Do you like edgy Korean style with a bit of a punk or rock twist? I would love to share with you the popular online shop Bloody Cat 블러디캣, a favorite here for people into this style of fashion in Korea where it is a bit harder to find!

★ ☆ ★  STYLE: K-Rock        PRICE POINT: around ₩15,000-₩90,000        SHOP TYPE: online + ebay ★ ☆

One day while I was shopping around Hongdae I ran into a girl who had a really fun almost j-rock style which is not very typical here at all, so I just had to ask her where she shopped because I am nosy lol.  She mentioned that aside from having to import things from Japan (which costs a bunch) in Korea “Bloody Cat 블러디캣” was her go-to store~I quickly wrote down the name to check out when I got home! I was not disappointed!

 When I visited the website I found a great selection of really unique pieces and basics for this type of fashion~ many things I never even saw in the markets here before which is really rare and refreshing!  Everything was styled great in the photos, priced really reasonably, and best of all is everything is pretty much unisex so Nara and I both could shop with them!! J-Rock style is a bit much for Nara and I in terms of details, but K-rock style found in 블러디캣 has a really nice subtle and unique appeal that is extremely wearable~ we quickly filled our shopping basket with goodies!

★ ☆ 

Bloodycat updates the site with new items weekly and things do sell out!

We reached out to the owners to see if they would be interested in meeting for an interview~ Shops like this are so unusual here we were curious to meet the owners since the selection and styling are all so unique and fun, surely they must be too! We were not disappointed, the owners are just as cool as the store ♥  It’s so very fitting and it was such a pleasure to meet and talk with them so we could learn more about the shop vs just paste the link on here!

Bloody Cat 블러디캣 shop has been online since around 2007 and was founded by band-mates Taeho and Tei who met in college and were originally just looking for clothing to dress themselves since they are musicians and have a style that was a bit harder to shop for in the super conservative Korean market! They were very into fashion and people started asking them where they always bought their clothing, so they came up with the idea to just open up a shop so that everyone else could enjoy them as well!

★ ☆

The shop name “Bloodycat” (also called “Bullcat” in Korea for short) is supposed to fit the image of a crazy punk going nuts and rebelling~  naturally a cat was the animal that fit that image since they are so feisty!  The character used in the logo and goodies at the end of this post was designed by owner Tei who is also a graphic designer.

The owners passion and drive behind the style of the shop is music~ currently they are in the Korean rock band Knave and play at misc indie events and concerts throughout Seoul, so if you like J-rock style you should check them out!  The models used in the shop are also musicians, brand is very music scene oriented and it shows~ Many indie bands in Korea also shop with them like  “Neminis”  and recently singers on the popular Korean singing show  “나는 가수다” aka “Nagasu

The stylist representative of the brand ‘Tei” hand picks all the pieces for the site and all the photos are carefully styled which adds to the appeal~  the models they use are also musicians themselves so the whole feeling is a very creative and rocker sort of vibe. The look they aim to carry is an assortment of k-rock, skulls, studs, union jacks, black, red, animal print etc in mainly red and black.

The goal of Bloodycat is to give you selected style that is a balance of edgy & rock fashion for everyday people

They are currently trying to bring more color into the shop to keep with changing trends, so you can find random fun colorful pieces from time to time as well!

Originally Bloodycat started out as mainly a girls shop due to demand, but now that Korean men’s fashion has shifted a bit thanks to K-pop and trends they strive to be unisex.  Most items sold in the shop are unisex (as size/fit allows) and pieces they select are picked with keeping that appeal in mind~ if you are browsing the shop you will be able to see 男女 (Hanja for Male + Female) in the item name for unisex!

★ ☆

Bloodycat 블러디캣 has never focused on promotion, just try to stock the shop with things they like and the shop grew through word of mouth!

lots of fun pieces!

A popular brand they carry is called “Psycho Bunny” or “Skull Bunny” which is usually very colorful and a lot of fun, but still high quality! I have several of these items and love them all! Every so often I will see this brand in another alternative shop, but its always one or two pieces only~ Bloodycat always has the best selection!

A little edgy, a little colorful, a little cute! You can buy these on the Ebay shop HERE

Most pieces have fun details that make them unique individual additions to your wardrobe!

Bloodycat bags available internationally HERE through ebay in select styles

Aside from clothing they also sell a selection of fun bags and other accessories for very reasonable prices! These Koopa spike backpacks are SO much fun!

Bloodycat also had your feet covered with several styles usually in stock at the .com and select styles up on Ebay in limited numbers~ I always enjoy the shoe selection they have available because often they are styles I do not run into at the stores usually here. Fun stuff~ fun stuff!!

Shoes come in a range of sizes and many styles are unisex~ they stock up to around a Korean size 280!

Gotta grab a few cute hats too!

Buy from the ebay shop HERE currently both colors are still available!

Buy this necklace internationally HERE on ebay!

