This year for my birthday Nara asked me if I wanted to do anything special like go to a theme park or visit someplace in particular.  We both had a lot going on at the time, so I wanted to just have a simple outing that we both could enjoy quietly in Seoul~ so why not something crafty!?

Korea has many online coupon sites (similar to Groupon in the USA) that have all kinds of fun specials!

Nara had fun when we decorated pepero for pepero day, so one night while surfing around the Korean coupon sites for an activity to do I came across a cookie decorating session package with a cute cafe called Mom’s Cookie 맘스쿠키~ Perfect!!  This looked like a cute and fun time!


Mom’s Cookie is a modest sized cafe located in the Gyodae 교대 area of Seoul  (one stop before Gangnam Station) that has been baking homemade cookies since 2009! Just below the cafe is where the bakery is located that whips up fresh cookies daily~

Although they have the cafe, the main business for Mom’s Cookie is their online store!  They actually have a large cookie online shop that you can order all sorts of freshly prepared sets for holidays, weddings, birthdays, custom branding for company events, etc.   These can come decorated by hand in the bakery on standard cookie biscuits or in freshly baked flavors like Pumpkin Pistachio, Amande Au Chocolat, Redberry, and Earl Grey ~ all arranged in fancy boxes ready for gifting!

“Thank you set”  for the girl who wants to give a domestic hand-made gift, but lacks the oven or time!

Korea is all about giving gifts for any and every occasion, and since ovens are not common in Korean kitchens I can see how the Mom’s Cookie online store is so popular!

Korea has lots of cake decorating cafes, but this was the first cookie deco activity we have come across so far

The cookie decorating option they offer at the cafe is an extra thing they do based on appointments~  so if you want to give cookie gifts but actually decorate them yourself (or just have fun playing with cookies) they are happy to accommodate you! Please note that while some deco cafes in Korea are walk-in friendly, this place does require booking 3-4 days ahead of time for this activity!

The physical location of Mom’s Cookie Cafe is a bit more modest in selection vs the online store acting mainly as a place to buy a few choices of smaller pre-packed cookie gifts, beverages, or coffee along with accommodating custom cookie decoration appointments like ours!

The posted menu covers pretty much all the basics found in Korean cafes. Coffee, iced tea, fresh fruit juice etc.  Specialty drinks include Vanilla latte, Cafe Mocha, White Cafe Mocha, Caramel Mocha, and more.  Please note the menu here is all in Korean, however since it is a cafe most of the items are konglish so it is very easy if you are able to read hangul.

Outside they had some good set menu deals on Coffee + Cookie, Waffle, Brownie, or Honey bread.

When we arrived it was very busy with afternoon crowds grabbing a coffee to chat (lots of ladies and office guys) but around 1pm-4pm it got nice and quiet so we had the whole place to ourselves to just chat and decorate without anyone bothering us ^^ as you can see by the seating, this place is great for couples to chat!

After arriving we checked in with the owner to get what we needed for our cookie crafting session!  Since we had made an appointment (which is required so they can accommodate you and bake the cookies fresh) they had a table set aside for us in the corner, ready to go!

Since we were hungry and would be decorating a while we also ordered some drinks and a few of the individual gift set cookies to nibble on!  Nara got an iced milk coffee and I grabbed a yuja juice~ one of my favorite Korean fruity flavors ^^

Cheers~Lets make some pretty cookies! Nara needed a bit of caffeine to wake up haha

Each cookie decorating “kit” they provide you with for your session includes 10 cookies in assorted shapes, plastic gloves, wet wipes, toothpicks, wax paper to work on, inspiration photos, and a few packets of assorted royal icing in random colors. Each cookie came individually wrapped and the texture and thickness was perfect for decorating/ gifting~

Naturally the examples they provided were really cute!  Ah what to do~ what to do….

In our box they loaned us two finished examples of deco cookies so we could see how the icing dried

After a bit of brainstorming we set to work and trimmed the tips off the icing bags!  The cafe warns you to not trim too much because since the icing comes pre packed if you want another you will have to buy another, so we started off with a small opening~

Deco Cookie Time! I never have much luck with icing so I went very slowly haha

The icing was a sugary kind with a lemon taste and piped out very smoothly for most colors! This allowed us to make tiny details easily…well most of the time haha.  We found it was not liquid enough (or perhaps warm enough) to spread as a glaze all over the cookie easily though!

