The other day we were doing one of my favorite things, wandering around Hapjeong 합정 when we ran into this adorable Korean theme cafe!  We had originally set out to go visit Cafe Minon for some cupcakes, but lately they have been closed and will not pick up the phone!  I hope they did not go out of business D:  ANYWAY, you could just tell from the outside that it was going to be cute, so naturally I dragged Nara in.

On the way down the small side steps a cute wooden sign with the cafe’s mascot greeted us

Inside was a simple space that was filled with little drawings, vintage cards, stickers, comics, and treasures

 Little handmade dolls of Lazy Cat sat perched in the windowsill with tiny bottles of coffee beans

throughout the cafe the walls and any open shelf had very cute and simple art from a variety of artists

and Lazy Cat himself made appearances throughout the cafe in every space possible.

The owner hand drew the menu, so of course it is adorable!

  Dutch coffee is quite popular in Korea~ Lazy Cat had that on the menu plus Dutch Soju! Interesting!

 If you are in a snacking mood they also have sandwiches, bagels, noodles, cereal, roll cake and a few other fun snacks!

The food looks so yummy… MUST come back to try some!

 Lots of lattes and other yummy drinks to pick from, plus ice cream affogato ♥

Through a doorway in the back you can enter the main room to order~ it was a clutter of things to mix with and sacks of imported beans, but a cute clutter nevertheless.

Let’s have some drinks with Lazy Cat!

This cafe is owned by the artist who drew all the adorable black cat doodles throughout the inside.  Her style is so cute, isn’t it?

Coffee tastes better when it is made by someone handsome in a tie lol

Of course this sort of cafe MUST have its own cafe cat~ he was hiding out by the cash register today! So pretty!  Apparently he was the inspiration for the cafe’s name because he is insanely lazy hahaha sounds like my cat Gogo.

I ordered a Strawberry Aide and Nara ordered the Mint Coffee on ice which is apparently a popular drink here

They use that slushy ice in drinks here! I feel like such a kid…. but I love slush ice and that super soft crunchy kind, do you know what I mean? Shows how easy I am to please, as soon as the glasses came out I was like, “Huuuungg~SLUSH ICE, YEAAAH!” at the table ^^;

They also gave use some yummy bitty cookies to nibble on

In one of the corners they have a tiny little room filled with cute toys and goodies that we picked to hide out in

Lots of fun Japanese goodies mixed around in this cafe and vintage art.

aside from the menus, this table had a drawing book and some pencils + crayons for you to use and add your own little piece of art to the 게으른고양이 collection!

We saw some Japanese drawings + notes as well, although most seemed to be by a Korean students ^^

Nara could not resist and set to work right away on an Alpaca doodle

I added a quick one as well~ now if you visit the cafe you can see our doodles in the book ♥

if drawing does not interest you, no worries!  The cafe had plenty of books and comic books out to enjoy in both Korean and Japanese.

In the front of the cafe they have the most adorable little gift shop filled with mainly artist-made items, prints, shirts, and cute cat goodies.

You can have cute coffee with Lazy Cat every day with these mugs!

These buttons are amazing.  Lately I have been so crazy about over the top vintage inspired comic girls with sparkle eyes crying or just being all prissy.  Reminds me of the amazing ads earlier this year for the Pyunkang Herbal Doctor in Gangnam

Awesome Maiden tote bags and a rack filled with amazing artist prints and small books. It was like a mini Comic World


They also had a table FILLED with all sorts of fun candy to buy and snack on at the cafe. The cuter, the better!

Restaurants, Hofs, and cafes in Korea love to display empty bottles outside the building in arrangements~ Lazy Cat did this as well, but in the cutest way possible of course


Lazy cat is a tiny walk into the center of Hapjeong, but it is like a peaceful neighborhood for most of the area so I enjoy it.  Cafes are nested all around, and when you are done you can easily walk to lower Hongdae right after, so it is a nice thing to do on the weekends! As a starting point, Exit #3 at Hapjeong Station on the Green Line is the best way to go!

Since the area has changed a lot since Naver maps went through to take photos I can not give you much in the way of photo directions, but please eyeball the map the best you can or pull up an online map to street view if you need more help~ it is not too hard ♥

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 404-13


Hours: 12:00 noon- 2:00am


Cafe Lazy Cat Official Site

Cafe Lazy Cat Blog


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29 Responses to “Cafe Lazy Cat ♥ 게으른고양이”

  • I’d love to visit this place someday! It looks so cute and fun n__n

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    I’m so addicted to your blog, how come do they have so much cuteness over there? We need some in Spain too! lol. I was surprised to see that picture of a 도란도란 doll by 아토마루. That dolls is so cute as well!

