Recently I discovered an awesome dinner hot spot in Gangnam with a cool galactic theme~  Area 51 Gram!

I totally fell in love with 에어리어51그램 when I came across a photo online, I had to go check it out in person for myself and see if the food was as good as the atmosphere seemed to be~ it was! This is now a favorite place for Nara and I to go get tasty fusion Italian food in Gangnam!

Beam me up! The lights in this restaurant slowly cycle through colors creating a really nice setting for dates or just going out with your friends.  It feels like you are eating at a club, or underneath the ships before they blow people up in Independence Day~ hehe

The cuisine at Area 51 Gram 에어리어51그램 in Gangnam is Italian Fusion,which is fairly popular in this area~ Koreans really love spaghetti!  What we like about this spot is that the meat is always really good, portions are generous, and it just feels more home-made with a bit more consideration about presentation and ingredients vs other similar restaurants.  You can tell they have real cooks in the kitchen.

Area 51 Gram opened around 2012 and the business has become a popular spot for friends and couples to eat in a fun relaxed setting with good food and charismatic staff~  the guys that work here are SO friendly! They are currently looking into opening 2 additional locations, one in the Hongdae area I believe ^^

Depending on the time you come, this place can get pretty packed!

When you enter you will have to order up at the front with one of the friendly guys first!

Menus are posted in both English and Korean~ so ordering is very easy if you have trouble reading Hangul.  Prices are on the higher side for some dishes, but nothing substantial considering this is Gangnam and the food actually tastes good. I love the atmosphere here, so for me that is the main draw when I bring my friends.

I have a tip here for regular visitors though!!! The trick here is that the first time you go you pay a lot, HOWEVER every time after they will usually give you a 50% off coupon when you go to leave. Once they get you in the door this place is really good about coupons, so we have never had to buy a meal without one ever.  If you use any of the Korean coupon sites (t-mon, we make price, etc) they always have them listed on those pages as well.  Without coupons it can be quite expensive for the food, but that is one thing you learn living here in Korea… you always can find a coupon someplace lol.

I am in love with “aide” drinks in Korea~  they are pretty much a sprite+syrup combo and nice if you feel like a sweet drink with your meal.  Area 51 Gram sells a lemonade, cherry, and orange pulp version~ cherry is my favorite!

After ordering they will give you this cute glow heart with a number and show you to your seat! They will bring out your food as it is finished, so just sit back and relax! Dishes are usually (or so it seems anyway) cooked to order, so we usually have to wait maybe 15 minutes or so for things to start coming out.

Time for my space salad!

Lets eat!

★ 와~~~~ 치즈! ★

The sweet corn scoop pizza here is really yummy! Scoop pizzas are one of those things you can find at random Italian-style places here, they are almost like a thicker crepe topped with cream, cheese, and goodness.  I have yet to have a bad scoop pizza honestly, so it is not a unique dish to Area 51, but god is it delicious! It is like one of those things you just want to always order at the table to pick at even if you already have plenty of food lol.

Another favorite of ours is the BBQ salad (bulgogi salad in Korean) which is a pile of fresh assorted greens piled high with thing sliced sweet marinated beef~  topped with a sweet citrus &  balsamic sauce.  This salad is great to share between two people and a really tasty combination of flavors.

맛 있겠다! 

Nara’s favorite is the tenderloin steak! We have always received a nice tender cut cooked just as we requested with a drizzle of cream and tangy berry sauce! YUM!

★ ★ ★

Once all your food is served at Area 51 gram you are REQUIRED to give the waiter a high five to finish the deal!^^ You can’t get away with a simple thank you here. haha

The staff is all good-looking friendly guys~  sometimes they will go up front and sing…

Or do some pull-ups in the corner. I dont mind lol.

Happy stomach!

The things they have written on the walls here are really random and amusing! When you leave they will usually (in English) say to you “You are the most beautiful girl in the world” which I thought was just the guy being funny the first few visits. lol no~ they actually say that to everyone leaving! Oh well, still makes me leave with a smile… even if I just consumed like 2,000 calories worth of cheese and meat.

★ ★ ★

My only complaint about this place is a common one I have here in Korea, I wish they would push the theme a bit more!!  I wish it had more space things or stars, something worked into the decor! A themed plate or two would also be amazing, you could plop a star fruit in the drinks, draw a star with the sauce on the plate~ something!

Am I the only one that craves this sort of thing at places?  Seriously, people should hire me to think of stuff like this for their cafes and restaurants~ it adds to the appeal SO much.

