This month Baskin Robbins Korea has released a very fun monthly flavor called “Dino Jelly” that received a bit more love vs others, they threw a whole “Dino Party” to celebrate it!

This new flavor is adorable, and the perfect way to kick off the warm weather that JUST started here in Seoul last week!

The featured flavor consists of “Fresh Cream” flavored ice cream mixed with Pineapple and Green Apple flavored ice cream~ final cute and yummy touch was to add tons of colorful fruit flavored dinosaur gummies into the mix!!!

How fun is that??

Unlike most monthly flavors that just quietly launch with maybe some new promotional art on the freezer or maybe a poster up on the wall,  May’s new flavor included promotional decals on the outside and inside of most stores, paper craft kits, coloring pages, cakes, a new lego set gift, and decked out event promo with the BR truck crew.

They went all out this month ♥ Legit Dino Party!

Also, you have to check out the CF for Dino Jelly they released as well since its kinda awesome.

I almost feel bad eating the candy now…. almost!

I wish every month was this fun, I seriously eat this sort of stuff up as a consumer!! Cute new display added to the stores atm, you can make your own Dino paper toys of Mr. and Mrs. Dino with the sheets provided!


The two cakes released this month match the Dino theme~

쥬라기 공룡 대탐험 ♥ Jurassic Dino Adventure

Price: 27,000원

Chocolate 초콜릿,  Almond Bon Bon 아몬드봉봉, Very Very Strawberry 베리베리스트로베리, Chocolate Chip 초콜릿칩

헬로! 버블 디노 ♥ Hello! Bubble Dino

Price: 24,000원

Almond Bon Bon 아몬드봉봉, Very Very Strawberry 베리베리스트로베리, Chocolate 초콜릿

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So how does it taste???????

I thought it was really good, very interesting!!!

The “jelly” Dinos are chewy gummy candies and very fruity + sweet~ mixed in with a very creamy vanilla green apple combination. Each Dino color has a different fruit flavor which is really yummy when its all mixed together in the ice cream.

♥ ♥ ♥

While ordering a scoop today I learned it is pretty much pronounced “Dee-no Jelly” here, not Dino like Dinosaur. Lol silly me 😛

When I first read this would contain green apple I assumed it would be really tart or sour since that’s kinda a go-to sour flavor back at home, but nope!  Nice and sugar sweet!  The ice cream is all vanilla based~ no sherbert or flavor ribbons as well, so its interesting to eat a creamy apple flavor.

♥ ♥ ♥

This is not a flavor I would crave non-stop since I am more of a chocolate ice cream fan, but it is super unique and worth a try at least once! Kids will L-O-V-E this flavor because its creamy, sweet, and the gummy dinosaur shapes are super tasty and fun!

Right now (while supplies last!) if you buy a Family Sized container of ice cream and pay an extra 1,000won you will get the Dino Party lego set as a gift!  Our local shop had some still so we went ahead and grabbed one…we come every single day it seems, so might as well just buy a giant container of ice cream. No we did not buy $18 worth of ice cream to get a lego toy…. no we did not fight over who got to keep it…….. ok…. yeah we did ^^; eh heh.

You can read about that, the coloring book, and the paper craft kit in my next post!!

Baskin Robbins Dino Jelly Ice Cream

Flavor:  ★ ★ ★ ★☆ 

Cuteness:  ★ ★ ★ ★☆

Addictive nom nom ness:  ★ ★ ★☆☆ 

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5 Responses to “Baskin Robbins- Dino Party”

  • For real? That is ridiculously awesome!! I’m a little wary of gummies in ice cream since I find it annoying to have to chew stuff while eating ice cream, but those look pretty soft and creamy as you said. And I would totally buy $18 of ice cream to get the lego toy… win win!

    • Elle:

      They are chewy, but kinda like the gummy from gushers~ have you had those? they reminded me a LOT of those gummies in texture and taste~ so chewy, but not like firm chewy if that makes sense lol. Once you let the ice cream soften up they soften up as well though, so I can see why they named it “jelly” now XD I AM A SUCKER FOR FREE GIFTS AND EXTRAS! I have a bucket of ice cream just taunting me now in my freezer………

  • My first reaction was “apple and gummy, no thanks.” But after reading I’d actually like to try it and see what a creamy sweet apple taste is like.

    • Elle:

      Yeah! At first the combo was a bit strange to me, but it works nicely in this case I think! its a very sweet, fruity, and creamy ice cream ♥

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    oh my god the kid in the first picture! XD he’s all like, “what do you mean i can’t eat it?”

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