    By the way, I’m just curious, but do you know how are the working opportunities in Korea for foreigners? I’ve read that it’s very difficult and that the competition among locals is quite fierce. Also it doesn’t seem to be any better in the environmental field, which is my field >.<

    • Elle:

      Thank you Moni, makes my heart all warm and fuzzy when people say they are enjoying the blog ^^ ♥

      If you are foreign you have very limited options for the most part, not due to competition exactly.. more because the need is just low. They only need say one foreigner in XXX department at XXX company if ANY. 99% of the foreigners I have met have been here on a teaching visa teaching English to students, that is mainly what Korea wants them here for. I have met others on an acting/modeling visa, and just 3 over the years that are sponsored by an international company to work here in Korea… I know someone from Germany working at the BMW here in marketing, another who is a broadcaster, and I have met a dozen engineers. These are kind of rare though. Your best bet would be finding someplace that has ties with Korea and your home country and trying to get in that way if you wish to work in that field I suppose! I have a friend from Italy that traveled all over the world with some company doing environmental testing, so anything is possible.

      I will say that if you are married to a Korean your options seem to open a bit more, for example I have a degree in art and applied to some companies as a staff artist~ none wanted to sponsor my visa (because it is just not worth it for them) but I was told to come back and ask after I was married 😛 so yeah.. lol

  • Oh this is way too cute. If you end up opening a shop for cute stuff from Korea, you should definitely pick up a few things from this cafe!!

    • Elle:

      I know, right? I think the owner was actually at that craft fair I went to a few weeks ago… because I saw some pics on her blog about it, but I never saw “Lazy cat” items so I can not be sure! So flipping cute though, she had doodles all over the place~ I hope she is working next time because I would love to meet her!

  • Very cute! I love the old-style shoujo drawings as well–I’d love to get my hands on something like those buttons

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    Omg, I love it! CATS! They sure seem to have LOTS of space for random decorations though! I love the drawings you two did. ^o^ Thank you for taking the time to take all these nice photos~!

    • Elle:

      My pleasure!! I will be stopping by again soon and try out the sandwich and roll cake *___* hehe

  • Custom avatar Mimi:

    Gah, so much cute! *__* I love the little Lazy Cat mascot and the fact that they have custom napkins (and OMGSLUSHYICE)! I noticed they listed some of the menu items on the sandwich/snack menu in English; is that common in Korea? I’m trying to gauge how much Korean I’d need to know if I visited, haha.

    Even your doodles are totally amazeballs! Loving Nara’s as well! Does he have an online portfolio?

    • Elle:

      Yes! Having at least a bit of English is very common here (at least in Seoul) and lots of products and brands even have a tiny bit of english on them at the beauty shops~ mainly it is because of 3 things. 1. Korea is trying to be more foreigner friendly 2. English on items can be perceived as “fancy” 3. Many Korean brands are sold overseas to places like Singapore that speak English, so they throw in some for customers (I highly believe)
      Some people live here years without learning to read or speak anything for years… it is a LOT easier to get away with it here vs Japan and I find your chances of running into a decent English speaker are quite high here on average currently because learning English is one of the things they study non-stop for years to help with school scores and such. You would be just fine coming here for a visit without knowing any Korean honestly, of course some of the basics never hurt!

      Nara’s new tumblr is at ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Custom avatar Mimi:

        I didn’t realize English was so commonly used there! I guess Korean dramas aren’t the most reliable source, but they always make it seem like the only English speakers are the ones that studied abroad. It’s nice to know I won’t have to worry too much if I visit, though I’ll definitely try to learn the basics in the meantime!

        Ack, Nara’s art is so cute! He has such a wonderful style; dreamy and vivid and…alpacas! I’d love to see a collaboration between the two of you! 🙂

        • Elle:

          hahaha yeah… I would not use K-dramas for any opinion basis including men here lol. Those are Korea through some sort of ideal rose lens maybe, kinda like how Gossip girl is not how America is hehe. Once you have the process down it is very easy to get around here and deal with the shops and everything though, and yeah~ in most tourist areas they can even tell you how much something costs in English.

          Aw I will tell him you said that ♥ I have most of his work up on my wall here since he has been drawing so much these days! lol

  • Custom avatar caz:

    How adorable!!! Soooooo many cafes so little time 😛 Nothing like that here at all *pouts* 😛

  • Awww~ this cafe is so cute~

    and lol at that cartoon dolly soju~! >.<

  • Custom avatar Gia:

    I just recently found your blog and I just love all the little cafe posts! My friend and I are planning on traveling to south korea in 2014 and have been jotting down places that we want to visit. Most of them are tourist spots or places we’ve seen on Running Man, but finding cafes like this one to add to the list is really exciting. They look so homey and non-tourist-y. This cafe is definitely one of the places I WILL visit, granted if it’s still up and running when we go. The gift shop looks so amazing I might lose all my $$ there. Were the items expensive? I know certain places like to hike up prices if they’re near tourist areas. Also, where would you say would be the best place to get stationary items? I’m in love with Jetoy and I’ve already ordered journal planners, plus I’m a diehard slut for anything that has to do with cute pens and paper… Thanks in advance!

