Did you know Seoul is the home of the world’s first Barbie themed hair salon??  Yes, that is right!!  Barbie is well-loved in Asia, and in Korea you can find things like Barbie beauty hair products, a Barbie shoe store, and now finally a Barbie hair salon for you to get your locks looking as lovely as Miss Barbie herself!

Thanks to an insanely rude Seoul cab driver (oh they can be such gems…) we got let off on a random dark road one night at 1am,  but before I could get mad I looked up and gasped~  Was I looking at a huge Barbie building??? A HAIR SALON?!  My anger melted away and I quickly fired up my Naver search to find out more because I love Barbie, and had to give this a try for myself!  My love for themed fun in Korea is not limited to cafes after all 😉

This Salon I stumbled upon had it’s grand opening this year at 방배점 on 1/28/2013 and is the first of what they say will be about 100 salons throughout Korea (Perhaps internationally in other areas of Asia~ they have not specified yet) by 2015. Currently Korea has two Barbie Salon locations… perhaps as trials because they are located in Bangbae (the one I will feature today) and way out in Suwon for the other….

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m a bit puzzled about why such removed locations from the target market, but maybe because the rent is cheap and they can test out the concept? *shrugs* I guess we will see if they open more locations next year!

Anyway, thankfully this week I was VERY due for a cut!  I recently got back from Tokyo with new extenshions that needed a trim to freshen them up a little + a bang trim, so this was a perfect time to give them a basic test!

Inside the interior was very clean and stylish~  lots of modern ornate black pieces with hot pink touches, a big chandelier from the ceiling, and a fun mirrored staircase leading up to the salon.

I love chandeliers~ someday I will love someplace I can actually hang one! haha

Pricing in the Seoul Barbie Salon is actually very reasonable!  As you can see, they pretty much offer the basics here~ cut, color, perm, and a few treatment packages.  Being Korea, obviously the perms are the star of the show and have a large selection lol

For color, they have a basic (but again typical for Korea) color chart mainly intended for tinting darker hair.

Shockingly most of the people in the salon this day seemed to be older women (40’s)  and men…. actually lots of guys came in for haircuts, just normal guys too.  Nara and I kinda wondered if they knew who Barbie was, but this could have a lot to do with it being in Bangbae which is not a very hip or young location…

It’s a Barbie kinda day for me in Korea!

While you wait they offer you a refreshment which is typical in Korea (Juice, tea, coffee) but I have to say I was a bit sad they did not make it a little more sweet… like pink lemonade or something you know? A few simple cute cookies passed out as service would have also been a nice touch…ooh with pink icing! This place also needed some pop-tastic music or something!

Are you taking notes Korea? Cute theme cafe expert here!! lol

big thanks to my fiance Nara for snapping photos for me today!

We came in without an appointment, but it was a weekday and although they had a flow of people coming in and out they found time to take care of me rather quickly since I just needed a trim!  I’m not sure how busy they get at this location, but if you come on an off time you could attempt to have a walk-in~ for things like perm or color you should call and make an appointment or stop by beforehand though!

Time to go upstairs and check out the salon!

Let the trimming begin!  This was very basic~  I just needed my ends cleaned up and my bangs cut!

Thanks to my pinch braid extenshions from Argent Sue in Shibuya I had lots of long hair to trim this visit!

♥ ♥ ♥

(FIY if you are new to the blog or never caught me saying it in another post, I am a big fan of “Japanese-style” pinch braid extenshions for length and or thickness.. my hair is super fine!  I usually get them in Japan, in Korea I have been unhappy with the quality thus far.  Still looking for a good place to recommend that actually stocks light hair colors in Seoul)

First up, she set to work wetting and trimming my bangs! I skipped the shampoo step because with my extensions it takes forever to dry~  normally you will get a shampoo treatment before this step of course!

Everything in the salon was “Barbie” brand but still classy!  It was a lot of fun to look around and enjoy.

