So the month of May marks Children’s Day in South Korea! Since the holiday is all about children, many places here have special children’s day items~  yearly I look forward to the goodies Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts Korea put out because they are usually extra cute!

If you remember, last year I featured the Dino Jelly Party Baskin Robbins Korea threw for this holiday

Last year I snagged the adorable Dino Party ice cream truck~ this year I was ready for a new addition to my collection!

Baskin Robbins Korea also releases special lego kits from time to time, especially in March for children’s day!  They always seem to sell out SUPER FAST in my area…the supplies only last maybe 2-3 days max before the kits are all gone, so you have to act quick if you want one!

This year Baskin Robbins decided to go with a Pirate theme and released a new flavor “Treasure chest”!  I have not tried it yet, but apparently it is a melon and banana ice cream with chocolate balls and I believe popping candy.

as well as this adorable pirate ship ice cream cake!

The new lego kit was released this week so we hopped over to go check it out~  aw it is a pink pirate ship!!  MUST HAVE!  They also released it in baby blue, Nara and I opted for the pink of course 😛  Just like with most free gifts at Baskin Robbins in Korea, in order to get the item you have to spend 19,000 won and pay an additional 1,000 won for the item~  The family pack size of ice cream works perfectly with this event!

They also have a kids pop tent/ playhouse item, but we are too big for it D: *sigh*

That evening we had a little ice cream party and Nara set to work building the kit!  He loves legos, so building the lego kits are always his job haha I just watched and ate.

Time to open up the ice cream carton and get started!  These kits are for ages 3+, come with instructions, and are easy enough to put together for small kids~ but still kill a small amount of time!  Good distraction!


The kit came with a bitty treasure map… looks a liiiiittle Korea-ish, doesn’t it?

Yar ~ me pretty ice cream boat!

lol at the car steering wheel… I guess they did not have a stock ship wheel to use in the design.

and all done!!!  How cute is this?  I love getting little goodies like this when I buy things here! My little Baskin Robbins pink pirate ship now has a home on my shelf next to my other little goodies ^^

Have you tried the new treasure chest flavor? Did you get a special lego kit?  Does Baskin Robbins do anything fun like this where you live? Comment below and share with others!

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8 Responses to “Baskin Robbins Korea~ Pink Pirate Ship Lego Kit for Children’s Day”

  • Custom avatar Tara:

    I love Baskin Robbins in Korea, they always had the best flavours. I loved the ones with pop rocks in them, and this super fruity yogurt one they used to have. Yum! That pirate ship is super cute, too… love Lego!

  • IT’S SO CUUUUUUTE. I wish they had it here in Singapore. XD

  • Custom avatar Cutiepiedarling:


  • I’m so jealous! That’s some of the cutest Lego cuteness I have ever seen!!

  • Omigosh this is all so adorable! 😀 Why can’t Baskin Robbins in the U.S be so awesome ;____; No fair :c Really awesome blog though :3 You’re so stylish~ Sakura

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    I love Legos! Has the movie came out in Korea? Because that’s what my boyfriend did for my 16th birthday! 😀 Is there any “coming of age” ceremonies in Korea?

  • Custom avatar Melanie Buck:

    Is there anyway I can buy a pink lego ship and the ice cream truck. My niece wants a pink pirate ship and I cannot find one anywhere. Thanks!

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