Most of my friends back home have pretty awesome jobs, which always makes life interesting!  Over the Summer my lovely friend from LA who works for Beats Headphones got to come to Korea for a few days and work on a promotional event for the brand here.  She was really busy so we only got to hang out with her briefly outside work, but lucky for Nara and I we were able to get access to a few Beats VIP events going on around Seoul for the weekend so we could creep on our friend while she worked ♥

Beats is a really awesome line of headphones by Dr. Dre~ they come in so many colors and are amazing quality! Lots of K-pop stars use Beats, and around Seoul you see lots of people walking around with them as well~ I think the price point and color choices are very appealing to Koreans!  To promote the brand they kicked off by having a special Q&A one evening in Gangnam and when we found out Dr. Dre would be there in person I really wanted to check it out and hear more.

When we arrived the line was already super long and everyone had passes, I am not sure what exactly you had to do to get these passes for the event~ but it was very limited….maybe like 100 people or less?

Not sure if this is common knowledge, but in Korea the celebrities roll around in these long black vans. The only time you see them around the street is when someone special is getting carted around someplace.  Naturally when the van arrived on the scene everyone proceeded to freak out.

♥ ♥ ♥

One thing that kinda irked me though, some pretty girls stood in line behind us and when the van arrived they did not even know who “Dr Dre” was and just said something in Korean like “ahh well its a Dr. someone, a foreign guy” ….. WTF you doing here in line??????  He is kinda the reason why everyone is here (*_*;)

I wish I could have taken photos inside for the Q&A but it was a small store they held it at and PACKED full with everyone standing so I could only see when someone happened to shift to one side!  They were super hardcore about not allowing any photos at all, which was sad because EMINEM SHOWED UP AT THE END!  He was in Seoul for his concert and swung in the room with his hoodie over his head 8-mile style!

♥ ♥ ♥

Eminem looks so handsome IRL *_* I was a bit star struck since I have been a fan since his first CD… god I think I was in 9th grade when it came out! He gave a wave and ran back up the stairs with Dre and the GIANT bouncers. I wonder if he noticed my solo white face in the crowd hahaha~

After the Q&A we got access to a Beats party that was being held at Club Eden in Gangnam, I had been to that club for another event before, but it was private so the crowd was a lot smaller!  This night it was completely packed for the special event, it was hard to move around the dance floor at some points lol.

I love the tables at Eden~ drinking is a lot more fun on a glowing surface lol.

Beats had a corner set up with a little photo studio that you could pick your “mood” or “vibe” for a photoshoot!  I picked “Glam” from a long list of choices and was handed a pair of pink headphones and sent over to strike a pose!  A few weeks ago I got my digital copy~ I edited it a tiny bit more to saturate the colors, but what do you think? MY LASHES GO FOR MILES!  XD Beats is currently using it on the official facebook page now!!

haha omg go check out the banner *dies*

Upstairs at the VIP tables they had snacks set out with cute little Beats cookies.

I was super lame and snapped a photo!

If you have too many martinis you will totally start messing with the dangle light bar ceiling…. *touch*touch*

Club Eden has a ton of disco balls!

Drink up Nara!

For the special event they had a few rap and hip hop groups from Korea preform at the club! Here is Daze47

Rapping in Korean~!

All in all we had a really good time and I was so thankful we could get in and see our friend a little bit since I have not seen her in almost 3 years!! I got little a treat as well~ my own pair of pink Beats “SOLO”headphones!  What do you think??  I have been using them a LOT and I really love them so much, earbud pieces hurt my ears~ but these are so soft and fold so I can slide them in my purse easy when I am done with them!  I kind of want to add a bow or order some sticker skins for them~ but I am still thinking about it ^^

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10 Responses to “Beats by Dre VIP party @ Club Eden in Gangnam”

  • Custom avatar Cheryl:

    LOVE what you did for the Glam photo! And I would have taken pics of the food as well. Why not? 😀

    • Elle:

      I am such a sucker for themed food hehe I looked painfully uncool to the other people in the lounge area when I did it though! LMAO

  • Looks like a super fun night! My husband and I are headphones lovers but we are more into AKG brand…Anyway since I saw the pink solo ones I fall in love and had to have it and must agree they are so comfy.

  • NIIICE Elle! Did you get the headphones for free at the event?

    • Elle:

      I got sent them after as a gift ♥ Perfect timing since my other headphones had just died!

      • I just wanted to say I really appreciate you always taking the time and effort to reply to your commenters and readers, Elle. Your blog is pretty popular but you always make us feel at home! 🙂

        • Elle:

          Aw thank you and it is my pleasure Clarisse 🙂 I hope I always have a bit of time to keep interacting with you guys and helping when I can ♥

  • Okay, wait a minute. So you saw Dr. Dre AND Eminem AND got on the cover photo of the brand facebook page? Why is your life so ridiculously awesome?!

    • Elle:

      I only wish I could have gotten a closer look at Eminem! He had the hood on and everyone freaked out, so I only got to REALLY see him when he ran back up the stairs T_T come baaaaaack

  • Wow so many people @_@ it must have been so much fun being a VIP and seeing Eminem IN REAL LIFE! I have been a fan of him since the beginning so wow that must have been awesome! I have a pair of SOLO Beats myself in lime green they really are so comfortable and beautiful sounding! Plus I love how you can answer the phone with them!

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