Visit Barbie’s closet in the corner to kill some time on the internet while you get your hair done

Time for a complimentary styling!  I opted for princess curls of course, I’M SO FANCY!

They had an even number of male staff, and much to my joy I found that they had cute “Ken” uniforms!

Rolling~ Rolling~ Rolling~

Quick final bang fluff and DONE!!

What do you think? It was simple, but I was happy with the result!

After I felt like a million bucks and was happy to pose away! lmao nothing like a nice salon visit

Downstairs they had plenty of Barbie hair products for sale if you wanted to take some home~ even Ken hair wax! This appears to be a different line compared to the other Barbie hair products they sell in Korea, but I am not totally sure!

Looking to open up a point card? Barbie Hair Salon in Korea gives you several adorable choices!!

PS. My adorable bling Barbie ring is by Danielle Miranda on Etsy! I love it

So do I recommend visiting this place?  Well if you are a fan of Barbie it will be a very photogenic place to visit, snap a pic at, and say you went to the worlds first Barbie salon!  Going and snapping pics sure was a lot of fun for me! However, for people living in Seoul like myself, currently I would not make this my go-to salon~ but I am glad I went and experienced it once! Hard for a girl like me to not love Barbie-themed anything really!

Even though we will not be coming back often, I was lame and got a point card anyway~ I just wanted it! haha!

This chain overall has a lot of work to do to make it more marketable in the long run in my opinion~ especially in a place like Seoul where girls are super fickle and not very excited about theme stuff like I am,  but as a single experience it was amusing and made for some lovely photos and a decent trim! ^^


Barbie Hair & Store 바비 헤어 & 스토어

Hours: 10:00 am – 9:30 pm

Bangbae Seoul Location Featured in this post:   서울시 방배동 908-7

Barbie Hair Salon in Korea currently has 2 locations, the 2nd one in Suwon will be opening officially this fall though.

To get to the Barbie Hair Salon in Seoul it is VERY easy, although the stop really does not have anything else fun around it so you will have to make a special trip to the area.  I suggest doing this on your way to Gangnam if you are visiting Seoul since it is only a few stops away ^^ Bangbae station will be on the Green Line #2!

When you arrive at Bangbae Station simply use exit #4 and walk just a short ways down the street!

Barbie Hair Salon 바비 헤어 & 스토어 will be on your left and is very hard to miss!

The Barbie pink-ness stands out on the mostly yellow, red, and grey streets in the area!

 Barbie Hair & Store Korea – Official Site

Did you know Korea was home to the world’s first Barbie hair salon?  Have you been? Would you go to a Barbie-themed salon or other location? Comment below and share!

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47 Responses to “Barbie Hair Salon in Seoul ♥ 바비 헤어 & 스토어”

  • Great blog post!! I wish we had a Barbie Salon in India as well! This looks like such a fun place to go with your girlfriends, click pics and get hair done :D. And omg, I wanna get my hands on those Barbie hair products haha.

  • Custom avatar Ameli:

    You really look Barbie-like in your after photo. It’s pretty awesome there’s a Barbie salon in Korea. Maybe Nara should do a review from the “Ken” side!

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    I this is very interesting. I definitely would love to try something like this. why cant America have awesome and neat things???! hahah~

    • Elle:

      I totally agree! I wish USA would consider doing something like this! In terms of quality it was just basic, but it was a lot of fun to visit for sure.

  • That beautiful beauty salon! *u* as I like to go, seriously I love it! ♥

  • AAAHHH so cute! ♥ Your hair is just fabulous.

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    Omg Seoul has everything that involves with adorable!

  • Custom avatar julie:

    that very cute salon!
    I hope they open one in USA soon!