Nara dove right in as well and was a lot less paranoid about messing up so I just stopped to watch him a lot of the time.

Nara got a bit creative with the last two cake shaped cookies lol!


And after a long time hanging around the cafe we finally finished all 20 cookies!! Here are the results!

Can you tell which ones Nara made and which ones I made? ♥

The icing dried very quickly, so after just a few minutes they were safe to pack up!  Mom’s Cookie was kind enough to provide us with individual bags for each cookie~

They also provided us with adorable gifting boxes! So thoughtful, I know we just did this for a Birthday activity but this would be a *perfect* place to visit for making little gifts if you do not have a proper oven and want something with that handmade touch!  Never underestimate the value of a handmade AND nicely wrapped gift in Korea!

We had a big family dinner coming up with all of Nara’s cousins (he has a TON of them) so since we had so many cookies we decided to box them nicely to give as gifts.


What a fun afternoon, thank you Mom’s Cookie 맘스쿠키! This was a great way to spend my Birthday, sometimes something simple ends up being way more fun in the end We are kind of getting addicted to decorating things, so expect us to visit more places in the future!

Directions & Deco Info for Mom’s Cookie Cafe in Seoul

서울시 서초구 서초동 1658-23
Hours: 9:30am ~ 10:00pm
Weekends: 12:00-10pm

Mom’s Cookie ~ Website/Online Shop

Cookie Decorating Session (buy through the store to RSVP)

Mom’s Cookie~  Facebook

Mom’s Cookie ~ Naver Blog

To order a decorating session with Cafe Mom’s Cookie you can not just walk-in (which is typical with other deco cafes for cake and such) you have to order online and schedule a session at the cafe ahead of time~ generally about 3-4 days!  Because of that sadly it is a little tricky if you do not speak Korean fluently, so if you would like to take part in this as well you will need to have a native speaker help you out by calling or using the online order form HERE.

The cost is currently 25,000원 per order which gets you 10 blank cookies with the icing and some bags/boxes packaging for gifting if you ask.  Last I checked, you can select from the standard shape set (what we had) which is a random assortment of shapes like bears, hearts, cakes, and circles  OR a seasonal set like Valentines/Christmas depending on what time of the year it is. Mom’s Cookie often has deals going on the Korean coupon sites like “We make price” so if you are savvy make sure you check their blog for a deal before ordering like we did!

I think with the coupon they had going we only paid 15,000원 per person ~ great deal!

If you are coming by the Seoul Metro, Mom’s Cookie can be easily reached by taking the Green Line #2 OR the Orange Line #3 to Gyodae Station, AKA  “Seoul University of Education Station” as it is often listed in English.  These two lines meet at the same station, so you can take either to reach this stop, HOWEVER please note that if you are using the #2 Green Line this is the Seoul University Station that is one stop before Gangnam, NOT the one farther down the line between Bongcheon and Nakdeongdae.

♥ ♥ ♥

It is a bit confusing since two stations on the #2 line have “Seoul University” in the name when being announced in English, so just make note you are exiting at the right one!

Depending on which line you choose, you can use Exit#5 on the Green line or Exit#13 on the Orange line.  The stations are connected so you can also arrive on the green line, but simply walk underground till you arrive at the Orange Exit #13 if you wish since that is a straight walk to the cafe!  Both are fairly straightforward though, so either path should be simple to follow!

If you are walking from Exit #5 you will hit this 3rd road (and 2nd 4 way street I believe) and take a Left.  If you are coming from Exit# 13 you are already on the correct road so just keep walking straight for a ways! The road is small and feels a little residential, but just keep on walking.

Finally you should see a sign on your left with a picture of a cookie and “Cafe” in English!  You are almost there!

With its colorful sign in English, Cafe Mom’s Cookie  ♥ 커피 맘스쿠키 should be easy to spot on your left and will be hard to pass by!

Sailor Cookie Moon!!

