Sorry in advance~ these photos are from a few months ago before I got my camera^^;

Since they are just cell phone pics the quality is hit or miss!

A early this summer Nara and I happened to stumble upon a BJD Doll Expo here in Korea while we were attending another event!  Sadly we only had maybe 40 min before the expo closed so I could only snap a few cellphone photos, but the next large expo will be taking place this month and I will be attending!

♥ ♥ ♥

The doll community in Korea for things like BJD, Pullip, Blythe, etc is large enough that they are able to hold conventions a few times a year for people to meet up and buy new items or just show off new dolls they purchased.  The ages attending ranged from young teens to adults, almost everyone was a girl at this event although I did see some male classmates tagging along.

This Expo was a smaller  Off-shoot expo compared to the large “Doll Free Market” convention they hold every few months in Korea.  The name of this event was “Card Capter” so I assumed based on the name and the logo it would have something to do with a theme (like Card Capter Sakura, which is a classic Japanese Anime) since we had read online some of these smaller mini cons are theme-geared events to show dolls, but I sadly did not observe any real theme going on… just lots of pretty work overall!  Perhaps we missed the event related to the title since we came so late!

I DID see a LOT of Alice in Wonderland things though, I don’t know if that was because of something having to do with the event/theme OR just because people like that story so~ lol mystery!

This convention was a gathering of fans of Ball Jointed Dolls , Blythe, Licca-chan fashion dolls, Pullip, etc to sell clothing, accessories, furniture, wigs, and exhibit dolls in general.  I did not see any actual dolls or bases being sold sadly, it was mainly a convention people went to buy things FOR the dolls or display ones they had created!

If you are unfamiliar with Ball Jointed Dolls you can read a bit more about them HERE ♥ The subculture spreads world-wide, but is very large in Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China since they produce what generally qualifies as BJD dolls. The dolls are a nice mix of fantasy, anime, and realism~ some are even used on packaging or advertising in Asia because they are so beautiful!

 Outside the convention room was another sort of gathering~ photo sessions on spread blankets in groups!

Girls displayed their precious dolls, worked with friends to set them out for photos together, or sat quietly while they dressed them in new clothing they had just purchased at the event.

Some girls you could see it was a social thing with friends laughing and taking pretty photos together, others seemed like intense fans focused on a wild fantasy character, and a few you could tell really treated the dolls like little families or friends.

 A “Family” of dolls sits together while the owner has lunch. One thing I love about observing the collectors outside is you can see the dolls are always arranged with such care for the dolls “feelings” ….in poses, close to “friends”,holding younger dolls, boyfriends with girlfriends etc.

A group of friends meet up to pair up the dolls they own for photographs

So beautiful ♥

A group of younger girls meet to arrange and take photos together. Since this is an expensive hobby it was kind of cute to see the differences between the older groups gathering (larger pricy dolls, huge wardrobe, very expensive cameras, etc) and the younger students at the event with the single or smaller less expensive dolls using cell phones for photos.

Inside the convention they had several vendors still set up selling BEAUTIFUL handmade clothing for dolls.

I have said it before (like at the Seoul Handmade Fair lol) I am kinda obsessed with the details in miniature things~  so even though I only own one doll I had way too much fun checking out all the tiny details of the outfits and wanting to buy them for no real reason *_*

Pretty packaged outfits for sale and miniature foam puzzle mats, like the kind kids play on that they sell in stores~  just doll-sized! DAWWW

Tiny little star headphones *__*

I wish I could buy those dresses in human size~ I am serious! haha


 My favorite seller from the whole show, her dresses are AMAZING for the price!

 One table had dozens of tiny little bracelets and necklaces for dolls of all sizes ♥

Tiny shoes, outfits, suitcases and furniture!

Most of the tables had very beautiful dolls on display for people to photograph and enjoy

One seller had adorable lolita-style dresses with custom fabric prints!

Tables filled with dozens of tiny shoes for your doll!

One seller also specialize in doll wigs!  Most BJD do not come with rooted hair, they come blank and bald so it is up to you to transform them into what you wish!

 One seller had a table of Licca-chan dolls for sale from Japan!  She is a popular fashion doll like Barbie and is popular in Korea (and in small numbers sold at the toy stores here) even though Korea has its own fashion doll version called “Mimi”

They also had a table of Sylvanian Families!!  I used to collect these as a kid and they are actually still sold here in Korea!


Even spotted a seller that had Korean hanboks for the dolls!

Korea Shopping Haul ♥


Of c0urse I could not make it out without buying at least ONE thing, it was too painful!  Thankfully the seller I had been admiring the whole event had a few beautiful dresses still available (most had sold out) for a price I was willing to pay as a casual collector.

Her dresses are amazing, and I think I will end up having to feature her shop soon on this blog *_* I cant help myself.

Currently I own a Blythe Doll “Madam Rosebud” that I bought a few years ago because I was a big fan of the Blythe Photography Books.  This is the doll that is the model on the “Freshlight” hair dye here in Korea and Japan that I featured HERE .