They have a nice selection of unique pants, but unfortunately the pants are all very small for guys to wear so it is mainly girls only. The largest size they have is usually size 30 which is pretty good for here, but obviously not for everyone.  In terms of how the sizing runs~ for me personally Korean pants and shorts are always a bit smaller fit so I generally have to go up a size or two for my hips at times. If you have a smaller frame you should be just fine though~ just a heads up! Anything stretchy I never have an issue with tho!

We have not ordered any pants from them at this time, but if we do we will be sure to share our thoughts!

They always have really fun jewelry~

You can buy this cool skeleton bracelet now on the ebay shop HERE

★ ☆ Bloodycat Review // Haul ★ ☆

Bloodycat was very kind enough to sponsor both Nara and I several items so that we can share our experiences with you guys and see just how well everything held up!!  I just want to say that even though they graciously sponsored us items, we approached them because we liked them first!  I will only ever do “sponsored” posts of things I actually like and already am a customer/consumer/fan or at least interested in so please keep that in mind!

Truth be told, we are repeat shoppers with this store so we are honest happy customers 😀

Everything we received came beautifully shipped in a cool funky checker box and individually sealed bags!

We have placed additional orders since this first large order and the shipping has always been prompt and so well packaged, I really love when shops do that. Gets me excited to see a cool box on my doorstep lol! In every order we always received a small gift, usually a bloodycat mascot button or socks, plus candy~ so nice!

★ ☆

Nara and I managed to take some photos of outfits we wore with the items we picked out~ obviously we are far from models, but at least you can see them on some “real” people haha.  Lots of the items we purchased with the intent of sharing as unisex… we share a few things in our wardrobe that are like that from Korea and Japan haha its kinda nice with things like big shirts or jackets!

First up are the new shoes we ordered!  I have been using mine SO MUCH because they are co comfy and look really cute at the same time with a bit of a heel boost which is always welcomed!  Nara was extremely happy with his shoes as well and found them just as easy to wear for long day walking around Seoul.  Please note though, he modified his with gold spikes (the pointed ones on the side) it came with all the others on the straps and such though. I use these shoes all the time now and they still look great!

My style is currently sold out, but Nara’s is still on the site and ebay shop HERE in black and white


Really awesome ribbed black shirt Nara picked out to layer with mainly, those dip necks are always really interesting under jackets!  No idea about the konglish silk screened on the back, but it looks really cool peaking out from under another shirt… so yeah, that is what is important right? lol.  The fit is very slim on this shirt though, Nara said it is more like a mens “x small” or girls “small” even though free size is usually a S-M. just a heads up!  Last little note~  fabric is thin, so you will need to wear an undershirt/tank with this.

Black has sold out on the ebay shop, but you can still buy a white version HERE

After purchasing we realized that two of our items were a lot more familiar than we realized.  The “New York” top was used in Hyuna’s Ice Cream music video I featured, and the star shirt is sold around Dongdaemun as the “G-Dragon Star Shirt” because he was spotted in it.  The star shirt has a few cheaper versions floating around, but the true “original” one is a nice thicker material with embroidered stars into the fabric~ just like the one Bloody Cat sells.

 “New York New York Got Trem City” whatever that is supposed to mean! lol! ₩16,500!

Really nice and long since it is unisex, but still really cute to wear~ shirt is a nice peachy pink with pattern on both sides screened before the shirt was sewn + the text is a nice vivid hot pink!  The tags inside say “ちよつとまつて” in Japanese meaning “wait a moment”, but the brand is in fact made in Korea.

★ ☆

Also using the free gift bolt acrylic necklace and the black skull ring they sell~  the ring size is a kinda large (since I think it is boys size!) so it only fits on my pointer ^^ still really like it though!! Nara and I both share these items lol

5 star unisex shirt~  red has sold out on Ebay, but you can still buy the white HERE

This is the popular “G-Dragon Star shirt” they sell at a few shops online and around Dongdaemun, however the quality does vary depending on the distributor (this happens with popular styles, some people end up selling cheaper versions from China for less). Bloodycat sells the best quality “original” version, its a really nicely constructed shirt and the stars are embroidered thick, not thin or an applique!

★ ☆

Nara also has on another Bloodycat grey animal print jacket that is lined + really warm and looks great on! We ordered a size M in this style which is a little slim on Nara, but fits me nicely.

Since Nara is really into stars he also got this nice kinda thin sweater top from them! Fits very well, but since it is thin it does need an undershirt when you wear it which works out ok since the fabric is a tiny bit rough~ very minor imo tough!

Originally Nara ordered this jacket, but I totally stole it from him because it is so warm and comfy! Muhaha!

The sleeves have this really cute fake layer thing going on with different fabrics (so it looks like you have a sweater on under the jacket when the sleeve overlays) and it is very soft and long. I’m not totally crazy about the faux fur used in this style, but its still soft and looks ok which is what is important lol!

We have size “L”, however size “M” would have fit both of us fine or even “S” for me if I did not want to layer it a lot.