If anyone knows any other cookie decorating cafes that are more walk-in friendly for foreigners please do let me know!  I know online RSVP and ordering is hard/impossible for most foreigners~ but If you can speak Korean fluently or have a spouse/friend that can help you an afternoon decorating cookies at 커피 맘스쿠키 is a wonderful date or children’s activity!  I am so glad Nara and I went and did this ^^

Which cookie was your favorite in this post?  Have you ever been to a cookie deco cafe before or something similar? Have you tried decorating cookies like this before? Know of any other fun deco cafes we should visit in Korea?  Comment below and share!

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30 Responses to “Cafe Mom’s Cookie 커피 맘스쿠키 ~ Korean Cookie Deco Date!”

  • Custom avatar Virginia:

    So cute! Although it’s a bit intimidating to see what two artists can do on a cookie medium! Mine would look more like the cookies little kids make with random icing and sprinkles everywhere. I will keep my eyes open for those discounts! Thanks for sharing.

    • Elle:

      haha it was still quite a process for us, I assure you! XD I really need to do a feature on some of the Korean coupon sites, they are such a good place to keep an eye on for fun stuff! I swear, they have so many deals and coupons in Korea that we hardly ever pay full price for anything it seems haha

  • Custom avatar El:

    Ahhh! So cute! That Sailor Cookie Moon is the best! xD <3

  • Custom avatar madam mim:

    oh, this seems lovely! i’ve never been to this type of place – don’t think they have them around here, sadly – but it looks super fun, i’d love to try it out. even though my cookies would be a mess probably, i haven’t got steady hands at aaaaaaall. but you guys did such great ones – love the little skeleton bear and the cute in korea logo one (and is that a miss kika-ish one i see in the corner? super cute.)

    i know you’ve been super busy, but it’s so great to see new posts on here – my life has been decidely less cute without this blog!

  • Eeeeep this looks super fun! Definitely want to try this someday.
    You guys did a good job decorating, your cookies look so cute. Clever making a fish of the last two, haha!

    • Elle:

      hahaha fish eating a pineapple I believe *_* so creative Mr. Nara lmao! You should totally do this, it was a lot of fun and just a sweet relaxing activity!

  • Custom avatar JU:

    this is such a cute cafe! it also looks easy to do so u can’t really mess up! =D

  • Your cookies came out so cute!

  • That looks like so much fun I’m glad that you had a great birthday and had lots of fun in the process! Have missed your posts I was happy to see that there was a new post today. =)

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    I had no idea about this deco cafes! I’m studying design so everything that looks out of the ordinary is so fascinating to me lol. My favorite is the skeleton bear :).

  • Happy Belated Birthday!
    Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could do that T^T And those cookies you and Nara did are so cute~! I wonder if I could find something like that here in NY :3

  • Happy Belated! That looks like so much fun! I did a similar do-it-yourself kind of gift except with pottery!

  • I was thinking of my previous cookie icing or any icing attempts and kept my expectations low for you guys (icing is hard!) but was frikken blown away when I saw your cookies, I guess I shouldn’t of been shocked you’re both super talented artists 🙂 I tried to pick a favourite but couldn’t 😛
    Happy Late birthday btw too!!

  • You see it was a great experience, the place is very cute and also making handmade gifts always has great significance. Wow that are creative with decorated cookies, almost one skilled artists of the ^ ^ cookies. I wish that these places exist in other countries but it is impossible! korea will always have the most colorful, beautiful and great ideas of places ragalos. Super Surprise yourself have a blog! I love it. a kiss

  • Custom avatar BritiShawol:

    TT_TT soooooo coooooool!!!
    i wanna try this out!!!

    both your cookies are so awesome!
    and haha the fish cookie was especially creative and cool!!

  • THIS. IS. FREAKIN. AWESOME. Loved this post.. REALLY REALLY liked it!!!!!

  • Custom avatar Eveline:

    Amazing 😮 i want too go too such a cafe. Your’re cookies look way too cute and creative 😮 <3

  • Custom avatar aislyn:

    I would love to know about more interesting cafes and things to do in korea. i found one cake decorating cafe in hongdae but i havent been there yet. they look relatively expensive. it would be fun if you did a couples feature, as there are many unique coupley things in korea.

  • Custom avatar Zannid:

    These are so super cute! Love Sailor Cookie Moon and the skeleton bear! Very creative with the fish-eating fish. XD

    I didn’t know Korea had places like this! Around here the only things like that you can do are like the “paint your own pottery” shops. It’s nice to have some variety, and for not too much money considering.

