the year offering seasonal goodies and such, so if you come back after a month or two you may find a cookie you like sold out for the time being or a new choice added to the page!

All of her baked goods are Vegan & a few are also Gluten-free or have it as an option!

For my first Aliens Day Out Bake Shop order I decided to order some Lemon Thumbprint Cookies, Chocolate Chip, and a Marble Cake Loaf!  I ordered on Thursday and if I remember correctly my order arrived on my doorstep that Saturday,  it was extremely fast!!

Everything came carefully packaged in in individual wrappers and all in one piece!

Inside the box Mipa included a really pretty card with one of her art pieces! Isn’t it amazing?

Her work always has a very cute, but organic feel to it ♥

I love your blog too!!!!! ♥ hehe

So let’s start with the cookies!!  Here we have the Lemon Thumbprint Cookie, Chocolate Chip, and I was given a Double Chocolate Chip cookie as a sample!

 The Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookie was very chocolatey (duh!) and delicious!! I think I will order this next time ^^ Tasted just like a normal cookie and was soft and chewy if I remember correctly.

The Chocolate Chip cookies I ordered were both Vegan and Gluten-free, so I was very curious to sample them. My mother can not eat gluten and most of her snacks are very bland, but she would love these ♥ I wish I could send her a box!  I am not sure what is used in them, but they did have a slightly different taste (like when you eat brown rice, you know?) maybe from brown rice flour? It took munching on one cookie to get used to the taste, but after that I was golden and kept eating hahaha! These were very soft and yummy on the inside

I had one order of these~ 6 cookies for 7,000won / $7 USD

These were Nara’s favorite cookies~ he is not a big fan of vegan or vegetarian food at all so he would not try them at first. After a bit of coaxing he caved and was like “wow.. these are like real cookies…. gimme more” lol he ate half of them!!  The cookie had a very nice lemon taste to it and the center was an extremely yummy home-made strawberry jam!! These cookies were also vegan and gluten-free, but did not have the same taste as the chocolate chip cookies.  They tasted just like any other cookie actually!  My only complaint is that (maybe just my batch, or perhaps it is just an issue with them being gluten-free?) they were extremely fragile and crumbly! Wish they had a bit more chew to them~ but that could just be me ^^  Still extremely delicious and they went very fast!

I had one order of these~ 6 cookies for 7,000won / $7 USD

And finally, the star of the show~ the Vegan Marble Cake. OMFG GUYS IT WAS SO FLIPPING GOOD!!  It looked all yummy and moist when I unwrapped it, but when I bit in I was in pure heaven~ I love pound cakes and stuff, and this was so good!  The fact it was vegan and tasted just as amazing, flavorful, and moist as any other cake was very impressive to me~ usually I find vegan things overall “eh close enough”in terms of flavor or texture, but I never would have been able to tell with this one.  At the very least, try one of her loaf cakes or breads~

Even if you are not into vegan, ORDER THIS! OM NOM!

This cake was about 6″ long and cost 8,000 won / $8

I have not ordered another marble cake or her banana loaf bread just yet because I am afraid I will just eat it in one night like I kinda did with this… it has been so long since I had a nice cake in Korea~ I did the happy dance all around my apartment!! This cake was still moist and yummy 5 days after I bought it as well, you should obviously eat home-baked things soon-ish, but I was happy to discover her treats tasted just as delicious a few days after arriving and did not dry out or anything after just 48 hours 😀

She also has the cutest fluffy bunny EVER.

So would I order from Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop again? YES, it was well worth the price!  DAT CAKE. If you live in Korea and want some yummy home-made baked goodies delivered to your door, you should absolutely check out this shop, yes~ even if you are not Vegan!  It is so hard to get good baked goods here, so Mippa is a godsend!

♥ ♥ ♥

If you are into pictures of cute fluffy bunnies, eating healthy, Vegan, or Vegetarian and coming to live in Korea or visit you should absolutely be reading her blog ♥  She has it all covered so well that whenever I get requests for information related to this subject I just reply with her link 😛 hehe


Alien’s Day Out Blog

Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop

Alien’s Day Out Facebook Page

 Are you Vegan or Vegetarian and living in Seoul? Have you tried anything from Alien’s Day Out Bakery before? Know anyplace that sells her or other Vegan baked goodies around Korea? Comment and share below!!

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11 Responses to “Alien’s Day Out Bake Shop~ Vegan Goodies in Seoul!”

  • Custom avatar The Poop:

    Oh wow! That cake looks so great! I think I have been inspired to bake this weekend!! YUM

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    my goodness, everything looks so good! I am SO HUNGRY!

    I adore that little milk look-a-like toy! Can you feature that?? 😀

    • Elle:

      Sure! Aw hehe I won that little guy in an arcade game, but they sell that kitty in a few colors and sizes here~ some even have scarfs or sweaters on ^^ I forget his name, but I will look into it!

  • Ahh these look SO good! As if I wasn’t hungry enough already…

    Also, your nails are the cutest ever! Seriously!

  • Wow those Cookies look so good!
    I’ve been moving more towards Vegan and Gluten free food due to many of my friends needing gluten free. I love that you can get stuff sent to you! Wish we had stuff like this in Adelaide!

  • Custom avatar Vanecherry:

    Im a big fan of alien s day out! i love her blog and recipes!!!
    healthy recipes
    gluten free
    vegan <3
    gosh delicious!!!!

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    I’m glad that you have the type of blog where you can show viewers cool and cute new places while having suggestions that are very good for you but doesn’t taste gross 😉 Some of those things look pretty tasty and I look the name of the store 🙂

  • your nail art distracted me… hahahahahaha… anyways, that green tea cupcakes with red bean topping sounds seriously terrific… me want! >__<

    • Elle:

      haha omg I need to post a review for that, its a stick on kit from Etude (I do not recommend it! >_<) You think you will try making the cupcakes? You should!! 😀

  • Custom avatar Daniela:

    Where did you get your nails done? 🙂 They’re so cute >.<

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! These were a stick on set from Etude, however I do not recommend them 😛 very plastic-feeling and thin, so I did not keep them on very long!

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