[男女공용] 람팬트 로드 야상 ₩81,000

Inside it is lined with a really soft velvet leopard print fabric! I was really surprised by how warm and comfy this jacket ended up being!!!  Only complaint is that it has a kinda soft corduroy-ish texture to it, so it needs to be lint rolled before I head out for the day~ kinda a fluff magnet lol.  I do have a white Persian cat though, so you know… kinda my fault.  The cuffs are a different fabric and have started to pill a bit, but I have been wearing this sucker daily so its a small price to pay lol~ easily fixed with a razor session one evening.

You can buy it in black, wine red, and khaki version on the ebay shop currently!

Pink Koopa spike backpack from bloodycat 블러디캣 + cookie monster pin from BomGom 

This is one of those bags I always see around here in kinda ugly colors~ but when I saw they had such a lovely pink in the shop I had to get one of my own!!  The bag is a cheaper “for fun” type of thing, but still very well made~  the textile used is a thicker material that resists some sprinkles of water and easily wipes clean! It has a really nice sewn construction VS some other Koopa bags plus is lined with two inner areas and a nice soft mesh + lining.

The spikes are not filled with anything to keep them rigid though, so you will have to spend a few days squishing them to life at first since they are usually shipped flat!  This bag has been a huge hit (especially in Japan when I visit) I always get lots of compliments!

Really love this Skull Bunny shirt in yummy pink with contrast blue cuffs and really nice skull button details + embroidered patch!  The fabric is a nice quality/thickness and soft, cuffs appear to be corduroy and are slightly thicker plus such vivid color! This is a shirt Nara and I share as a unisex, so we opted for Medium which fits him nicely and is cute loose on me, looks good with skinny jeans or shorts!

My favorite in terms of cuteness from the whole lot~ this colorful psycho bunny jacket!!! It it more for style vs warmth, but the colors are really yummy and the embroidery is very nice + silkscreen on the back! The jacket is unlined, but they used a nice thicker material that is still very soft and makes for a nice fit.  I am wearing a size M because I wanted a little larger fit~ so comfy. They have several sports jackets like this in the shop (although this is the most colorful) I am tempted to buy another.

The ebay shop has ONE small version of this left in stock atm HERE! quick! lol

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★  FINAL VERDICT ★ ☆ ★ ☆ 

Shipping:  Very pleased. Fast, cute boxes, well packed

Quality: Very happy. Unique and fair price for what we got! Matched online photos, nice fabrics, stitching, etc

Durability: Shoes, Jackets, bags, etc have all held up extremely well. No piling, bleeding, or pulled stitches 2 months into wearing.

Sizing: free size unisex (around a M) no issues.  Some shirts/jackets run S-L, we usually opted for M or L to share.

Fit for Men: Nara’s advice is for guys to size up a little since they are a bit smaller/slim fit for most things! He was a L

Fit for Girls: I picked generally a size M here which gave me a nice relaxed fit! Shoes ran true to size

Accessories: No complaints so far, rings did fit very large since they are unisex though.

We love this shop and follow them on facebook for updates~ return customers!

