Today I have a really fun Korean indie accessory brand to share with you~ 봄곰 Bomgom! If you like toys, random fun items, and have a playful style this brand is one you should definitely check out!  If this brand looks familiar to you it is because it is very popular with K-pop stars currently and makes appearances in many live performances music videos etc!

“My inspiration comes from toys from my childhood which I grew up with and became a part of me,  making me the person I am today. They were a friend to me and something that I felt the need to protect. When I grew out of some of the toys I felt I was losing energy and a part of my dreams as a child, in hopes to have them always close by and dream,  now you can always be with your toy ” ~ 봄곰

The brand name means “Spring Bear” and the lead designer is referred to online as 봄냥 Bomnyang (Miss Bear)

Bomgom has been selling accessories to the public since 2010!

After my original article a few months ago I was given the opportunity to meet with one of the 2 founders of  Bomgom and have a small interview with her to find out a bit more about her brand~ I was super excited because online they do not have a whole ton of info and I really just love meeting with creative people + business owners! Nara was equally excited as always!

Bomgom was founded by two friends, Kim Eun-jin and Lee Young-jin in 2012 originally as a small broach brand to make extra money for fun.  The first idea they had was to make accessories as inexpensively as possible and turn them for a profit, so they came up with the very clever idea of using free sample fabric squares from the wholesale markets here in Korea and crafting them into unique one of a kind pieces!  These pins became fairly popular and soon the newly founded store A-land took notice and put in orders to carry the pins at their original shop.

That same year A-land became very popular and quickly opened several locations around Korea,  Bomgom’s line came with them into every location~ this allowed them to expand the brand and think of new and more exciting products that they could uniquely craft for low cost~ that is when they came up with the idea to buy toy pieces & figures in bulk and use them to make special key chains and pins! All the pieces are hand crafted and designed by the 8 in house designers, so you will hardly ever see any exact duplicate pieces in BOMGOM~ each one is a little unique!


BOMGOM 봄곰 Motto:   Make your life a fun experience

The most popular item for Bomgom in terms of sales are the keyrings featuring the plastic bear Popobe……

…however celebrities seem to really love the key rings featuring actual my little pony dolls or larger plush figures hanging from them!!

Bomgom 봄곰 is unisex~ both boys and girls in Korea enjoy wearing the fun accessories.

my favorite one in the pile!  Rainbow stars, ice cream, pastel chunky chain~ what is not to love?

Piles of BOMGOM goodies at the brand’s DOOTA shop in Dongdaemun!! 

Cute character bracelets!

Due to the nature of these pieces being handmade, each one is a little unique and you never know what you will find!

are you feeling nostalgic yet? ♥

Perfect key chain for the fast food addict hehe

Super cool robot and lego headbands!

봄곰  cellphone straps for any inner-child ♥

It feels like wearing things I found at the bottom of my toy chest, I love that!

Nerdy Kewpie and nautical playmobile!

How to spot REAL BOMGOM Keychains while shopping in Korea!

Bomgom is often duplicated here in Korea since it is a fun idea and the parts are all toys~ however, while the fakes may be just slightly cheaper vs the real pieces, they are not made nearly as well! They use cheaper toys with ugly paint misprints usually, thin metal, and the pieces are not securely drilled into place on the keychain.  Bomgom’s owner informed us that they spend a lot of time to find the best possible way to drill and use toys in pieces they design, they want to make pieces that will hold together as best as possible.

♥ ♥ ♥

One way they have decided to finally combat with the rip-offs is by laser etching on the clip rings they use as well as incorporating a metal etched name tag on all new designs.  봄곰 is a bit expensive (around 20,000-50,000 per piece) so make sure you buy the real deal by looking for these things I have noted in the images above! 🙂

아이유 (I.U.), 설리(SULEE), and 소녀시대 (SNSD Girls generation) have been spotted in Bomgom goodies among others!

Helping Bomgom’s  growing popularity is the fact that current Korean K-pop is going through a wave of unique and colorful styles that worked perfectly with 봄곰~ celebs are often spotted in the brand (or similar imitations) in performances so shoppers flocked to buy their own pieces!  The brand is growing more and more every year and recently opened a shop location in the very popular Doota shopping center + has secured placement as various popular stores throughout Korea ~ even in shops like Joyrich abroad!