  • Love your site and these cookies look amazing!

  • Yup, you guys are definitely artists! Amazing.

  • Custom avatar Es:

    I was googling a place that does personalize cookies and delivery in Korea and I stumbled on your page.
    I want to order cookies for my boyfriend for Christmas so I decided to order cookies from here.
    Thank you for posting about this since it was really hard to find a cookie place for what I wanted/needed! But I would like to share with everyone that the owner of this place is a complete joke(I would use harsher words, but you probably don’t want that on your site). Since I’m not from Korea and I don’t speak Korean, I got my friend to speak to him to ask him some questions about if he could do what I want/need. Long story short, he could’ve just simply answer my simple questions but he made it complicated and said pretty rude things in response. The most ridiculous thing he said when my friend called in again to ask if there is a gift box for my order is that he will charge a consultant fee if she calls or asks anymore questions, because apparently she is bothering him. By the way, I had to buy a box that was not on the website and my friend had to pay in a personal online banking to him(for a measly 2000won). Honestly what kind of business is that? Shouldn’t I be able to get a box to put in all the stuff I bought for free? It was already bad that the first thing he said to me when I first talked to him was about payment, when he didn’t know what I want yet. I really didn’t want to order from here after what has happened but I had no choice since Christmas is very near and I don’t have a backup plan and time. So much I would like to say but I think I said too much haha. I feel really bad for my friend that had to deal with him, sorry J. I would not recommend this place.

    • Elle:

      Im sorry you had a bad experience, we have met the owner and he was EXTREMELY kind and accommodating to us when we went in to decorate, answered all our questions and everything! Some store owners are quite rude here, but he seemed like a busy owner and a bit stern, but rather friendly still! I’m a little confused about what happened to you though because his behavior does not make sense without context, the online site has the gift boxes prepared for purchase ready to go “Gift set” category in lovely boxes! You called to order rather than use the online shop though? Did you know about the boxed gift sets?

      I am getting the impression from your comment that you may have wanted something outside the norm “special” which would at least make his annoyance a bit more reasonable…Korean businesses are not accommodating to special orders/adjustments aside from what they allow (which is usually basic…. trust me, you cant even go to baskin robbins and order topping on ice cream because they are for parfaits only lol) so maybe you wanted something aside from “Gift Set B”? Still, business is business so I understand him wanting to be paid back for the special box and having concerns right away with how you would pay if this is being ordered from a foreigner since we usually cant do wire transfers. If you wanted something different from what they sold, its not fair to slam them for being annoyed by this and charging you for it. Also good to note that business in Korea is often quite cold/blunt/and not very accommodating~ they don’t really attempt to kiss the customers butt which takes some getting used to.

      Please dont misunderstand my comment, I am just asking to see if I can figure out what went wrong since it surprises me and the business can not defend itself ^^ This business deals 90% of the time in gifts/sets so in a sane world, the auto rudeness you say your friend experienced does not make sense.

      • Custom avatar Es:

        Don’t be sorry, it’s not your fault at all! I just wanted to share my experience with this place.