Where & how to buy

~~~ Time to shop!~~~ – Official shop.  At this time they do not support international shoppers though, so if you are unable to buy items in Korea or with a Korean bank account you will have to use a Korean shopping service like HERE for example to buy the items for you.  The perk of shopping with them on the main site is that you get lots of new and current choices plus free goodies!

★ ☆

Bloodycat Ebay shop – Yes they have an ebay shop! Most of the links I pasted in this post are for Ebay since I have a feeling more of you guys would prefer that method ^^Please note that the shop is maintained by a 2nd party store service here in Korea VS bloodycat staff directly since they do not speak English or have a paypal and all that~  however they have a really nice selection of products from them and reviews are very high!  Bloodycat said they send them in new stuff to sell when they can every few weeks or based on demand. One thing I like is that the ebay shop sometimes has a piece that sold out on the korean shop already :3

★ More

For news and new product updates you can follow the Bloodycat facebook fanpage to keep up with the latest goodies!  Please note, the staff does not speak English so do not write them comments asking to buy things or how to buy~  they will go unanswered ^^; if you must have something not on the E-bay shop you can try asking the E-bay seller to carry it or just use a Korean shopping service!

Bloodycat X Cute in Korea Giveaway!!!!

We have a few special Bloodycat goodies to give to ONE lucky reader

Mascot socks, enamel necklace, button, a CD of the owners K-rock band Knave, and a cool bike chain bracelet!  I will also throw in some candy or beauty samples to fill up the box a bit more hehe.  For this giveaway I have decided to finally try using rafflecopter since a lot of my blogger friends have good things to say about it.  Use the widget below to enter various ways for different points!  Some you can enter once a day which will raise your odds!


Ends 3/3/2013

Winner has been contacted!!  Thank you so much to everyone who entered, we will have another giveaway soon!!

Good luck everyone, I hope these awesome goodies will go to a good home! Big thanks to Bloodycat for sending them!!

Have you ordered from Bloodycat 블러디캣 before or did you order something after reading this post? What did you get??  Do you like K-rock style? Comment below and share with others!

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144 Responses to “Bloodycat 블러디캣 + GIVEAWAY! (Korean Online Shop Feature)”

  • Custom avatar Storm:

    I found them on ebay awhile back, and love them!

  • Custom avatar Vanessa:

    Omg 🙂 I love these clothes. They remind me of japan where I saw similar clothes 🙂 thank you for featuring this shop 🙂

    • Elle:

      glad you enjoyed! Yes, the owners said they are very much inspired by J-rock and it shows~ so K-rock style is maybe a bit more subtle, but still a similar spirit! 😀

  • Custom avatar Deborah:

    I love the items from Bloodycat. I especially like the Pink Koopa spike backpack, those kind of backpacks aren’t for sale here. I expected that ordering from Japan wouldn’t be that expensive, as it is nearby.

    • Elle:

      Yay koopa backpack! I hope they put some up on ebay for people to buy!
      ahh~ I wish Japan stuff was cheaper! It’s costing a little less nowadays, but they used to really limit how many items from Japan came in to the country making the price go up plus the yen is really high so the conversion is steep usually. Korea only fully lifted the importation ban from Japan like 6 years ago, it was slow to grow though…only in the last 2 years have we started to see a decent spike in larger scale product importation (snacks and makeup mainly)

      • Custom avatar Deborah:

        How are import duties in Korea? The yen is currently low compared to the euro, but due to the heavy import duties it’s still expensive to import items from Japan to Europe.

  • Custom avatar Vanessa:

    My favorite item is the pink backpack 🙂 I love it

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Yay! Thank you for doing this awesome giveaway!!
    I reallyyy love the bike chain bracelet, as I love to go biking a lot since I was around 12 yrs old! And ofc the Bloodycat necklace, so unique. <

    • Custom avatar Shana:

      My message got cut off~ 🙁
      I went shopping on their website yesterday! If I am in a hotel this summer for 2 weeks, will they ship to the hotel and how long does it usually take? I really might wanna order. Or any store with similar style I can physically go in and shop at? ^^
      I am more of a girly/modest style but I definitely still love many of these outfits! For example, the shoes, cat hat and more!

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    Love this post~ So cool seeing such an abstract clothing line. I really like the koopa bag and psycho bunny jacket! I have a feeling I’ll be keeping those items in mind for wishlists for awhile. :3

  • Custom avatar becky:

    love the black and white ombre pants. i’m going to seoul in april 🙂 i’m hoping to find time to make it to the store while i’m there!

    • Elle:

      sadly it is just an online shop right now, but I will be posting some other cool “alternative” shops you can visit soon! ^^

  • Custom avatar El:

    All the stuff is so cool~ *A* the rafflecopter app isn’t working on my phone though, so gotta remember to enter on my computer later. >:|

    Favourite thing in the post at the moment will probably be the black koopa backpack with rainbow spikes! This may change though, but I like fun accessories/things like that. 😀

  • Custom avatar May:

    The stuff you ordered looks great on you! I especially like the jacket, it looks so comfy. 🙂
    I’ve browsed Bloodycat’s eBay store a few times already, but have never ordered something. Sadly I’m on the shorter side and none of their clothes would work for me. I really wish they would also offer smaller sizes.