Most recent spotting was this month~ Right away I noticed Bomgom‘s handiwork on K-pop star Hyuna‘s necklace in her new single “Ice Cream

봄곰 loves to use cute my little pony dolls with plastic light bulbs on larger designs! Love them!!

At some of the shop locations you can find flip books with other celeb and drama spottings for this brand as well!  Do you know of one or recognized something? Share below and I will add it to the post!

Feature in Korea Vogue Girl  of 봄곰 being used as a necklace and as a plush clip for your hat!  Oh recognize that rope and baby hand in the red photo? It is BPB another Korean indie brand I have featured here on the blog!


If you are visiting Korea or looking for the best place to buy Bomgom products, the main shop location at the popular Doota shopping center in Dongdaemun is where you need to go!  Bomgom is available in small numbers at several shop locations mainly around Seoul, but the main Doota shop has the very best selection and all the newest designs!

Bomgom’s shop is located in the DOOTA  building – B1 Floor booth #122 in Dongdaemun.

I will post directions to Doota and Dongdaemun in general in another dedicated post!

The shop itself is just a small corner booth like all the other brands here at Doota, but it is crammed FULL with goodies!  I had such a hard time picking my favorite and saw so many new toys worked into the designs here.

Bomgom broach and necklace showcased on a colorful knit sweater!


 phone straps and lots of fun quirky toys all around the booth!

Lots of cute toy-tastic broaches laid out for your shopping pleasure!  I think these look amazing on men’s jackets like some of the sample photos above!
It seems that this brand is quite popular with Japanese and Chinese tourists!  While we photographed the booth we saw many stop to buy colorful pieces!
As a parting gift the owner of Bomgom was kind enough to give Nara and I some goodies!!  Thank you so much for your kindness 봄곰 !!! It was such a pleasure meeting with them and finding out more information on this unique brand so that I can share it with all of you ♥



Where to buy 봄곰 Bomgom?

Bomgom is one of those smaller brands that has spread all around Korea, so I always seem to run into it at random while shopping since a wide range of shops carry it now. A few of the places it can be found depending on the current inventory are..

A-Land in 강남 , 홍대, and 명동 | 10×10 store in 대학로 | 교보문구 Kyobo Bookstore | DOOTA – B1 Floor booth #122 (BEST Location) | Kosney in Edae | Online at Lotte Magmile shop

Like I said above, I am sure many other places carry it~ but since bomgom does not have a proper listing I am just going by what is online!  If you spot it anyplace else worth adding please do let me know ♥

If you live overseas you can buy Bomgom at Joyrich in Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, and LA.

HUGE thank you to co-founder Kim Eun-jin for taking the time to sit down with us for some coffee and a lovely chat! Nara and I wish BOMGOM great success, we hope they continue to grow and are looking forward to what they have planned in the future as the expand the line.    Also thank yo for the gifts, because we freaking LOVE goodies ♥ especially amazingly awesome cute ones!!

Do you own any Bomgom goodies? What would you want if you could have anything from Bomgom? Where would you put it or how would you use it? ♥  I think the concept of keeping your precious toys close is really wonderful, whenever I see these pieces I do always smile! They seem to easily make any bag or backpack very cheerful and interesting for sure ^^

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33 Responses to “Korea Brand Spotlight♥ 봄곰 Bomgom (Updated!)”

  • Custom avatar Jessie:

    ugh wish I could buy online! so cute and fun!

  • its so cuteeeee.. ^_^

  • I’ve seen them around for a while and I love everyone of them because of their uniqueness!!

  • Custom avatar Irit:

    I love the toy bracelet! Maybe you can buy it for me, and I will send you payment via PayPal? Pretty please! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I love Bomgom! So cute 🙂 My favorite is the pastel one with the ice cream cone. Please let us know if you find a site that ships to the US. I would totally use one of those as a purse charm 🙂


  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    i love the my little pony keychains. my bestie would love them,i think i need to get her one for chanukah!

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    I love the one with the care bear so, *so* much!

  • omg I am in love, how inspiring! *O*

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    Wow how interesting! Not sure if it’s my style but I do like how it looks. It must be hard not to buy anything lol
    I really like these posts about korean brands and fashion 🙂

  • This brand looks so cute and fun! I want some of their accessories~ >W< Thanks for sharing!