Directions to Area 51 Gram

Area 51 Gram

서울 강남구 논현1동 198-17번지 2층

Hours: 11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm (Last orders 9:30 pm)

Menu~ English version is posted at the location for those of you that can not read Korean

If you are coming from downtown Gangnam from the popular Gangnam Station Green Line#2, you can walk to Area 51 Gram easily~ it is just a little bit of a ways, maybe 15 min or so. We do this walk most of the time since we are usually downtown anyway, OR  we take start off the night taking line #9 to this place, eat, and after walk back downtown.

Simply use exit #11 and keep walking down the street towards Han Skin (aka that giant building with the circles punched in it) and when you get to it you can use the  Line #9 directions below to guide you the last bit of the way!

If you have the option, the ideal metro station for this location will be Sinnonhyeon Station on Line #9, Exit #3.

 Exit #3 will spit you out right alongside the circle Han Skin building facing the road towards downtown, but you are going to turn and walk the other way.


Walk down a short ways till you see two 24 hour pharmacies (약국 will be all over it) and take a right down that road in between them! One of them is really orange so that should make it very easy to spot ^^

Keep walking a little ways and eventually you will see the sign for Area51 gram on your left, the street its on is a little quiet so it should be easy to spot.

The building is a little weird to figure out at first since it has a parking garage and other doors where you would expect the entrance to be. Basically Area 51 gram is on the 2nd floor, but you have to use a stairway will be inside the building on the right~ kinda past that cement wall you should see the door.


Follow the stairs up and you will see the sign outside the door!  If you are coming on the weekend around peak hours the line will often be down these stairs waiting to get in to this place.

★ ★ ★

Come during off-hours a bit early, this place is good and a fun spot to eat and lounge~ but honestly while I love it, it is not worth waiting in line for over 15 min to get in. We never have had to wait in line thankfully, dinner crowds in this area seem to come in a bit later in the evening!

This place is great for meeting with friends or going on a date due to the trendy club atmosphere without being too cluttered, loud, or smokey.

What do you think about Area 51 gram? Have you been before or did you visit after reading about it here? What to you think about restaurants with a dash of a fun theme like this? Share in the comments below!

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25 Responses to “Area 51 Gram 에어리어51그램★ Galactic Gangnam Dinner”

  • Oh this place is just perfect! It’s now on my list of where to go to eat once I have moved to Seoul! I simply cannot wait no because your blog has inspired me to get up and GO and stop being so scared of moving!
    Thank you 🙂

    • Elle:

      aw I am so glad!! 😀 if you can find things to enjoy, even little things~ it can make the transition a lot smoother! <3

  • So cool! I love the whole “Area 51″/Alien theme. I happen to live a few hours drive from Roswell so it’s pretty cool to see this theme in Korea! ^^ I agree with you about pushing the theme – I think they should just go *crazy* with it and it would be so much more fun!


    • Elle:

      Yeah!! That is my stance on a lot of the theme cafes here, I wish they would push it just a biiiiit more with the food being themed or props. I wanna just be like,”ok give me a few hundred and I am going to get you some stuff and make a list” lol so many neat little ideas you could do… heck even drawing a star on the food would be cool! That is really fun you live by Roswell, when I see it on TV shows the area around 51 looks pretty crazy interesting and kinda themed, is it neat or anything alien tacky-tactic worth checking out?

  • I want to go there so bad. It looks so fun. I love that you have to high 5 the waiter. I wish you could do that at every restaurant. The food looks amazing.
    SOOO RAD!!!!!

    • Elle:

      Yeah! They do the high 5 thing at one or two other restaurants here I have been too, I wonder where the idea came from lol usually if they do something like that in Korea they saw it someplace and are trying to replicate~ but yeah… groups of guys yelling “you are the most beautiful girl in the world” and giving you high fives is a nice dinning exp XD not going to complain!!

  • THIS IS SO CUTE <3 The staff makes a huge effort to be entertaining and friendly, and they look like they are enjoying themselves too!

    The place and food looks great 😀 Definitely will KIV. Thank you for the detailed directions ^_^

    With love,

  • Wow, it looks yummy! The salad is right up my alley.
    I thought it is pretty expensive, but with a coupon it is worth it!!
    Also, I’m surprised the portion sizes are so large! It is almost like family style dining. 🙂

  • Custom avatar PIGGY:

    love your blog soooooo cuteeeeeee :3

  • Custom avatar Kat:

    Hi Liz, I have been keeping an eye on the recent problems between North & South Korea & I just wanted to check in & see how both You & Nara are doing?


    a.k.a. K@t ^^

    • Elle:

      Aw hey Kat! How are you?? Aw dont worry too much, it is just noise with them… they do it so often that nobody is even paying any attention here. My poor parents have been flipping out though *_* they know more about what is going on than we do here in Korea, the news has been very mellow about it so far!