    But I’m definitive tempted now to place an order for some accessories.

    • Elle:

      If you are smaller I would think the size S would be a-ok for you (unless you are really really small) since asian sizing is a smaller range! The jeans would be iffy, but I would think the tops and jackets would be ok if you sized down! Lots of korean clothing is meant to be worn long fit and loose 😀 girls love to swim in the clothing here haha

    • Custom avatar Nara:

      If you’re a smaller size, then you definitely won’t have a problem with fits. These clothes are Asian sizes, which will most likely be a size smaller than the marked sizes in the US or in Europe. I’m usually a small-medium in America and the medium from BloodyCat fit slim on me. So if you’re a SMALL OR X-SMALL then the small sizes should fit you well 🙂

  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    I’ve always loved their designs.

  • Thank you for sharing!
    I’m very (pleasantly) surprised that Bloodycat has an ebay shop since it’s usually a pain to try and get these kinds of things from Rowky through a shopping service.

  • Oh! &hard to choose but my favorite item on this post is probably the coat with leopard lining :3

  • Custom avatar MinMin:

    So much eye candy that I think I spazzed. *.* I loved Nara’s shirt! I saw it at first when you showed it on Facebook… you guy’s have a great taste and sense of style that is a lot more eclectic and unique than I usually get to see over here in America. Excellent job! 😀 Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have got to go rave about Bloody Cat. Why is the nickname for it ‘Bull Cat,’ though?

    • Custom avatar Nara:

      We will be making a separate blog post about this ^^ Korea likes to shorten names. If you write BLOODY CAT in Korea its written Bl-Luh-Dee-Cat. So they keep the fist syllable and the last. Making it Bl-Cat. This goes for a lot of words for example – We call ‘Digital Cameras’ – ‘Di-Ca’ 🙂
      Its just something that happens and catches on here with certain words ^^

  • Custom avatar Alicia:

    I love Bloodycat the clothes are super cool ,love that cool skeleton bracelet and the Skull Bunny shirt also the Pink Koopa spike backpack is so sick . I really think its so cool that Bloodycat was founded by musicians , its like your being styled by A rock band and who wouldn’t love that.

  • I loooooove the clothes, mainly G-Dragon Star shirt, I love him <3

  • OMG I was expecting this post so much! such a wondeful brand, the clothes are amazing!!

  • Custom avatar Ellinor:

    Those socks are wonderful and one day I must get my hands on one of those psycho bunny jackets! They are perfect! <3

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    Loooove all this! J-rock isn’t usually my style but this stuff is so cute!! The colorful psycho bunny jacket is my absolute favorite!

  • Wow, awesome shop. I’m definitely going to order an item or two from their ebay shop. 🙂
    And my favorite is the Bloodycat Black White Mono Zipper Raglan Punk Tee Shirt.

  • Custom avatar Rhiannon:

    From Bloodycat I really love the jeans that they have, but it’s hard to find all of the varieties on ebay ~ ;.; My favourite jeans are the union jack patch jeans, which I think Kai from EXO was also seen wearing >.< Apart from that, I like the look of the Skullbunny polo shirt in purple – it's really eye-catching ^^

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    What an awesome giveaway!! Everything Bloodycat is so cute! My favorite item in their Ebay store is the Unbalanced Zip hoodie. I love how it zips at an angle and has the big cowl neck! ^.^

  • Custom avatar Caitlin:

    I found them about a year ago through your Facebook but I wasn’t aware that there was a legitimate eBay store that sold their product

  • Custom avatar Lani:


    thanks for making such an awesome giveaway.
    good luck for every participants ^______^// I LOVE BLOODYCAT items!!!

  • Custom avatar Christine:

    I checked the online website and all the things are so niceee <3
    Wish such things were available here…. ;3;

  • Custom avatar Tina:

    Thank you so much for doing the review on this website! I’ve had my eye on the Skullbunny outers and was wondering if I should get it or not.. now that I saw you in it and how colorful it is in person, I am tempted to get it! ^^

  • Custom avatar Caitlin:

    My favorite item featured are the stud shoes, more so the white then the black, I’d really liked to get my hands on a pair one do these days but I’m also very fond of the Skull Bunny brand items.

  • Custom avatar Emma:

    omgoodnessss. that psycho bunny jacket!! I SO WANT <3 i'm planning a trip to seoul at the end of the year… i will HAVE to check this store out <3 <3 <3

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  • Custom avatar Serenutria:

    Amazing post! I’m in love with the clothes! specially the colorful psyco bunny jacket! it’s way too pretty!!
    where I live this kind of clothes are really rare so i’m very glad they’re selling them via ebay, guess i’ll become a regular costumer 🙂

  • Custom avatar Nicole:

    Rock usually isn’t my style, but some of their items are really cute with an edge to it. your shoes for instance are love!

  • I adore that necklace with the charms! Thank you so much for this post, I have favorited their shop on Ebay!

  • I’ve seen a few of their items before! Love them 🙂

  • Custom avatar kiran:

    my favourite item featured in this post definitly has to be the grey leopard print jacket. I mean it would look great with anything I could wear it with a bow for a cute outfit while the leopard print gives it an wild side. Do you know if there are any other shops like Bloody cat ? {^_^}

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    Wow! Thanks for bringing this awesome store to my attention! As much as I love Korean fashion and I love shopping in Korea, my style has always trended towards a more rocker vibe and this matches it perfectly! Probably gonna be purchasing some of their stuff in the future! 🙂