    • Elle:

      My pleasure Laura!! I will be adding an interview with them in the next two weeks, hope you will enjoy it 😀

  • Ahh these are so freakin’ adorable! Your favorite one is definitely my favorite too. If you decide to do a giveaway you should totally include one of those! 😉

    Also seriously digging the lightbulb charms on the MLP keychains.

  • Custom avatar Teri:

    Imma need to snatch one of these next time I come to Korea.. I want that Care Bear one!

  • Oh my! I think I want every piece! ^.^

  • Custom avatar Sugar:

    Whoa!! Accessory-Overload! This is the most exciting post! I love the food ones, but I go all silly over this handmade goodness.

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    Everything is so cute! It reminds me jewlery I had as a kid. Chunky, colorful, plastic, whistles. Oh man, why did I ever get rid of that stuff?! I really have to say I love both you and Nara’s sweaters in these photos! You two are so cute it’s ridiculous!

    • Elle:

      aw thank you!! Yeah, BOMGOM really has pieces made from just about everything~ I kinda wanted to buy them all for nostalgic reasons haha!
      Glad you like the sweaters 😀 Nara’s is from Korea for about 20,000 won in Dongdaemun I believe & mine is from The Japanese brand Galaxxxy for about 8000 yen if I remember correctly!

  • Custom avatar Alicia:

    I love Bomgom its so cute, So simple its genius. All that k pop goodness turned into A super cute fashion accessory. I need some Bomgom in my life.

  • Custom avatar Terra:

    Omg I love this brand so much! I wanna buy these!! ^-^ I especially love the ones with the cute bears on them, and the cute brooches! >w< ahhh I wish I could buy these somewhere online! :<

    Thanks for blogging about these awesome brands! I love discovering all this new stuff ^-^

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    those are not the kind of accessories I would buy, not my style and I’m not sure how to wear them with style. But I have to say the idea was original and awesome and some of the stuff are cute. So just for this I will make sure to stop by here ^^

  • I love this brand so much! I’ve seen some of their accessories on idols but could never find the brand’s name, Thank you.

    I’m really glad they are so diverse in their styling and not monotonous.

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    I have a very huge popobe bear 🙂
    I really hope I can find the store when I get to go to Dongdaemun in the summer!

    • Elle:

      It should be very easy for you to find if you follow the directions at the end of the post~ just look out for the mini coffee shop!:D That floor of doota is usually kinda quite too, so it is not too cluttered with people!

  • Custom avatar Sreeja:

    Is there, by any chance, that you can buy these online, off of Amazon or Ebay? I live on the East Coast (NJ), so we have no Joyrich stores here and we aren’t exactly close to LA. I swear. they are so cute! So yeah, a reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Elle:

      Hi! Aw I am so sorry, Bomgom is still a smaller brand that kinda appears at random outside Korea so I can not suggest where to look online! Have you considered giving the LA joyrich a call? Perhaps they would be willing to ship you out a product, or if you have a friend in CA that can help you! You could also try posting on their facebook that you wish to order, however the owner does not speak english so it may not result in anything 🙁 she is very sweet, but they do not have anything set up internationally at this time properly, although I did make her aware that interest was there!

      Its a long random shot, but I hope down the line to maybe open a small shop of Korean products online like this (and other special finds) so maybe someday I will be able to sell them, but not exactly at this time since the wholesale orders for BOMGOM require a bit of cash onn my end. GOOD NEWS THOUGH, I do have a giveaway I will be posting of a bomgom pin later this month or next~ I forgot to offer it when I wrote the original article. Keep an eye on the site and my facebook fanpage for more info in the very near future. In the meantime, best to try ebay or gmarket! Gmarket may have a few every so often.

      • Custom avatar Sreeja:

        Thank you so much! I checked out gmarket, as I didn’t know what it was, and they had quite a few listings! I am so going to buy one! Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

        P.S. I ♥ your blog! It’s awesome!

        • Elle:

          yay I am so glad they had some up!! Happy shopping, feel free to come back and let us know what you got or link an image if you get something cute! I am sure others would love to see that may be floating around the comments XD

  • Custom avatar Annie:

    May I know where their stores located are? I would like to visit when I go to Korea 🙂
    Thanks a lot

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