      • Custom avatar Kat:

        Hi Elle

        I am still working away at my drawing board, ^^ But for the first time in years I am actually enjoying my work again. 🙂

        Although I am greatly envying the wonderful adventures & shopping opportunities that the 2 of you have over there in South Korea. Oh the Credit Card Bill’s I would have run up with all the amazing clothes, shoes & bags that are on offer over there…:D:D:D

        I wish I had seen your fan art contest sooner, although with all those amazing entries I don’t think I would have stood a chance. 🙂 Sporkii’s piece was INCREDIBLE :D:D:D:D:D
        I would love to see what the Hairdressers over there could come up with if you took that picture into one of the Salon’s and said “I want my hair like this”. :D:D:D:D

        OMG, your poor parents worrying, 😮 I don’t know too much about the News in the US, but I know that NK/ Kim Jong Un has been doing a lot of increased posturing and although specialists are keeping an eye on the situation its apparently been said that he is close to the point of having to follow through. But at the moment providing that no one does anything stupid then things will hopefully eventually calm back down.

        I know there have been discussions in the UK & the UN about situation and yesterday I read about the US have deployed ships, stealth jets & 28’000 troops to back South Korea ready for if something does happen.

        Hopefully things will all remain calm, happy & all those incredible stores & restaurants will remain open & selling lots of Cute, Pink items as well as the never ending Hello Kitty products… :):):)



      • Custom avatar Kat:

        Hi again Elle,

        My apologise’s if my previous reply came across as a bit over the top, like the ‘OMG your Parents part’, When you mentioned your parents it just really struck me off guard to think about their level of concern that they must have felt at the time when the issues were escalating fast.

        I forgot to even ask if you and Nara have had the chance to tie the knot yet, and if not have the 2 of you set a date yet? 🙂

        As well as to ask how your own illustration work is progressing these days? 🙂

        & my apologises again for my my previous rambly over the top reply… :-s



  • This place looks totally amazing but although it looks great, I won’t feel comfortable in this kind of place. I’m more into place that looks like Tea Angpang, more suitable for me haha
    The food looks totally yummy and I never heard of scoop pizzas but since I love pizza I MUST try those one day *-*

    Thanks for the tip about coupon, this might come in handy one day 🙂

  • Custom avatar Kri:

    omg that place looks so cool! now im hating California >.<

  • Custom avatar Cinnamon-Donuts:

    Love your blog!! cuteness overload!!
    About all the cafes and restuarants you’ve visited, do you need a reservaion?

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! More updates soon! Sometimes if you have a large group or it is a very fancy/small place you can call ahead of time to make one, but generally in Korea it is casual and everyone is just a walk-in. Often Nara and I try to visit on weeknights or just before or after the dinner crowds so we never have to wait too long ^^ We lived in California before this, so we got used to being able to time it just right with places in order to avoid waiting in line hehe.

      • Awesome, Thanks for the tip! My friend and I must learn to time things more wisely 🙂 I will be in Korea in 2 weeks time and I want to go to pretty much all the places you have here in your blog! haha. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing more of your cute adventures!

  • Hi Elle

    Just wanted to leave a little note to say that I went upto Seoul a couple of weeks ago and literally used your site to plan my trip!!! We went to see the Tim Burton exhibition, but between that went to cafes and areas that you recommended. It was such a great trip and your blog was a massive part of that!!

    Thanks for sharing!! x

    • Elle:

      Oh Maddie, you are so very welcome and thank you so much for your kind comment! Visitors like you are the reason I want to keep writing and sharing as much as I can, I only wish I could work faster so I could have all the areas and fun places covered quicker XD I’m glad you had a lovely visit here, hope it was not too chilly for you! Hopefully if you can come back to visit again someday I will have some other new things for you to check out <3 xoxox
      PS. I just saw the Tim Burton show too! haha I ninja sneaked a few pics, it was amazing huh?? 😀

      • I loved the room in the TB exhibition that was in the dark, so pretty! And I loved all the pictures that he’d drawn of sayings like Puppy Dog Eyes! I really wanted to take pictures but I get too scared!!

        Keeping in the theme of TB we went to the Monster Cupcake shop the day after, it was AMAZING!

        Let me know if you ever make it down to Busan and I’ll try and return the favor! xx

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    Wow!The idea is so similar to Mies Container in Gangnam! Even their spoon pizza! Only their concept of being different was a “container” vs “Space”. This place looks more modern though 🙂

    • Elle:

      Oh I will have to check that place out 😀 the best place for scoop pizza is still CM’s Box around Shinchon in my opinion though, they have so many choices! Love the atmosphere in here though, we usually take friends here for that reason ^^

  • I love your blog!!! im flom buenos aires, argentina, and i was in seoul last month visitig my boyfriend’s family. he’s korean too. i ask him to take me to daiso to buy som presents for my friends, and i was in the cat coffe too! thank you! really miss korea! i keep reading your blog!!

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