  • When i visit korea, i have the urge to dropby a hair saloon to get my hair style. but there’s language barrier. sigh. wish i speak korean language TT. And i didn’t know there was such themed saloon! nice one! thanks for sharing, i love reading ur blog, cse it really helped me in getting more inside of korea ^^

  • Wow, a Barbie theme hair salon ? We could see this kind of things only in Asia haha
    In France they won’t even think about it, I’m 99% it won’t work as Barbie is seen as a childish thing and even wearing Barbie accessories is really limited to kids.
    I must say that hair salon is kinda cute but I’m a pink lover so my opinion is biased haha
    Prices in S.Korea are really cheap, in France it’s around 20/25€ (26/33$) only for a hair cut. I also love that you can go just for a fringe trim and pay such a little price. By the way, I think you looks prettier with bangs. Oh, and I really like your dress ^^

  • Eeep, this is so cool, I think my favourite thing are the cute Ken shirts. I use to collect barbies as a little girl, so it brings back nice memories 🙂 Since reading your blog I’ve got so many things to do when I eventually come and visit Korea, so thank-you!

    • Elle:

      My pleasure!! I hope you can have a visit filled with cuteness thanks to my little blog 😀 <3

      • Custom avatar Michelle:

        Seriously OMG! I made an appointment Tuesday. After reading this blog how could I not! For me, only being here six weeks, I’ve walked into countless hair salons on main road by my apartment (in itaewon) and didn’t find what I wanted! Either they didn’t do blonde dyes, or couldn’t speak a lick a English or the environment felt very unwelcoming! I am more than excited! Like you, this probably won’t be my favorite hair salon, but it has the colors I need and ITS BARBIE! I’m so excited to find your blog! You’re a life saver! I owe you forever!

        • Elle:

          Oh best of luck, it is a fun place to visit for sure! Not to discourage against the barbie salon (since it us cool to visit at least once!) I have to warn you though~ nobody at this location speaks english (unless they hired someone new that took your appointment?) and they dont really do blonde! Im kinda shocked you coukd not find a place in itaewon since they deal with foreigners daily!! I have the chart posted, it is mainly very typical browns found here~ the blonde is for highlight and not so much final color (learned that many times through the years…)

          I just got my haircut here, no color!! 🙂 I box color my blonde using tony moly color, I have a post all about it here on the site, too many places ruined my hair in korea so I diy rather than pay the foreigner salons who super overcharge ^^ korean salons do not really “tone” blonde and use really strong bleach, so if you are new to korea please be careful! Most of us fry our hair here the first few times.

  • Omg the prices there are so darn cheap!!
    If a Barbie salon were to pop up in my area, everything there will definitely cost a bomb-.-

  • I find that the Barbie theme cafe is a really cute concept I only wish we had places as such in Central America where I’m from it would make it so much more pleasant to go out & get haircut in such a beautiful & fun looking place like that. <3

  • Custom avatar Heather:

    Hey, I love your blog! I looked all over your post here, but I don’t think it said whether the employees speak any English or not. I’ve been looking to get a reasonably-priced perm myself (just some light waves midway down the hair), but finding an English speaker who knows their way around fine hair has been next to impossible. Any recommendations? 🙂

    • Elle:

      Hi Heather~ Ah I totally forgot to mention that in the post, I will be sure to add it tomorrow ^^ Sadly none of the staff at this location currently speak any English, so if you visit you have to make due with just korean or bring a korean friend. For perms, they are a dime a dozen here in Seoul so I am sure you will find something however I also have veeeery fine hair and most places advised against perming it (fine hair here makes them super nervous, and if they mess up it could fall out…not worth it) I say you should try and find a foreigner-friendly salon. The go-to with English speakers is “Hair & Joy” however they are very overpriced honestly 🙁 they do speak english though and will not fry your hair.

  • Custom avatar Diamond:

    I want to go there!

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    BLERGH so adorable! I never go to salons but if there was one of these in the States I’d make this my regular go-to place haha!

  • You look so pretty>-<♥
    I'm not a fan of Barbie, bit I'd still like to visit that place!xD

  • Why didn’t I discover your blog while I was still living in Korea T.T Just got back to Europe a week ago!