    • Elle:

      Hi Gia! Overall no, cafe drinks are pricey (thats just a Korea thing though) but the items are all reasonable since it is just a little cafe for locals and not really tourists. Most places I try to go to are local places since I hate tourist crowds because they are loud and not as good, so if it is one of those places I will try and warn people on the blog. The worst tourist areas for price hikes are Namdaemun streets and many a few spots in Dongdaemun, pretty much if you start seeing lots of Japanese signs you will know you are in a tourist zone~ but even then they just raise the prices of basic things like souvenirs, shoes, and stuff so it is not too bad… just if you live here you know you can buy those shoes for 20,000 won and not 60,000 won lol.

      For stationary items your best place to go will be any ART*BOX, they are a chain and I have not blogged about them just yet, but I will very soon. They have those stores in all the major areas like gangnam, hongdae, etc. My other favorite place is the Kosney building in Edae though, I think I mention it in my Choo Choo cats or Edae post here~ basically its the building with the giant pink shoe outside, they have lots of things including a very large choo choo cat section (I have a pic up on the post of it at well!)

      • Custom avatar Gia:

        Thanks for the warning, we’ll make sure to stay away from those places! We want to be tourists for certain things but we’d also like a more intimate look at the area. We’re planning on being there for two weeks, so we’re looking to spend the first week or so exploring Seoul and the surrounding areas, while the rest of the time we plan on exploring Jeju, Daegu and some far-out places. We might even make a small trip to Japan for a weekend since a friend told us travel from Korea to Japan isn’t all that expensive, but we’ve yet to make sure. Anyway, I have one last question, what would you say in regards to safety? I know that’s one of the reasons our parents are a little iffy on the trip. My reasoning is, anything can happen anywhere, but they’re still a bit hesitant >_<

        Btw, your art is incredible! I went to Savannah College of Art & Design, graduated last year with a BFA in Graphic Design, but honestly I really wanted to go for Illustration. I love browsing through other artists' work, I feel so inspired to draw but then I start and realize my art isn't to the level I'd want it to be and then get discouraged -_-; Anyway, thanks again!

        • Elle:

          Aw don’t worry, you should still go to those places because they are main things to do here~ just be aware they are tourist spots 🙂 For Jeju, make sure you go a good time of the year… I went in the early spring once and it was miserable~ so cold and windy! Travel to Japan is quite cheap, I go every 3 months or so~ Seoul to Osaka has the best prices though, usually $200 or so for round trip. Korea is VERY VERY SAFE, I am paranoid and I have never ever felt scared here even as a foreigner even in the “seedy” areas. You just have to be aware of your surroundings as always and look out for people that may pick-pocket you (not that it is very common, but you never know) and cars/traffic. That is actually my main safety issue here, people drive like idiots through red lights, on sidewalks, etc so you have to always look out.

          So glad you like my work! Congrats on finishing school 🙂 I wish I had taken the time to minor in graphic design properly because it would add a bit more value to my freelance rates haha!

          • Custom avatar Gia:

            That’s awesome! I think $200 is VERY doable for us. Since for us it’s mostly a once in a lifetime trip, we’re really wanting to go visit Japan, if only for a weekend. When will we be in that area again anyway? XD I’m glad to hear it’s safe, but it sounds like the dramas have it right with the crazy driving! Most of that is common sense though, I had to go to class downtown and it wasn’t very safe to begin with O_O;

            I wish I had taken illustration instead, graphic design isn’t really something I love doing. Originally, I meant to major in illustration and minor in graphic design for the same reasons- you can really market yourself and add extra value to illustration with a little graphic design. Instead I just went for the easy and I regret it because I wish I had honed my drawing skills, which is what I really love doing.

            I’m so glad I found your blog, I’ve already marked a couple of places I want to visit! And now you’ll just not get rid of me >3< Thanks for all the info and replies, you're so very helpful!

          • Custom avatar jr:

   Toyko and Seoul similiar?

          • Elle:

            Nope~ very different! ^^

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    Sooo much yummy looking things x] How do you have a wonderful figure and live in Korea, It is hard for me xD

  • Hello there!
    I am a big fan of the themed cafe’s here in Korea. Thank you so much for introducing this awesome shop. I went and now I think this is one of my favorite cafe’s in Seoul. Keep up the great posts! ^_^

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you~ I am so glad you enjoyed Lazy cat, it is such a sweet spot! I need to go back sometime and order more drinks or snacks to add to this, any yummy or cute recommendations? ♥

  • Hi again! I just wanted to tell you I posted a link to your blog on mine. If you would like me to remove it I will do so. 🙂 I posted it under Themed Cafe’s and Lazy Cat. Oh and the Cherry Coke was yummy!!!

  • Custom avatar angelarenee:

    The little lazy cat dolls at the top of this post are sooooo cute!!! I want one!!

  • Custom avatar Elizabeth:

    in korea, does all cafe need to order food through counter or we take a seat and menu will be given and later there is a waiter to take down our order??? I’m confuse regarding this~

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