The other day while shopping around in the trendy 가로수 길 Garosugil area, I found an amazing Korean brand being sold in one of the boutiques that I just had to share~ it fits right in with the eyeball and bone + Punky Pop trend atm.

Let me introduce you to bpb 비피비 Accessories!

bpb 비피비 is a brand that was started by designer & artist 하보배 Habobe in June 2009~ the name “bpb” actually comes from the initials in her name. Growing up, Habobe’s Mother was a fashionista~ so from a young age she always got dress how i wanted or felt like at the time, including her hair color which still changes color every so often on her facebook page!

Habobe states that her main goal for the bpb brand is to be unique +witty + humorous~

“I value humor, it is the main goal of my designs”

Artwork of 하보배~ very similar subjects to her accessory collections for 비피비.

Her concept is to make a “utopean creative line” based on quirky and fantasy illustrations that she creates, accessories, clothing, stationary, bags and more. The result is a collection of playful unique pieces that come off like found objects with a odd and cute twist, unique and fun. Habobe stated in an interview that she always loved to draw from a very young age and grew up watching Detective Conan and Nodame Cantabile♥ Although the brand is accessory and jewelry based, she was fairly new to the process when she first launched her collection~ her actual major in College was Illustration and her first jewelry experience was in 6th grade when she made a hair pin for a show and tell project.

The bone collar has been spotted on several celebrities so it is quite a popular piece right now

This is her 100,000원 ant clutch (comes in a beige/grey as well) I want this piece SO bad!!

I remember seeing these rope necklaces on mannequins in Apujang and was super tempted to get one. I love how they have two layered in the model (or maybe they are celebrities wearing the pieces, blog did not say for this image) they are really eye catching and the texture is fun! The baby hand can clip on and off too if that is not your style ^^

This bone heand band for 62,000원 was another favorite of mine in the store that I would like to buy!!

bpb celeb spotting!!

bpb is very popular with the k-pop scene here!! Some pieces may seem familiar to you…

Idols like Viola lee, 2NE1, Miss A, LPG, Gravy NJ, Jewelry 쥬얼리 and many more have all been spotted rocking bpb pieces~ Even in K-dramas, Etude advertisements on TV, Mnet fashion specials, you name it! Naturally, this has helped the brands popularity with the online fashion blogging community in Korea soar! While googling for images I saw a LOT of bloggers on Naver had bought pieces specifically spotted on celebs to try and wear ♥

♥Click HERE for more bpb spottings ♥

The hand and bone pieces seem to be the most popular with celebs here!

When she was asked why she designed pieces with baby hands (which is what the brand is a bit infamous for) Habobe stated “because it felt right”

bpb is also frequently featured in magazine photo shoots and listed as “hit items” in articles here in Korea.

♥ ♥ ♥

Now that her brand has become so successful with magazines and K-pop stars here in Korea she actually has a team to help her run it~ but she is still the major brainchild and creative force behind all pieces.

Where to buy in Korea?
I run into this brand a LOT in Apujong boutiques and around 가로수길, it always seems to be in the much more modern and expensive areas of Seoul!
The “official” list is posted on the bpb site HERE
One of my favorite places is Boy+ in 압구정 Apgujeong (that big bubble building with the black and white dots)

Address:  boy+  서울시  강남구  신사동 663-1502 | 548-5379
OPEN_PM12:00 / CLOSE_PM10:00

Some SOUP stores sell her pieces!
The one located at Lotte Mall in Jamsil 잠실 and at the Sindorim 신도림 D-Cube mall are listed specifically.
I run into this brand randomly, if I find a notable location I will add it to the list!

Where to buy online
Since this is an an ‘indy brand’  buyers outside Korea are going to have to use a Korean shopping service to place orders if you want specific things~ However, a kind visitor  has shared the info that Hyundai Hmall on ebay does sell some of BPB’s newer pieces!!!  Check it out ♥HERE♥ they have some of the collars, bone pieces, etc!
 Here are some of the many places you can find this brand online~

bpb at Hyundai mall on Ebay (some of the newest pieces + worldwide shipping)
bpb official online store (best if you want the newest pieces)
10X10 (large online store here in Korea)
13ook ( they have a lot of older pieces from prev collections)
♥ ♥ ♥
All images are © 하보배 + bpb

What do you think of bpb? Have you spotted it on a Korean celebrity or in a K-pop music video before? Would you like to see more from this or similar indie Korean brands? Comment below!

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