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    Oh, and in regards to my favorite piece that I’ve seen from them thus far, it’s gotta be that pink plaid and blue Skull Bunny shirt. I want that!

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    I’m totally loving your pyscho bunny jacket!

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  • Custom avatar Shannon:

    Lots of these items are so cute. The bags are so hot….especially the pink one!!!

  • Custom avatar Marianeth:

    So cute

  • I’ve never heard about this site, thanks for sharing! Usually, I can only take punk fashion in small doses, but some of these pieces you showed are very wearable 🙂

  • Custom avatar Courtney:

    I really love Bloodycat and I’ve bought from them in the past via ebay! I bought a shirt where you could remove the sleeves and I used it for a cosplay! ^^ I really like the Psycho Bunny jacket and I could definitely see myself wearing it! :3

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    Thank you for the give away. It makes everything so exciting :O

  • Custom avatar alviena:

    Hi Elle !! ^^

    The colorful psycho bunny jacket is so cool ! Love the vivid colours and the cute elements to it ! And i think you look awesome with this kind of style hehe ^^ The pink Koopa spike backpack from bloodycat is another love ~! Pink with funky style 😀 I think it is quite hard to find this kind of backpacks in my country 🙁 한국에 가고 싶어요 ~~

  • Custom avatar Kelly:

    Everything looks so awesome! The way they put the outfits together is so goooood. this is when I look at these things and have to remind myself that I could never put together an outfit like that so no I should not buy everything 😀
    And that red plaid motorcycle jacket really makes me hate my boobies :/

  • Custom avatar Jody:

    Thank you for the giveaway! That is super sweet of you to do ♥♥♥ I adore the pink Koopa bags! It’s definitely something I would use at school or on a daily basis. I’m such a huge sucker for anything pink. I will definitely look at this shop more and ogle at the things I wish I could get but probably will not be able to xD ♥ Keep up the awesome blog posts! I always look forward to new ones ^-^

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    My love the pyscho bunny jacket. I wear a lot of neon and just bright colors in general. Awesome post ^.^ Now I am off to the ebay store!

  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    my favorite item are these two-toned pants:
    i havent really seen anything like them, but they look so cute!

  • Custom avatar Khadija:


    It’s the first time for me commenting on this blog but I’ve been following for a month now. I came across this blog after watching your proposal video on Youtube and this page was too cute not to keep reading. I’m a Kpop fan for 2 years and am very much interested in East Asian cultures. Your writings provide a much clearer view of the lifestyle in Korea from food, shopping and places to visit. Anyways, I also find this J-rock style very funky and fun to wear. It’s hard to find such clothes from I am from so I’ll definitely will order from them.

    My favorite items: skeleton bracelet, Koopa spike backpack ^_^ and the psycho bunny jacket. Too hard for me to choose from them.

    Keep writing such entertaining posts.

    😀 🙂

  • I really liked a lot of things from the post…Nara’s black studded shoes and the bright Skull Bunny Jacket were my favourite. I think J-Rock style is a bit more extreme for me so I like this K-Rock look a lot more because it’s more wearable in places like Canada XD

    • Elle:

      Totally ditto for me Nikki! I can not wear much J-Rock stuff because it is just too over the top, but this stuff is extremely wearable and can be easily dressed down! XD Glad you enjoyed the post!

  • Custom avatar Serena Okamoto:

    I love the pink backpack ! My fave

    • Elle:

      ditto! A lot of people seem to really like the pink backpack, I am going to send them a mail today and let them know so maybe they can restock the ebay shop with some ^^ fingers crossed

  • Custom avatar LAURA:

    I really hope they ship to my country. They’re clothes are awesome and i want them all <3

    • Elle:

      If you go through a Korean shopping service for the main website she should ship anyplace as long as you have paypal! Same with the ebay shop 😀 to buy directly from the .com you need a korean bank account sadly, but most shopping services like the one I linked only charge like 10% fee for what you buy so it is really not so bad in the end to get unique goodies <3 XD

  • The items are all just so cute! My most fave has got to be the pink spike bag (reminds me of king koopa’s back).

  • Custom avatar Jenna:

    I love the Psycho bunny jacket! The colours are so fun!

  • Oh, this is interesting! I used to be into j-fashion like lolita and fairy kei before and I still like to wear “weird” things sometimes so this is not over the top for me at all. (‘∀’)
    I don’t really like all the skulls, but they have some really beautiful clothes, I especially like the jeans jumpsuit/romper in their online store!

  • Custom avatar Ashley R. D.:

    This is such a fantastic post. I don’t always comment after reading anymore (bad reader, bad!) but aside from this being a giveaway this was a well put together write-up. I love that you talked to the owners 🙂

    • Elle:

      hahah for shaaaame XD So glad! Yeah, I am so glad we got to meet with them a bit and understand the shop a bit more~ it is so nice to see that it is run by people really thinking about the products and that actually care about what they are selling VS some warehouse in China (which if you just see the ebay, how can you tell they even styled the pics and all that? I would not have been able to!) So glad you enjoyed it!!

  • Custom avatar Lara:

