For the month of Feb you had a choice between these two special and very adorable Baskin Robbins Korea Lego playsets when you spent over $20!!

First choice was your own little Baskin Robbins shop!  Note the “Shooting Star” flavor poster on the wall, that is a very iconic flavor here in Korea with this chain♥ Also, the little Lego girl has on one of the BR Korea Uniform Variations. So cute!

The other playset choice was a Baskin Robbins Truck!!  This pink truck makes appearances around Korea for events or promos, so it was fun to see it in Lego form!

♥ ♥ ♥

♥Update♥ I started seeing promotions for this new lego set early this month to tie in to the flavor “Dino Party” they will be launching soon I think.  This one is crazy cute as well, isn’t it?  I have yet to see one in a BR shop though.

♥ ♥ ♥

Baskin Robbins here has little “spend this get that” type deals really randomly every month or so, but the inventory is super limited per store so some of them run out super fast!! I really wanted to get one of these… one of those pointless, but cute things for my shelf~ but by the time I was ready to spend $20 in BK and buy a bucket of ice cream the stock of toys was all gone D: Sometimes they only get maybe 10 or so per location, so yeah~ dont hesitate if you see a goodie you want! lol

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7 Responses to “Baskin Robbins Lego Playsets! (updated)”

  • Oh gosh, These kinda of cute and awesome things make any girl want to live in Korea…How can you not want one of those?! I love ice cream and it’s even better when you get an extra something cute with it! ♥

    • Elle:

      I know, right?? Its hard to say no!! I’ll post the ice cream nail polish gifts they gave out last Oct soon~ I managed to grab 2 outta 3 so its not the full set, but close enough 😀 ♥

  • I need these in my life! Hello Ebay ….

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    oh my gosh! this is asolutely adorable! i know i was in wal-mart the other day and hello kitty is releasing some cute playsets as well! <3 she actually has a car that the lights can turn on and off c:

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