Stopped by Baskin Robbins (aka my 2nd home here) for some ice cream the other day… because it’s freezing cold so of course I need ice cream to function.  Anyway, right now the cake cases have a large selection of Holiday + new Valentines cakes!!  Since pretty things I can eat is one of my favorite things in life, here are some photos I snapped and sparkled up… because sparkles make everything better! Duh! 




 I really want to try that crown one!!  Its super pretty!!!

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7 Responses to “Pretty cakes~”

  • Danielle A:

    These are so cool! I haven’t been to a Baskin Robbins in like forever here in the US, but I don’t remember anything like this! 😀

  • Custom avatar Katie O:

    Why oh why don’t the BRs in the states have such beautiful creations?! These are amazing <3

  • Custom avatar phitiw:

    woooowwww..i really wanna buy one for my friends birthday..can you tell me how can i get this cute cake BR in seoul? thank you soooo much ^^

    • Elle:

      BR= Baskin robbins… you have never seen this chain before??? Its a world-wide ice cream chain, kind of like the Mc Donalds of ice cream here lol. They have locations all over Korea because the chain is very popular here.

  • Custom avatar phitiw:

    hehe yes, i ever seen before in busan..but i wanna give this baskin robbins cake for my friend birthday in seoul..and i dont know where is BR stores which is sell the complete pretty cake like this in seoul because i live in busan ^^ but as you said that they have locations all over korea so i can easily find the BR stores in seoul, right? ^.^ thank you so much for your information dear..

    • Elle:

      Ah yes, you should be able to find many locations easily and every one sells cakes that I have come across 🙂 On the official Korean BR site they have location listings if you need extra help!

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