Where do you go if you love cats, but can’t have a pet OR just like being a crazy cat lady for the day?

A Korean Cat Cafe of course!  (=^・ω・^=)

Homes in Korea are small, so because of that not everyone can have pets or has the time to care for one on a regular basis with the demands of work, school, family, etc. For those people that still love animals and enjoy being around them a pet cafe is a wonderful solution! Dog cafes are here, but cat cafes are by far the most common and popular here in Korea right now~ perhaps because cats are a bit less messy and much quieter when you have several in a room ♥

Nara and I are cat people, we find them very relaxing to be around and enjoy the company they provide.  We ave two pet cats back in California, but sadly I had to leave them in the care of my parents while we stayed here due to space issues and general moving chaos.

After a few months we really missed our pets, and even just being around them in general~ so off to the cat cafe!

Cat cafe’s can be found all over Korea, especially in the major cities~ but really I have come across them in random nooks all around.  Lots of people have cafes here, so if the owner adopts a few cats… BAM you have a cat cafe and can get some traffic in.  The smaller ones are always fun and have unique charms to each of them (some the animals are dyed, dressed in clothing, or the cafe is just set up cute) but our favorite cafe to visit on a regular basis is actually 고양이 다락방 (Cat’s Attic)  which is a cat cafe chain here with many locations throughout Korea.


The first Cat’s Attic Cafe opened in  Myungdong, now they have 9 locations throughout Seoul and Pusan.

The general hours for this chain are 1pm-10pm


The wall in the cafe has all the kitties pics posted with info ~ at this location they are all named after cars!

I love cat cafes in Korea, but I especially like 고양이 다락방 because the animals are always happy and well taken care of, in fact often the owners are on the floor playing with the cats when we visit because they sincerely love cats too.  They have a nice amount of kitties at each location, usually several fancy breeds like Russian Blue, Persian, Sphinx, etc which are always fun to interact with, but also a mix in of adopted cats which is nice.

The cat cafes are always VERY clean, the drinks are good, no stinky smells, and lots of toys and built in houses and towers for the cats to climb.

Our favorite Cat Cafe location, and the one I will be featuring in this post is in Gangnam~ but all the cafes are very nice!!

Before entering 고양이 다락방 Cat Attic (or most Cat Cafes in general!) you have to take off your shoes and swap them out for some slippers + Disinfect your hands with the sanitizer so you do not bring anything in on the kitties.  When you enter inside you are greeted and asked if you have been before, if it is your first time they will often give you a quick run down of the rules that you need to follow, but they are also posted on signs in the cafe as well.

It does not cost anything per hour at this cafe, your admission fee is the beverage you buy~ so each person needs to buy a 6,000-8,000 won drink!  My favorites are the peach sweet tea and aides, the drinks are really good at this cafe considering it is just a side thing to get money lol!!  Once you place your order at the counter you can sit down and enjoy the kitties as long as you like!!  Most people stay an hour or two~ some stay longer and just relax, do work, or take photos.

General rules to follow for 고양이 다락방 Cat Attic Cat Cafe

♥ Do not pick up the cats, they can sit in your lap~ but they have to climb up on their own

 ♥ If a cat is sleeping, do not disturb him

♥ Do not pull the tails (duh)

♥ No flash photography

♥ Do not disturb them if they are eating

♥ Do not feed them any human food, only cat snacks which you can purchase at the counter.

♥ Do not pet the lower back by the tail (my cats love this, but here they ask you not to)

♥ If the cat has a colored collar on he is new or on medication atm and you can not feed him snacks.

♥ Do not be loud and obnoxious! This is meant to be a peaceful place.

♥ Do not use your personal items or things like the drink straw to play with them, they provide toys.

At the end of the night the mascot boy came back to the cafe, changed out of his giant Garfield suit, and just squatted to nap with one of the cats.  He stayed in that pose for almost 30 min! The cats are sweet to you (even more so if you feed them) but you can really tell they love the staff that work with them everyday.

One day we came to visit and all of a sudden a little pig ran out!!  The owner had purchased a pig called “Spam” for the cafe! haha it was awesome, I love little pigs~ they are so cute!  He ran around the cafe to play with the cats, but you could tell they barley tolerated him because he was so  rambunctious.  Sadly when we went back most recently the owner said Spam was not there anymore because he “had a girlfriend now”…. that could either mean he was sent away for a bit to breed because some of the cats have had that happen, or that he maybe got too big for the cat cafe and they decided to keep him at home lol.

If you are looking for a relaxing time enjoying animals in Korea you should consider stopping by one of these Cat Cafes! It is pretty inexpensive considering you can stay as long as you please, and if you go during weekdays it is really empty inside so you can have all the cats to yourself!

Directions to Cat Attic in Gangnam~

Gangnam gets a little crowded on the weekends at night, so make sure you keep your eyes open as you are walking!  The easiest way is to Exit 9 on the green line and walk straight down the street.  From that main street will be able to see the sign for the cat cafe on the 4th floor of a medium sized building nested in between some others~ just enter and take the elevator door up!  If you are walking on the street and you hit the intersection with American Apparel on the other side you have gone too far .

♥ Other location links on the official page ♥

|  Myeongdong  | Gangnam  |  Gondae  |  Daehangno  Sinchon  |  Chonho  |  Hongdae  |

|  Busan- Somyon  |  Busan- Tokchon  |

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9 Responses to “Cat Cafes in Korea~ Visiting Cat Attic in Gangnam”

  • Custom avatar Roy:

    Wow, they need those in NYC. I love cats! One of the stores in my neighborhood has some deli cats, so sometimes I go in there before closing and pet them while picking up snacks.

    • Elle:

      It is really relaxing, isn’t it? I wish these could happen in the states, but you just know that some person would get a claw and sue or something T_T ugh

  • Custom avatar Betty:

    Ah! Thanks for filling my request for this post! I just had a friend who recently went back to a Korea and posted pictures of when she went to a cat cafe. It blew my mind that such thing exists. Since I’m allergic to cats, I can’t own one but I love playing and hanging out with my friend’s cats. They’re all so adorable.

    My favorite picture has got to be the mascot guy taking a nap and the cat just snuggling next to me. D’awww, too cute!

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    Aww, the Sphynx is my dream kitty!

  • Custom avatar Megan:

    That place looks wonderful! When I went to Japan a few months back, I got to go to two cat cafes. My favorite part was telling me co-workers about them, because they wouldn’t believe they were real/are so weirded out by them.

  • Custom avatar sandra:

    Hi, could you write me an email to this café? I visited their website but as I don’t understand the language, I was lost.
    Thank you, (=’.’=)

  • Custom avatar Shelley:

    I would like to come spend time with the cats. I am a huge cat lover. You

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