Lotte Mall in Korea has really been rolling out with amazing and inspiring displays (new ones monthly!) since the start of 2011!!  Before they always had nice things going on in the windows, but now they seem to try very hard to actually have a little fun with it!  I find myself looking forward to the”theme” change every month, happening overnight when they swap out the front windows to feature adorable new outfits and props + roll out the new jumbo image that adorns the front of every Lotte Mall.

the related photo shoot is showcased on the front of the building and is always very pretty, I only wish they made them easily available online in proper JPG form.  I think I may write them a letter and request the images for a few months themes from 2011….. fingers crossed!

Anyway, now that I am actually blogging I will make it a point to properly capture images of the cute displays as they roll out in 2012 (my boyfriend actually lives above a Lotte building, so I have to walk through the store daily!) but for now, please enjoy these edited images from some of the cuter 2011 themes~

I think my favorite theme for 2011 was “summer dream” with all the nods to surreal art and soft warped underwater displayed juxtaposed with the brightly colored clothing and wigs.  I was so sad when they took the windows down! T_T No more dreamy fish tank!

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4 Responses to “2011 Lotte Displays”

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    gaah! why cant the America stores make displays like this! i guarantee that i would be more inclined to look in the store and possibly buy would they catch my attention a bit more.

    • Elle:

      This is just a TINY display too, wait till you see the whole store setups at Etude House and Holika Holika~ I will be talking about those very soon!! ♥ XD

  • Custom avatar lulu:

    Where exactly in South Korea is Lotte Mall? I would like to know of the one you took these pictures at. ^.^

    • Elle:

      It’s a big chain 🙂 They have them in almost every city/neighborhood! If you are from the USA its kinda like asking where a “Target” is, they just have so many that I can not say ^^ try searching for “Lotte Department Store” online! they may have a location list in English, but I am not 100% sure

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