        Sorry that this is long to read. What happened was I went on the website to check it out since I saw your post and it seemed like a nice idea. Everything was in Korean so I was a bit confused of what they had to offer. I saw that there was a Kaokaotalk ID that I can add, and I decided to add them to ask them some questions. What I wanted to know is if they do delivery and can I get the cookies personalized. I don’t know if it’s just me and from my experience, but Koreans seem to not really answer questions directly and would make it complicated than it actually is. From our conversation, I thought it would be easier if I got my Korean friend(who lives in Korea) to talk to him and he also asked if I had a Korean friend. I added my friend to the conversation and she asked him what I wanted. He then shows me these Christmas gift sets on the site(the link you posted in your reply) and I liked one of them. After, I wanted to know if I can replace or add cookies because the cookies that were advertised for that set didn’t come with that set. I told him I would pay extra lol. This is my first time doing this so I didn’t know Korean businesses are not accommodating to special oders/adjustments. I’m not sure how he took it, but he made it very complicated when he could’ve just simply said that he can’t. He told me that I can just not order Christmas cookies, but my main purpose was for Christmas cookies in the first place. He told my friend to call him since I guess it would be easier. I don’t know what happened there, but after that conversation, my friend asks me privately do I really have to order here because the stuff he said to her was rude and it seemed like he didn’t understand that we thought of the personalized cookies differently than his policy.
        I needed time to think of what to do. Not sure if this bothered the owner since I didn’t order that same day. I decided to just order things separately and I did message him one last time to see if this thing came with two cookies or one(so I can know to make one order for it or two), he seemed fine when he answered me. After I was all set, I told my friend if she can order my stuff. I was curious if I had to buy a box to put my stuff in or not so my friend called him to ask since she didn’t see any online. That was when he told her that I had to buy it and since it’s not on the website, that she would have to pay by personal online banking. Two separate payments by two separate ways. I was fine with paying for it but I was not fine with what he said to my friend, she was upset. That’s when he said the whole consultant fee thing and saying that she was bothering him. I thought that was ridiculous because I am ordering and aren’t customers allowed to ask questions if they are wondering about something? And also for the box, if it’s not on the website, I don’t understand why my friend had to go through paying for it like that, if you get what I mean. And from your blog, I read that they provided you with the gift box so that made me a bit confused.

        I ordered a box of 아망디 cookies, a heart cookie, and a couple cookie, and got the typical couple stuff on it, our names, Merry Christmas and 사랑해. Since it was mainly my friend and him talking to each other, I’m not sure what went down, but from the stuff she told me, it wasn’t nice. The only thing that I could think of when it comes to him saying those rude things and what lead him to the way he acted to my friend is he thought I wasn’t ordering. Lol new experience and it’s interesting for me but I just feel really bad for my friend. Definitely different from how things are in North America.
        I hope my boyfriend really appreciates this!!ㅠㅠ once again, sorry for my long post.

        • Elle:

          Woah what a headache!!!!! I am glad you shared this though, thank you! Since I recommend this place I like to know so if someone else is curious I can advise or warn~ so now anyone reading can learn this lesson… If you order gifts from Mom’s Cookie stick to the website only! Your experience sadly is VERY typical in Korea, not to make excuses but I can tell you as I said above, places in Korea in general are not accommodating when it comes to what we westerners perceive as very simple requests. Some places are a little better about it, others (like this place apparently) are not and just prefer customers to order “A”, “B”, “C”, Pay, and get the hell out..he also may be swamped with orders and grumpy atm lol tis the season. It is very frustrating, I understand completely how you guys must feel….its one of those things sadly. You are correct too, they are very indirect and not clear with answers often…its kind of a cultural thing you see in Japan too (they dodge vs say “NO” often) but koreans are kinda blunt and painfully honest at the same time so its very confusing.

          The only advice I can give if you plan to order from anyplace in Korea in the future for your BF is to try and be as invisible as possible unless you know the place~ it saves a lot of headaches! ugh! Paying extra totally does not smooth things over either hahah that made me laugh because I used to always say that when I asked for a special favor and they still looked confused like what I was requesting was just so impossible that no money could fix it…. Like getting just a cup of ice from a coffee shop on the side for example! SHOCK YOU WANT WUH? XD Next time you need to order some sweets for your boyfriend, I can recommend this cupcake place! They do very cute holiday sets and will (I feel, sat down with the owners and staff multiple times) be a lot more personal and accommodating to you since they are a bit more hands on and cafe style VS Mom’s which is a gift business! I am sure your boyfriend will enjoy the gesture regardless, that was so sweet of you <3

  • Custom avatar Mitzy:

    Hi! I ‘m from México, me encanto tu blog, encuentro muy interesante la cultura koreana y desde hace mucho tiempo buscaba un un lugar como este, que me pudiera mostrar los lugares cotidianos y fantásticos que se pueden encontrar, espero que sigas publicando mucha más información.

    Aprovecho para felicitarte ya que eres una artista muy talentosa.

  • That delicious! I would not have imagined a better way to celebrate a birthday! and Happy Birthday! I hope this year is a year full of happiness for you <3. a hug!

  • Custom avatar Hichew:

    Too cute to eat ><! I admired your guys work since I'm artistically challenged, lol.

  • Custom avatar Mel:

    This looks amazing Elle! Why can’t they have this in London?! xxx

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