Nara’s apartment has a bunny on the top floor garden!!  One day he had gone up to make a phone call and sat down on the ledge of the small grass/bush area his apartment has on one of the higher floors, it is always pretty empty up there and nobody really uses it except to smoke or dry clothing.  From the corner of his eye he saw the bushes start to rustle like crazy and jumped back when a cute little bunny popped out and hopped right over to him!!

He was a bit surprised at first since it is an apartment garden so no animals can obviously get up that high, someone must have bought the bunny as a pet and had to let it loose when it got too big…so naturally they picked this spot so he could be safe and they could visit him.

He called me to come to the 10th floor quickly to see, I did not believe him at first and thought he was going to play a trick on me! haha!  He told me the bunny is actually very friendly, so to call out and he would come~  We stood by the bushes for a few minutes and finally he zipped out and came right next to us!  We brought a bit of celery for him and he hopped right over to eat it and let us pet him.  What an interesting surprise~

♥ ♥ ♥

Nara has always wanted a pet bunny, but I will not allow it due to the mess and the fact we have cats… it is just a bit too much for me.  Here in Korea they sometimes sell baby bunnies on the street (or other baby animals the owner/farmer is trying to get rid of quickly) and a month or two ago an old woman had been selling a bunch of babies that we had stopped to pet every time we saw her.  While flipping through  photos one day Nara realized that this bunny was from the old same lady!!  We actually have this bunny in one of our phone snapshots……

Check this out!  Cellphone snap from a month earlier~ It is the same bunny!! Same marking on the back, same eyes, and same ears!  Since the Grandmother was selling these walking distance away it just has to be the same little guy how funny!

Now when we are upstairs we go and visit the bunny, we call him “Marshmallow” or just “Toki” which means “Bunny” in Korean~ he has been thriving upstairs for over a year through all the seasons! He likes to play tag a lot,  you can run around and chase him, then he chases you~ it is is super cute.

The cleaning ladies and security guards really like the bunny as well, so they often leave food out and take him out of the garden when they have to spray for insects~ I think this bunny really lucked out to be honest!  Lately he has been making so many burrows around the garden though, I wonder if he is getting lonely being the only thing in that whole garden. Part of me wants him to have a friend… but the other part of me does not want them to start making 100 babies because they would quickly run out of room in the garden. *_*

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10 Responses to “Apartment Bunny in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Amy:

    This is so precious! >< I have a pet bunny and this made me tear up a little. It's sad that the owner just threw away the bunny like that but it's good to know that he/she is doing well! I'm so glad to hear the guards and apartment people are okay with a bunny loose in the garden haha. Please visit the bunny often and feed him/her if you can!

    • Elle:

      Yeah, at first we were so worried that he was just left alone since he was so friendly… but really I think this will be so much better for him because he can be happy outside now and live like a wild bunny (but safely haha) he has been living out in the garden area for over a year and I think he gets very well fed~ every time we visit he always has lots of veges left out for him from the staff! Sadly lots of people buy these sorts of pets at the subway stations like baby chicks and such and they are not ever expected to live long…so when they do people don’t know what to do with them! He is more like a wild bunny now sadly, he will come sit with you but you can not pick him up anymore XD just wants some food!

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    Aw poor lonely bunny! But very lucky to have a garden all to himself and people to visit him 🙂
    I hope he can be taken inside on cold nights though.

    My bun doesn’t make a mess with toilet, only goes in his cage but the sawdust and hay does get everywhere! He loves my cat, and my cat… she tolerates him 😉 He’s twice her size!

    I hope to see more posts about Toki! x

    • Elle:

      We worried about him a lot last winter, I am not sure if the staff took him inside to the security room (since it is on the same floor and they do that when they spray pest poison in the area) or if they just let him be, but he made it through the winter just fine! He is more like an actual wild bunny now, making burrows everyplace and just appearing when you have some food for him 😀 We have not visited him in a few months since we got Milk, but I want to visit him once it stops raining so I can take photos of how big he has grown!

  • Custom avatar caz:

    seriously how cute!!!!

  • Oh geez!! How adorable (though a bit sad) – I’m glad no one minds though. Funny – I had friends over for a birthday BBQ and we were sitting outside, eating. One of my friends noticed a bunny just hopping into the backyard and got really excited. Lots of “aww, how cute”! But as soon as my boyfriend heard… he stood up, started yelling, and charged toward the bunny. I guess he finally found the culprit that was eating up his vegetable garden! Hehe.

  • Custom avatar Josie Q:

    I had cats and a bunny, and one of my cats just loved to clean his head because his fur was so soft. She’d sit and lick him while he’d just close his eyes and enjoy it, and she’d wash all the way down his long ears and everything. 😀

    Maybe if you got Milk a pet bunny, he would clean his ears too.

    PS – I love your art and your journal! Even though pink usually irritates me and isn’t my thing, everything on here’s so cute I actually find myself liking it. XD

  • Custom avatar Nickie:

    Aw how cute! I heard about the really cold winter in Korea the past season–I hope someone took Toki inside!

    • Elle:

      we have not seen him in several months at this point~ but he has been living in the garden for 2 years now so I think he has lots of holes he hides in and is not very social anymore ^^ more like a wild bunny I guess!

      • Custom avatar Nickie:

        that’s good to hear!(:

        anyways, I wanted to let you know that I came across your blog from a random google search this past week and I’m in love with it! I’m Korean-American living in LA right now who loves the Korean culture. I’m so glad to have found a blog about Korean life from a Western POV that I can relate to!(: I’m also an art student, so I also love your little artsy posts.

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