Are you visiting Korea soon and looking for all sorts of cute stationery and misc treasures, but are not sure where to start or want something a step up from Daiso? Not to worry!  Korea has a very popular chain of shops that specializes in adorable goodies called ARTBOX that is a go-to place for any cute tidbits you may need!

ArtBox was founded in 1984 and today has become Korea’s leading stationery gift shop chain.  Today ArtBox has over 100 locations throughout Korea and has expanded internationally with 30+ stores and growing in places like Russia, Singapore, and even the USA!

 ArtBox is known for its quality stationery and fancy products that appeal to those looking for something cute or even the more selective design-savvy shoppers looking for unique finds. It is very popular with students and young adults who are looking for cute things to bring a little cheerfulness to their desk or schoolbag!

The products and price range at Artbox vary, but overall everything is reasonably priced for students and a vast majority of it is Korean-made or original Korean stationery lines which naturally has its own unique appeal.  A large amount of the items feature animals, namely cats, bunnies, and bears since those seem to be the most popular sellers!

They do carry a very small smattering of imported goods from Japan, however those are limited to mainly larger or very  unique home products like Disney humidifiers or collectible figures~ things are hand picked for cuteness obviously though! The imported home products are dramatically more expensive vs the normal items though!

adorable and inexpensive containers for whatever you can think of!

My favorite area is the “home” section which has lots of cute mugs and plates!

Here is one of my ArtBox kitty cups complete with a kitty silicone cover to keep my hot cocoa warm~ featured in a previous post HERE

Plants in Korea make GREAT gifts, Koreans love them! Artbox has lots of pretty little ones in a range of adorable containers ready for gifting or enjoying on your own windowsill

Keep your hands warm in the winter with CUTENESS!

I love these notebooks styled after vintage Korean schoolbooks!

Sonny Angel figures from Japan seem to be popular collectables with Koreans the last few years, ArtBox always has a few series to pick from!

Cute pens and pencils aplenty!

Cute plush, cute towels, cute fans, cute stickers, and more!

In Korea for Christmas? Artbox has seasonal goodies!

If you are in need of a cute Korean greeting card this is a great place to come for any occasion!  Most locations have a nice area dedicated to greeting cards (with seasonal ones brought in for holidays like Christmas, Valentines, Pepero Day etc) as well as a great selection of very cute gifting boxes or gift bags.

Cute Korean Cards!

Jumbo plush friends!

Key stools for your office desk ^^

Since you do not wear shoes indoors in Korea, having cute house slippers is a must!

ArtBox has a HUGE selection of pretty hair ties and clips!

Most locations have an area for must grab beauty/body products like pimple stickers (LOVE THEM), lip balm, lotion, hot packs, cool packs, or cute bandages.  Basically things students would want to grab for their backpack!

Recently they have also started selling some lines of makeup like Canmake (from Japan), Peripera (featured HERE!),or even some perfume and nail polish colors in limited amounts.

ArtBox sells the cutest headbands for washing your face! These are the best!

Cute meanie face hat!

Adorable desk lamps in the shapes of animals! Been meaning to buy one of these ^^

Want to sleep soundly and wake up with fresh beautiful skin? ArtBox has tons of cute humidifiers that are the perfect size for small rooms! I love these!

Chair cushions that will instantly sweeten up your bed or couch!

Bags to hold your treasures!

G-Shock…G-Shors…close enough! haha

Put all your new goodies in a cute backpack and head to class ~ cute Korea style!

ArtBox Locations:  Korea / Seoul

ArtBox has locations throughout Korea, within Seoul they have almost 30 at every major area alone! If you find a new one worth mentioning that I have not listed, or one relocates to a different area please do let me know! A full location list can be found on the official ArtBox site, however sometimes they are not very up to date! Overall, I personally  recommend the Hongdae or Gangnam locations though!

ArtBox (Korea Official Site)

Hongdae ArtBox :  서울특별시 마포구 서교동 364-26

Hours: 11:30 am-11:00 pm

The Hongdae ArtBox location will be just off the main shopping road on your way to “Hongdae Park“.

Please refer to my article featuring Hongdae for more maps on the area if you are new!

Gangnam Location #1   ~ Just past Seoul Metro Line #2 Exit #12

Gangnam Location #2   ~ Just past Seoul Metro Line #2 Exit #11

NOTE: Artbox in Gangnam has recently opened a new multistory location next to WHO.AU, I have to go check the area out personally and take updated photos since I believe they may have closed and/or combined locations due to the opening!  I will update the Gangnam ArtBox info with 2014 updates as soon as I can!

For a combo bookstore and ArtBox visit you can check out the ArtBox section located in the large Kyobo bookstore in Gwanghwamun on the 1st floor!  They also have a Kyobo X ArtBox in Gangnam, but I like this location more.  Sorry, will update this with a store snapshot soon!

If you are visiting Lotte World you can find an ArtBox section at the Kyobo bookstore located in the huge Lotte Mall that is attached to the metro and theme park. Again, lacking a shop photo of this location, will add one when I can though!

Shopping in Myeongdong? You can find an ArtBox location down the road from Myeongdong Metro station, Exit #8!

