Looking for a super cute Korean Doll? Meet the 블링즈 ♥ Blings Girls!

Blings Girls are a doll line from Seol toys launched in 2011~ featuring adorable anthropomorphic animal baby girls!

This line is not as large as the brand’s popular Ddung doll, but it is produced high standard as usual with Seol toys~ many elements on each doll are made or finished off by hand here in Korea at small factories. With goodies like this, “made in Korea” is very much a good thing, because it means lots of extra attention to detail.

Seol toys are known for the amount of detail they put in by hand to each tiny outfit at workshops here in Korea

Here we have a size chart of the popular dolls by Seol, Korea

Mini Ddung 11cm, Ddung 18cm, Cherry Cat, Blings Kids, Blings Plush

Blings are the largest dolls, but the youngest because they are supposed to be babies apparently


♥ View of the soft body style and a soft body Blings Doll with a PCV body version ♥

Blings dolls come in two styles currently, a plush body version, and a full PVC version.  The plus body version is very soft, but the joints can still be rotated and she can be posed and propped upright with a little help.  The full PVC  version has the normal twist-able joints + her hand posed to suck her thumb.

♥ Here is a view of the 3 versions/sets they have released ♥

Prices for Korean Blings dolls run from around 17,000원 – 27,000원 ($17-$26) each depending on the style!

Ok I kinda want at least one because they are really cute and,come on you know…

THEY LOOK LIKE LITTLE CHIPPETTE DOLLS! So tempted to buy 3 and make my own (*_*)

Where to buy Korean Blings dolls

Blings on the shelf with Ddung and Celli Cat dolls

Blings dolls from the 3 series (Bunny Lolita, Animal tea party, and Animal pajamas) can be purchased still, although they are starting to get a little harder to find in some shops so most sightings are online.  If you are looking to buy one within Korea, I come across them in very small numbers inside Toys R Us from time to time, although they are old inventory I believe! Click HERE for Toys R Us locations within Korea (most are inside Lotte Marts!)

♥ ♥ ♥

The best selection is always online of course~ although keep in mind some places may mark them up a bit in price! In Korea they tend to go for around 20,000-30,000원 currently~ the animal pajama set is usually around 18,000원

Ebay– Search for “Blings Doll”  Price range is always around $40-50ish

Gmarket– always has a few shops selling them for a standard price, just search for “블링즈

As always, make sure you buy smart and stick to sellers from South Korea for dolls like this. It is a very small line, so I have never come across any bootlegs personally though!

Do you have any Blings dolls?  If so, which dolls do you have?  What do you love about Blings dolls or other Korean dolls? Know a place to buy them in Korea or online that I missed?? Comment below!

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