She is not a BJD, but still falls in the same circle of fans as the other dolls so the sellers offer clothing sized for her!  When you pull a string on the back of her head, her eyes shift direction and color~ I love her!

Check out the detail and all the layers she made and how carefully the lace is used. It is so beautiful, and I am so happy I had a doll to actually put this on hehe

fits the doll perfectly!

♥ ♥ ♥

Have you ever been to a doll expo before? Do you like collecting dolls like these or a Korean doll in particular? Share in the comments down below!

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25 Responses to “Card Capter ♥ Super Cute Doll Expo in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Courtney:

    Had I stumbled into that expo, I would think I died and went to Heaven. I LOVE BJDs! And all my favorites tend to come from Korea. *^* You and Nara got awesome photos of the dolls. I had to stop looking because I felt my spending hand tingle — I want a new doll!

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    I looove dolls! I don’t know what it is but when I see a cute doll I feel the need to take her home! However I control myself, so I’m a doll “observant” rather than a collector lol.
    The only korean doll I own is a mini ddung doll. I already have my eyes set on doran doran dolls (even if the body isn’t articulated, the face is perfect!) so maybe one day I’ll get one! 🙂
    Lila dolls are korean too but they aren’t out just yet. I stumbled accross this video on youtube and I love the redhair one!
    I better stop now, because I can ramble so much about dolls! xD

  • Custom avatar coconut:

    Wow. Some really beautiful dresses. Those dolls have waaay more detail in their outfits than anything I wear TT^TT

  • Custom avatar Intan:

    Love this post so much! Those dolls are so cute! Please blog more about dolls/cute toys ^_^

    • Elle:

      Will do!! I am going to another (much larger) expo this month with my camera~ I will take lots of new pretty photos for you guys to see!! ^^

  • aghhh I hate you lizzzz!! You get to see so many cute things in Korea ;o;

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    Gasp! I love BJD! I totally agree with you about the detail. Those teeny tiny clothes just have so much more detail than any human clothes! I wish I could buy them in human size as well…What a huge incentive to learn learn to sew! +_+

  • Yay! I love this post – I have 2 pullip dolls right now and I’m so happy that you posted this. Do you know what months they have these events?

  • Custom avatar Mimi:

    Everything is so small and ruffly! I love seeing pictures of other peoples’ BJD, but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend the hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars some people spend on the gorgeous dolls from brands like Volks and Luts. I’d really like to collect Pullip dolls some day, though! Or maybe I should look into Mimi dolls? 😉

    The dress you purchased for your Blythe doll is beyond cute! I can’t believe how much detail goes into those tiny dresses; those dolly designers are so talented! It’s just too bad they don’t come in people sizes…

    Can’t wait to see what you discover at the next doll expo!

  • Dolls everywhere ≧▽≦ I wish I could go to doll’s expo in Korea. Look how many cool dolls they have. And the clothes! OMG, I would spend all my money in clothes and accessories for my BJD <3

    You got such an adorable dress for your Blythe. Looks really well made and detailed! Simply fantastic ◠‿◠


  • Oh my gosh! Sylvanian Families!!! I used to have tons of those (still have them actually) when I was a kiddo too! Now I feel all nostalgic and want to find them. I didn’t now they were still around somewhere. 🙂 Ahh.. man, our childhood was the best. 🙂

    This post really makes me want to get back into the BJD scene! I have 2 big ones and one itty bitty one. It would be awesome to attend something like this someday.

    • Elle:

      You should look around Angie! They brought them back a bit ago and I bought some baby twins… because I ALWAYS wanted them when I was a kid hahaha. I think it was at target or maybe toys r us. lol only 2 big and one bitty? I wish I had just one proper one XD

  • Literally everything in this article is so beautiful~ makes me want a BJD so bad~~ they’re like beautiful little friends~ ^.^

  • Custom avatar Caroline:

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about this!!! How do you find out about these shows? I live and Seoul and love my Blythe dolls, but I don’t speak Korean. You mentioned I the comments you will be going to another show, please tell me where and when!

  • Custom avatar Sash:

    OMGGG! I love your post. Cuteness overload! Those dolls are so pretty, they look so real. How I wish I can attend this kind of event. 🙁 I wanna go to Seoul huhuhu T___T

  • Custom avatar Sash:

    May I ask if you could provide links of Korean Online Shops that sells this kind of dolls? 🙂

    • Elle:

      Sure! I am not 100% sure at this time, but I will try and do it in a future post since many are around (although you may need shopping services to buy from them!) If you have any post requests just drop me a comment here and I will try to get to them!

  • what a very cute event. I loveeee blythe!!

  • Custom avatar coco:

    The dolls are soooooo gorgeous . plus their outfits are so cute. how i wish i had those clothes. hahahahhahah
    btw, your shots are good. what cam or phone do you use? thanks and great blog~ <3

    • Elle:

      aw thank you very much 🙂 I use just a canon power shot most of the time! It is small, but gets the job done for me <3
      I would go insane shopping if they made some of these dresses in human size, oh man *_*

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