In addition to ArtBox (which is the most numerous) the parent company has a few other shops in Korea that have slightly different price points and shoppers in mind!  POOM is one of the more popular shops currently, which is a more “artistic unisex designer” sort of appeal vs the youthful girly nature of Artbox! I will focus on these in a future post though ^^ currently it seems some ArtBoxes are actually combining with POOM to make it an additional floor or section.

ArtBox International Locations

Lucky for many readers, ArtBox has over 30 international locations spread far and wide! Have you visited an ArtBox in your country? Please share your experiences in the comments or snap a pic of the outside and I can share it here!

View the international shop listing HERE on

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48 Responses to “ArtBox ♥ 아트박스 Korea’s #1 cute stationery shop!”

  • Custom avatar Lara:

    These shops look like paradise to me!! I’m addicted to cute stationery items, but it’s hard to find a single shop that reunites the same cuteness as Artbox… Sadly, there is no Artbox shop in my country 🙁 the nearest one is London’shop! I must add it to my list of ‘things to see’ when I travel there xD

  • Custom avatar Deborah:

    Does Artbox sell the character Molang there? Or do you know where Molang the bunny is sold? I’ve been trying to do research on the internet prior to going to Korea and cannot seem to find any information.

    • Elle:

      I will be trying to feature Molang in the future 😀 he is a bit random and sold at non chain moonbanggo stationary shops, I cant recall seeing him at artbox often though, it is worth a shot but I’m having a hard time recalling if they ever carried him (Artbox carries non artbox characters but they have a lot of their own bunny merch)! Sorry I cant suggest a good place to find him either or anyplace with an amazing Molang inventory (I totally would have made note), maybe a reader will pop in and be able to help. He seems to be a bit more popular overseas now vs Korea currently since they tend to go through characters rather quickly and currently Rilakkuma is the favorite character right now. I will say you should look in Edae and Hongdae for him~!

    • Custom avatar Aislyn:

      I find most of my molang merchandise at homeplus, toys r us,or local stationary stores. The homeplus toy section has some plushies and even molang homewears. There was a molang bathrug I wanted. There is also an english website that sells molang. Dont worry, once you come to korea finsing moland merchandise wont be too difficult unless you are looking for a specific itwm.

  • arg so much cuteness! I want all the things x

  • This is sooo cute!!^^ Thank you very much for the information!^^

  • Custom avatar Barbara:

    *-* So perfect <3 I'll going crazy with this place!! hahaha

  • Custom avatar Naye:


    • Elle:

      its addicting!! I love just going in and buying junk I totally do not need XD CUTE PENS!

      • Custom avatar Naye:

        Haha I understand that feeling, my friend. I would be a kawaii poor homeless because I would spend all my money in that beautiful place xD

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    lots of this stuff looks like the junk they pack into the book fair’s in the states for the kids that don’t like to read! when you were a girl living in florida, what all did you buy from them? i have the same mushroom pencil sharpener/ eraser from all those years ago! ^_^ this stuff looks much more sophisticated and up scale from that, also better quality. i remember we got the little pencils that were also toys, and the dog pencil sharpener that the tail was the crank~

  • Custom avatar CupKate:

    This article is amazing!
    I had no idea art box was so huge and I hate you now! The only cute shop I know in the whole of London (or England??) is a tiny Art Box in Covent Garden, but it’s the smallest place! Just a few stickers and note books. I got that lovely letter set by mindwave from their online shop that I sent you though!
    I have never seen anything like this place in real life! I also get insanely jealous when I see my USA friends going to Daiso too!
    I think the home ware would be my favourite too! Thank goodness for online shopping for my cute needs… Just dream of browsing a wonderland in real life one day!

    • Custom avatar CupKate:

      I just made an online order from the UK Artbox, I neeeeeded more pens. I was really excited to see they had some Choo Choo Cat items now! Just 4 or so different designs of sticky post-it notes, but yay! Of course, I had to buy some ^_^

  • Custom avatar madam mim:

    ohhhh, super cute! i love these kinds of stores, i always spend hours just browsing and cooing over all the stuff. i might have to check out the london location sometime!

  • Custom avatar Suzanna:

    I love how everything is such a simple design, it’s very sweet and uncluttered unlike those designs where they throw in everything. Like those notebooks you’d shown in that video with the rabbits and the rainbows and sparkles and everything. It’s really interesting to me just how many different styles of cute exist.

  • Custom avatar mimichichi:

    OMG I WANT EVERYTHINGGGGG. IT’S JUST SO CUTE OMG. I hope they open up a store here in my city too or I hope I can go to SK soon ;A;

  • so much cute stuff 😀

  • Custom avatar KimChu~:

    There’s one in Melbourne, Australia 🙂 Hopefully it will stay for a long time (forever) because the Morning Glory one closed years ago and will only appear at Sydney (they have like over 4 shops).

  • Too bad there is not one in France ! 🙁

  • Such an adorable array of cuteness!
    Who knew humidifiers could be so awesome?

