Did you know they have Burger King in Korea?

Well, yeah… you must have assumed since most larger fast food chains from the USA do tend to pop up everyplace now.  Something interesting that not everyone may know is that menus often are unique in other countries!  Tastes and demands are different, so something that is popular back at home may not even be an option in another place!  Lets take a look~

Burger King in Korea is called 버거킹  which kinda sounds like Bo-go-King…close enough!

Burger King came to Korea in 1984 and as of 2008 they had 28 locations~ I’m sure that number has gone up a lot more since then.  Many of Burger Kings in Korea are located in shopping centers and mall food courts vs stand alone buildings though, especially since space is precious in larger cities like Seoul.

Like with most fast food here, Burger King is something that is mainly eaten by young Koreans out and about with friends since its junk food~ Plus Burger King in Korea likes to give out coupons like crazy, seriously they always have some cheap coupons floating around for something!!

One thing newcomers will notice right away is that the menu is much smaller.  Korea has 14 sandwiches total (as of this article, that number changes as new flavors are introduced in and out every few months) VS America’s 23.  This is not even counting all the side items and drinks you can pick out back home…

Main menu items that Korea and USA share are the Wopper, Cheese Whopper, Double whopper, Bacon Double Cheese Burger, & Hamburger

Yes, no triple burgers or vegeburgers~ and no “BK toppers” burger with the fried onion rings.

Korean Whopper has 619 calories VS the USA Whopper which has 670~ Interesting!

Burgers tweaked for Korea are Junior Whopper with Bulgogi, Garlic Steak Burger, Bulgogi Burger, and Spicy BBQ Burger

Bulgogi is a sweet marinated meat dish that is one of those flavors you see everyplace here in Korea, Chips and snacks~ whatever! Because of this Bulgogi burgers are a VERY common item on fast food menus here, every chain seems to have one.  Usually when a “Bulgogi Burger” is on the menu it means the meat they used is a flavored kind or they have topped it with a flavored sauce which is sweet, sometimes it can indicate the burger is made with better quality meat as well.

The Whopper  Junior here is pretty much the same as one back home, only they have added the Bulgogi sweet sauce on it.  The Korean Whopper Junior + Bulgogi sauce is apparently the most popular burger here atm.

My hands down FAVORITE burger is the Garlic Steakhouse Burger + cheese (the 2nd one) it is SO GOOD and I will miss it when I leave Korea.

Its a nicer burger patty (as nice as you can get I guess)  with a heap of spiced soft sauteed garlic clove mush on it + the spicy sweet sauce. Since this is Korea, you can bet everything has a bit of spice to it.

If you don’t want a beef burger you can pick from Chicken Burger, BK Fish Burger, Bulgogi BK Chick’n Crisp, Spicy Tender King, or The Spicy Tender Crisp Chicken Burger.  Everything is fairly typical in the misc sandwich department right now, I think most of these are or used to be menu items back home~ the Spicy Tender King is a little different though and is 3 smaller chicken strips with mayo and the spicy BBQ sauce. I have not had it, but according to some Korean food blogs on Naver it is quite tasty.

I also see people ordering the Spicy Tender King Burger a lot here,  however I cant say if it packs a bigger spice punch VS the one back home. This was originally a limited item, but due to demand they kept it on the menu long term apparently.

New this month is the “royal grilled chicken burger” which seems to be the same as the grilled chicken from back home, only the Korea version has a semi spicy and tangy sauce added.

For sides you have the usual fry and onion ring choices taste exactly the same to me, plus the option for a side of “corn salad”.  Corn Salad is another thing that EVERY burger chain here in Korea seems to offer on the menu and it all tastes the same no matter where you go~  I personally looooooove it with my burgers and it tastes even better if you are eating it with something spicy.

Another interesting option aside from the chicken tenders is actual “Mexican chicken wings” on the bone here. Fast food + something with bones… why does that seem so odd to me?

For dessert you can finish your calorie feast with cup of soft-serve vanilla with strawberry/caramel topping, a brownie cake topped with soft serve, or red bean fruit shaved ice!


I LOOOOVE the brownie they have here… its pretty much just a tiny chocolate cake, it is really good (*_*)


Some of the more crazy things here seem to come and go, they never stay on the menu long term!  Here are some old items that are no longer sold that I found interesting, maybe they will come back someday? Who knows!

in 2008 Burger King sold the “Honey Potato”burger… sounds kinda awesome!

2010 “Salsa Fries” these could be really good… or really gross (O_o)

If you know of any unique things Korea BK sold in the past or have images please do let me know!

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m not sure if its a question of better patties since many foreigners here say that Korea BK and USA BK taste almost the same….but I kinda enjoy Korean Burger king and find it much tastier vs its USA version. When I went home I had some BK to compare the two because I was super curious, and oh god… the Burger I got was disgusting.  It was soft and luke-warm and just tasted like garbage vs the ones in Seoul which tasted like junk food, but edible junk food that sometimes I crave. Does that make sense?  I’m starting to wonder if they are just prepared with more care overall, a more hands-on process, or if the meat source for the patties is a little different.

That being said, since its mainly teenagers working in the kitchen I have had some bad burgers here ~  but its still a FAR FAR cry from the stuff I got back home. Fast food is fast food, but most of the chains just taste better here in Korea for some reason.

If you eat here try that garlic burger, however if you have a choice between places and want to try a Korean Bulgogi burger I suggest going to a Lotteria instead. 

♥ ♥ ♥

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6 Responses to “Burger King in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Vonn:

    hi Elle, i hope you read this… i just wanna ask if burger king in korea hiring people from other countries … thnx u can contact me on my email on facebook von_gardon03@yahoo.com thnx Elle for the time for replying in advance…

    • Elle:

      Hi Vonn,sorry but I HIGHLY doubt they do. Perhaps if you lived here and had a visa from marrying a Korean + spoke Korean, but I don’t think BK (or any other fast food chain) would ever sponsor anyone’s visa to work here… and even for foreigners living here I have never once seen one even working in a fast food chain. The only time I see non Koreans working in kitchens here are mainly for places like Indian restaurants and such or fancy restaurants where someone had been hired to run the kitchen usually.

  • Hello Elle,
    I went twice to BK Hongdae, just moved here. I love the mini set menu that cost 3300 and 3900. but since I can’t read that well, ordering was mainly pointing or saying partially. Tried finding in their website but can’t find that menu.

    Would you happen to be patronising BK soon , hope you can put the menu and right wording here.

    • Elle:

      The menu is mainly pictures at BK and the same stuff you would order in English, so soon it should not be too difficult for you. Normally they have a menu on the countertops for you to point at directly with the English name above them if I remember correctly.

  • Was wanting to improve on instead of “point-and-click”, I could at least say the order. 괸찮아 will try to look up in the net or maybe will take a photo of the BK joint’s menu.

    • Elle:

      If you are looking to memorize the menu or something just remember you are pretty much going to be reading back “konglish” words, the korean names match the english they list with it. The menu changes a little, but it is usually quite small…. did you see all the menu item images in this post? I have almost all of them right here with the korean name below them.

      The official korean site also lists the same items, obviously the shops promote specials or couple set meals also tho… but its generally the same!

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