  • Custom avatar Sarah Torres:

    So cute! Although, I feel if something like that opened in the States, it would be geared toward little girls. I don’t think women or teens would take it serious. But I’d definitely give it a try! 🙂

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    hi elle~~ i saw how you loved danielle miranda on etsy, what other etsy shops do you like?

    • Elle:

      A whole bunch! 😀 I’m “MissKika” on etsy, I think nowadays you can see what I fave if you friend or follow me on that site ^^

  • Custom avatar Nina:

    Hi Elle! Was wondering if you know any sites or something that have a service for korean site orders to be shipped internationally?
    All the ones I’ve found have fees that are pretty expensive for an item under 35k won.

  • Anyong! Love the blog. I nominated you for an award (The Versatile Blogger Award). Check it out here: http://beautifuldokidoki.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-versatile-blogger-award.html ^___^

  • Custom avatar Analin:

    I wonder if they speak English or Japanese in Barbie Hair Salon?
    I will be travelling to Seoul at the end of this month, and I think I am going to this Barbie hair salon ^^

  • hi elle i love the barbie salon wich transportation you went to babrie salon

  • Custom avatar April:

    wow this is so adorable! i just moved from korea and i am supersad. i’m kind of sorry i missed this..

  • Custom avatar Shirley:

    I’m so glad I found your website! I just randomly stumbled upon it on a google search for fun places to visit in Korea. Your site is super cute 😀 I love cupcakes too! Lol. And…this may be over a year late, but I want to congratulate you and Nara on your engagement. I wish you guys the best. You two are a sweet couple.
    I love reading through your blog posts! I now have so many places that I wanna go to in Korea now. Can’t wait to go. Thank you! Bye for now! ^__^

  • That is so interesting I would have never have guessed there could be a Barbie hair salon! I would totally be looking forward to be dressed as a barbie for a day! That would definitely be cool too if they transform your whole look from head to toe into a Barbie..! 😉

  • This is my kind of salon. Oh my gosh, everything is just perfect!!

  • hi , may i know how long did your princess curls last? and how much was it?

    • Elle:

      That was just styling with a hot curler, it is included in the price or I think you can order styling separately.

  • Hey Elle, I don’t know if you got my email, but I’m writing an article for Seoul Magazine about hair salons in Seoul and I’d love to get a quote from you 🙂 Thanks and have a super pretty day!

    • Elle:

      Hi Deanne, sorry I just got it this morning~ inbox gets a little full with mails! I will shoot you a reply tonight, thanks! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Estrella:

    You’re so cute just like a barbie Elle 🙂

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! XD I was a bit too excited to visit that place, I think the staff were not used to the enthusiasm lmao

  • Custom avatar Beatrice:

    So nice!!! (:

    I love all your recommendations just like afternoon tea cafe.

    At first I was still researching which salons to go in Seoul but I guess I will try this out. Barbie theme salone is seriously too irresistable. But my krn isn’t that good yet. Hopefully they can understand.

    Just to ask 🙂 I would like to dye and perm together. But I would only like to perm at the ends of my hair. Will they be able to understand?

    Love your hair colour and perm so much. So pretty and suits you so much 😀

    • Elle:

      Thank you! I actually just had my ends curled, I have never had just the ends permed before! Im not sure if they would understand, but if anything you can give it a shot or bring photos. ” 여기” is here when pointing so you can try motions in the area you want maybe? Again not sure if its normal for perming like that tho!

    • Elle:

      Ps my hair color is from the milky blonde tony moly sells! Its the best secret for maintaining blonde or light hair on the cheap while in korea XD you can check out my feature on it here in the blog!

  • Custom avatar Zoe:

    I came across this salon yesterday on another one of my explore seoul by foot excursions alone. Googled it to find out if they had a website and stumbled across yours first! 🙂 thank youuu <3 btw did you end up finding a good salon for hair extensions in Seoul? If so i would love to know -please 😀 ( I have light brown hair so i'm hoping it shouldn't be that difficult!
    Anyways ! love your site 🙂

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