  • Omgggggg I need to find an ArtBox! But uhhhh there is a dot on the East coast of the USA but I can’t click on it D: Does that mean it’s not open yet but they’re building it???? Omg Dx

  • Custom avatar Noel:

    hii! i love artbox and all its cutsey stuff! just wondering dyou know which artbox shop is the biggest in Seoul?

    • Elle:

      Im not sure since they change every so often! Seems like the newest location in Gangnam may be the largest though!

  • Custom avatar Silvia:

    I loved Artbox when I was in Korea!! I went to the one in Gangnam near the aquarium. It’s a shame they don’t ship internationally… I went to the one in London yesterday but it’s not the same >< I wish there were things like this in spain but it would be expensive anyways….

  • Custom avatar christine:

    im so excited to go there!!!!

  • Custom avatar Rae:

    Ahh, stationery in Korea is just too cute! Elle, I was wondering if you could do a blog post on Korean magazines? I know you did one on fashion magazines a while back, but it would be cool to read a post on magazines aimed towards young girls/little kids. 😀

  • Custom avatar rose:

    ELLE omg i just wanted to say that your blog is awesome and i really appreciate the fact that you decided to start a blog about all the cute things in korea ;_; all the hype seems to be about japan these days but korea has so many adorable places to visit as well as cute stationery and stuff i just wish more people knew about it;; sO YEAH thanks for sharing the cute!! <3

  • Custom avatar Kimi:

    I just found your Blog by chance and i am really happy about it!
    I will go on vacation to South Korea (Seoul) next year and still looking for some inspiring things to do.
    Thanks for sharing your life in Korea <3

  • Custom avatar Yurii:

    Oh God, I didnt know this wonderful shop and was thinking it was a shame I couldn’t go because it is in Korea.
    And suddenly I see in “ArtBox International Locations” and … There’s a store in my country!!!! LIMA-PERU
    Oh …how I didnt know ? I HAVE to go
    I HAVE to go NOW
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, if not for your blog I wouldn’t know of the existence of this store…
    thank you YAY YAY thnks thanks :3
    I love your blog :3

    • Elle:

      Yay I am so glad to hear!!! So glad you got some good info, I try really hard to find out all the goodies for you guys when posting XD you never know! Please do come back and comment here how the artbox in peru is! Other visitors may find handy★☆★☆

  • Cool!! Thanks sharing these 😀
    I love cute stuff~ They are so adorable.. I think I’m gonna crazy adore this lol XDD

  • Custom avatar erika barbosa:

    Hello in the 1990s I was given stationary of cute noebooks pencils memos planners etc and the design was of girls something likethe echi type they wore soo cute with no lips im looking for them to purchase for my daughter but cant find them in ebay or anywhere please help

  • Custom avatar Rafia:

    Is everything okay? :c You don’t post often anymore…

    • Elle:

      Hi!! Yes, omg everything is fine ♡♡ I am just getting married in October in the usa and again in seoul so I have been so busy I cant post! ! Hopefully my time will free up after the wedding T_T

  • I’m in love with the pictures you took, I just followed your blog it’s amazing *-* We have some Artbox products here in Brazil, I have a notebook myself, but they are SOOOOO expensive…it’s a pity :p

  • Custom avatar Gwen:

    I will be in Seoul in 3 weeks and will definitely be visiting Myeongdong. This post is helpful as I have cute Korean stickers for hunt in my bucket list. Many thanks!

  • Custom avatar Asha:

    kyyaaaa~~! I want to go there, I want to live there already!
    Full of cuteness!! Someday, I will visit there.
    Thanks for sharing those cute stuff. Maybe you could make giveaways for us hahaha just kidding

  • This all looks soo cute oh my gosh *u* Thank you for sharing this ;A; It’s like heaven<3
    ~Kiyomi <3

  • Custom avatar Suzy:

    Amazing blog, please keep up great work! <3 <3 <3

  • Custom avatar Kathy:

    Thank you so much for your posts about where to shop in Seoul. Thanks to finding your website and your recommendations, we went to Artbox and Daiso in Hongdae. We were visiting the city for a few days, so it was helpful that you listed several stores my daughter would enjoy browsing through.

  • Custom avatar Seri:

    can i buy things from artbox online? or how to buy things from artbox online?

  • lol this store…. OuO I would probably go crazy and spend a buttload of money!

  • Custom avatar Han:

    Coincidentally, I browsed through one of these shops (in Ilsan, where I’m visiting my folks).
    Here’s a vaguely related question – I’m hoping to buy some gifts for friends in the UK. Something like Ashley Wood’s beautifully designed toy robots, perhaps… D’you have any idea where I might be able to find something along those lines in Seoul? I’ll be checking out Le Caviar & KinkiRobot in Gangnam, then maybe wander around Hongdae & hope for a miracle.
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I’m on a bit of a deadline, as I’ll be flying back to London on Friday &, realistically, tomorrow is the only day I’ll really be able to have a look-see for these toys (y’know, family commitments & all that). If you don’t get around to seeing/replying to this message in the (unrealistic) time constraints, don’t sweat it as I’ll probably be back in the Summer for another visit.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    Wish I had bought more things there!

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