    I’ve liked all the items from Bloodycat, but I’ve fell in love with the bags, and I think I’ve found the present for my sister! She will love their hats! <3
    Besides, it's great that the brand creators/owners met you for the interview and sent you all those goodies to help you making a good review and article, I've enjoyed a lot reading it! ^_^

    • Elle:

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Yes, they were so kind to send us all the goodies they did because now we can say for sure that it is a shop worth buying from VS some of that junk you find online that is paper thin and falls apart! The hats are sooooooo cute and a really good price, my friend bought a similar one in Japan last year for like $70 *___*

  • Custom avatar Tiffany:

    I love the bloody cat hats with the ears on them, they’re adorable and probably my favorite item cause they’re so cute haha!

    • Elle:

      I’m so happy they have them on the ebay shop atm! XD My friend has a similar hat and it looks so cute ^^

  • Custom avatar Ru:

    Spike backpack+skeleton bracelet are my fav!

  • Custom avatar Cheryl:

    I LOVE this post. While I think I’m too old for a lot of the styles, I found some pretty wearable and I’d look into buying later. Great job Elle and model Nara!

  • I loooove that cowl black shirt Nara is wearing! I also love the pink koopa backpack <3 <3 <3 넘귀여워용~ 히힛 I miss Korea so much ㅠ,ㅠ

  • Custom avatar Paige:

    I love this shop, it’s so cute! ^w^
    The shoes and bracelets are adorablee ^.^

  • I love korean fashion
    my favourite item is.. yours white shoes love them

  • Admittedly I just went and bought a heap of new clothes of their site! Including that bunny jacket!
    Thanks so much for posting about these guys, Im in love!

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    I love the “bowl” hat with cat ears, both the black and the red. Lots of cool items!!!

  • I love the letter jacket!

  • Custom avatar Irit:

    The Psycho Bunny jacket is my fave, as well as the skeleton sweater you’re wearing in the last pic.

  • Custom avatar Chrissy B.:

    Love this blog post! I’ve always been into jrock fashion! Now I am sooo in love with bloodycat! Super cute merch!

  • This is really a lovely long post with awesome pictures! You and Nara look great in the items you ordered! Lastly, thank you for having such a nice giveaway!

  • And a comment to enter the give-away: My favourite merch is the bute red/black hat with the cat ears!

  • Custom avatar Kam:

    My favorite is the red/black checkered moto style jacket but they have a lot of interesting products

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    I adore the Skull Bunny check shirt with the bright blue cuffs – shame it’s sold out!
    My only semi-complaint is that now I have a new place to spend a good chunk of my wages… XD I’m already putting an order in for the black/red star jumper that Nara was wearing and an adorable white blouse with black dots. And as I’m in Korea too, I think I shall be ordering for my friends too if they can’t get anything on the eBay site~ ^^

  • Custom avatar Nara:

    If you bought heaps from their Korean store you will be receiving extra gifts from them ^^ Depending on how much you spend (+100 / +300 / +500) you receive extra goodies from them, and their extra give items are all really high quality goodies too, you will not be disappointed 🙂

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  • Custom avatar tahlia:

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    My favorite item from the Bloodycat shop is the Koopa spike backpack, it was love at first sight ♥

  • I love the studded shoes <3

  • I love the psyco bunny jacket <3

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    I ADORE the plaid shirt with the blue cuffs and also the gradient pants and the cat ear bowler hat! The hat is SO CUTE!!!

  • Custom avatar huntydamus:

    There’s someone I see once in a blue moon in my area that wears a koopa bag. I’ve always wanted to comment on it, but I’m always anxious of that funny look I’ll get because 9 times out of 10 they don’t speak english D:

    :0 ) there’s my giveaway comment!

  • Custom avatar celeste:

    I adore that Koopa backpack <3

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    OMG SO CUTE I think my favorite is the jacket with the bunny and cross bones that you got x] I hope I win CCCC:

  • Custom avatar Kristin:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa i really enjoyed this post !!! 😀

  • I feel in love with them a while back via Facebook and have pretty much stalked their site for new things since (though I still haven’t ordered anything :/) but as I am now in love with the Black Leather Koopa multicoloured spike bag I think I might just have to order it…….plus a couple more things. I can’t have it travelling all alone.

  • Custom avatar Katie:

    I’m IN LOVE WITH THAT BAG!!! OMG! Also that jacket looks amazing but I don’t think I would like a corduroy fabric on it either…

    • Elle:

      ah the black jacket? Its not reeeeeeally corduroy, just a fabric with that line texture in it a bit! haha

      • Custom avatar Katie:

        Is it a velvety material? That is probably my least fave fabric to wear. lol TOO MANY HAIRS GET STUCK TO IT. lol but I love the way it looks. My heart is torn 🙁

  • Custom avatar rika:

    oh wow, that was an epic post. even though I keep up do date with korean brands (or at least I though I did), I didn´t know this brand. it´s quite awesome, thaks for introducing it with so many details and cool pictures! also, I love that they have an ebay shop. please all korean brands, do the same so you can rule the world! DDD:
    I´m also curious about “k-rock”, is there such thing? all we can hear about k-music is pop and some indie. 🙁

    • Elle:

      So glad you enjoyed the post! 😀 Without living in Korea its reeeeeeally hard to keep up with true “brands” here (although bloodycat is a *select shop* vs a true brand atm 😀 ) because MANY brands are just things bought wholesale from china with the tag replaced~ total headache for me sometimes! Yesstyle for example, I have never even seen those clothing “brands” they sell *_* it gets confusing! Trying to gather info about original stuff like Bomgom and the like though, so hopefully I will have others to list soon~ some are really indie and small so they are so easy to miss unless you eyeball retail shops a lot XD

      Oh yes, rock bands exist here ^^ they are just underground vs the pop since pop is the mainstream and what is marketed aggressively for the market here (most people into music are young girls, high school so they want pop stuff) and by the government for tourism. Most non-mainstream things are here, just really hidden or clicky!

      • Custom avatar rika:

        indeed! such as sechuna. I was so disappointed when I found their clothes and brands at tao bao, they don´t even bother to remove the original tags. but koreans sure know how to use marketing tools on their favor. and they sure have a cool style. 🙂
        oh, I understand! I´m pretty sure there are some rock bands, don´t get me wrong! but I have a hard time finding them. ;_; I´ve cheked out knave that you recommended though, pretty cool stuff. I think korean language sounds quite sweet with rock. 🙂
        thanks again for all the info! <3

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  • Custom avatar Eiskalterengel:

    Wow I really love this post the things are soo cool I want this too 🙂

  • Hey Elle!

    Omg that psycho bunny jacket is so cute!

    also that white hat in the colourful picture with all the bright patches on it! so cute.

    I’m a bit more or the cute rock so I like all the brights!

  • Custom avatar Dana:

    I totally loved the shoes you and Nara picked out, and really thought that bunny flannel was adorable. xo

  • Custom avatar Alissa:

    Hey Elle!

    This post is so awesome, I already looked at the items Bloodycat sells because you also liked the page on Facebook, and I think the style is really cool!
    I just didn’t bough anything from them yet, because it’s a bit expensive with shipping, and I can never really decide what I want to have 😀
    Keep up the good work <3

  • Custom avatar Hanna:

    Thank you for introducing this interesting brand! I totally need this jacket *.*

  • Custom avatar Alex:

    I love the spiky pink bag! It’s so fun!

  • Custom avatar Mouse:

    Well, what a good way to start following you on twitter. ;3 I have been meaning to do that for quite awhile now.

    The black x red outfit with cute scarf is my favorite ~

    With that said, I always lurk <3 but I am a quite a loyal follower. ^^ *goes back to lurking now*

  • OMFG my favorite item is Punk Unisex Bloodycat Original Necklace Keychain i don’t know why love it , it is so cute and adorable . it would make my style fashionable and Awesome. Bloodycat Original Necklace Keychain can also be used as a multi-function, namely as a necklace and a keychain, OMFG I will always hang in my school bag, to make it look more fashionable and attractive look.

    • Elle:

      I hope you win it, best of luck!!! If you do not, they do sell it on ebay in the shop~ just saw it last night!! 😀

  • This makes me so happy that you’ve written a post about Bloodycat! It’s my all time favourite Korean brand/shop ever ; n ;
    My favourite item would definitely have to be their skull (wearing a beanie) jumper because of how different it is!

  • Custom avatar Ne:

    OMG! This giveaway is so amazing! I bought a coat and a pullover of BloodyCat last year, and they are great! *^* From this season I love the leopard jacket…
    Good luck and thanks! ^^

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    I love skull bunny clothes! the sweater avobe all^^
    and also the bloody cat necklace! ♥♥
    i really loved this post!

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    I really love the Psycho Bunny jacket! I really want it! XD

  • I love everything so much!!! But if I have to say one thing, I’ll pick the pink bagpack, it’s too awesome!! *O*

    BTW, thank you so much for this! <3

  • Totally loved the Kitty Ear Fedora! So cute! I gotta draw a character wearing one!

  • Custom avatar Margarita Llanas:

    i like the plaid red and black sweater. Maybe i will buy it soon 🙂 thanks for the feature on this site 🙂

  • Custom avatar Hades:

    I know you only bought from this shop just a while ago but I’m interested if you’ve bought any of their jeans? I’m wanting to buy a pair online but I’m really scared to lol.

    • Elle:

      I did not (yet) I generally avoid buying Korean pants online because the hips and upper thighs tend to run small (at least for me) so unless it has at least some stretch I can not get my hips in them.. not even a chubby issue, its the actual hip bone getting in the way haha Korean girls are a bit slim in the leg and curve department it seems with these cuts. I have this issue with shorts here as well, I have to buy like a Large or X-L sometimes. If you order, my advice would be to go larger vs smaller if you are unsure~ I will be sure to update this post if I do cave and get a pair of pants from them though, they are super cute! If you buy any please do share your exp here, someone else may be curious!! <3

  • Custom avatar Lacy:

    Ugh thank you so much! I’ve been looking so hard for edgy Korean clothing. @o@ Thaaank you!

  • Hiii Elle, i was wondering.. I’m a huge fan of
    But is it possible to find such a style in a store?

    Still a huge fan of your Blog <3

  • Custom avatar Sasi:

    OMG thank you for featuring this shop! I was looking for a shop like this in Korea, like these kind of style so much! Hopefully I can come to this shop when I’m going to Korea next year! ^^ and hopefully you’ll find more shop like this and write it in your blog 🙂

  • we’ve just opened our new site to solve lots of troubles from eBay!

    Don’t miss events & promotions 🙂

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