The other day we had our lovely friend Jessica visiting Seoul from LA on business for the weekend ♥  Thankfully she had a bit of free time and really wanted to check out a Korean Cat Cafe, so we were happy to take her to one ^^  actually, Nara and I had not stopped by a Cat Cafe since we bought our kitty “Milk”, so we were way past due for a visit.

Originally she wanted to check out “GEO cat cafe” in Hongdae since it came recommended on the official Korean tourism website (which had us worried it would be a rip-off and packed with tourists) and sure enough… place was swamped with tourists and smelled DISGUSTING.  I’m not being prissy either, I own multiple cats and am very familiar with the funky smell of old dirty litter that has been left to soak in pee way too long.  It was so bad we (all three of us cat owners) walked out and decided to do something less stinky~

Thankfully Nara remembered that our favorite cat cafe Cat’s Attic 고양이 다락방” in Gangnam had a location in Hongdae as well, so we walked a few blocks over to check it out.

It was like night and day, the smell was non-existent (As always at this location) the space was open, peaceful, and just filled with a few Koreans.  I seriously LOVE this chain of cat cafes, they are always consistently well-run and the Hongdae location did not disappoint.

Just like at the other locations, the owners are lovers of cats VS a random employee and it feels like they are visitors in the cafe with you

As always, before you enter the cat cafe you must swap out your shoes for slippers and disinfect your hands.  Some cats are young, so it is very important you do this before you open the gate to enter the space.

When you enter the cafe you will hit the counter fist and be given an illustrated sheet of rules, they are the same rules found in my general cat cafe post HERE so please check that out for more info if you are reading about this for the first time and plan to visit one.  Your entrance fee is a drink purchase, and at this location they have the menu provided in English and Korean with a nice selection.  I always enjoy the peach tea~ everything costs 8,000 won and once you order your drink you can stay as long as you wish.

Claimed a nice corner seat while we waited for our drinks and Jessica immediately made a new kitty friend.

He was a good model!  Sometimes it is so hard to take photos at the pet cafes because they are always on the move!

The Hongdae location had a lot of really sweet cats, many I think are siblings because they had a few pairs here.

two Persians with odd-eyes (although you can not tell in this photo ^^;)

This pair was Brother and Sister, so they spent the day fighting each other

And grooming right after. I forgive u bro!!

One thing unique to the Hongdae Cat’s Attic Cat Cafe location was all the art they had on display!  They had super cute prints and paintings all around the room and it made the space feel extra fun.

I think maybe the owner or one of the employees is an artist, because it was all by the same person!

Nara approves of cute cafe!

This location also had a Spinx kitty, but he was not as friendly as the one at the Gangnam cat cafe~ that one will sit in your lap quietly for hours! This boy just wanted to play and get into mischief! haha He knows a kitty pops out of that bank on the counter.

Plenty of boxes handy. Why do cats love these so much?? Milk is the same way!

 Kitty party~ Lots of girls in the cafe today!

 Snacks? U HAZ SNACKS?

 One thing the cafe owners do sometimes is they will come out and give the room some snacks to feed the cats! This always gets the kitties excited and it is fun for visitors to see since many of the cat’s are usually mellow and napping all day.

Everyone rushed over to see~ haha most of the guys just sat back and watched the commotion.

Today she smeared a bit of soft food on everyone’s hands… bit gross, but ANYTHING FOR TEH KITTIES!

Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it!  A few girls freaked out when they felt how scratchy a cat’s tongue really was


 The cat’s really seemed to like this girl a bit too much! This happens when snacks are involved at the cafe lol

Things to keep in mind when visiting a cat cafe in Korea

  • Not all cats want to be touched, they are still cats and may or may not want to interact with you
  • Do not be overly loud or disruptive, cafes are intended to have a quiet and peaceful setting
  • Do not pick the cats up, approach them calmly and pet gently.
  • No not feed any cats with collars, they are new or on medication
  • Some cats are a bit more aggressive when it comes to snagging snacks (given or stolen!) vs others.

As always, Cat’s Attic lists all the kitties profiles up for you to read and find out a bit more about each of them!

If you are in the Hongdae area I highly recommend this cat cafe~ yet another enjoyable experience!  Cat’s Attic always feels so relaxed and laid back + the animals are always healthy and seem so happy. If you go on a Sunday you can hit up the art market they have at the Hongade playground as well, so it is a nice afternoon!


Directions to Cat’s Attic in Hongdae

Cat’s Attic – Hongdae Location

서울특별시 마포구 동교동 162-14

Hours: 1pm-10pm

Cost: 7,000 won per person (drink included)

For those of you new to Seoul, Hongdae (“Hongik University” on the Metro in English) is on the Green metro line #2

Just head out exit #9 and walk down the street a short ways~

Take your first left and keep an eye out for the yellow signs on your right!

 Have you been to this cafe before? Did you enjoy it? Have another location you love? 😀 Share below!

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24 Responses to “Cat Cafe ♥ Cat’s Attic in Hongdae”

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    Awwww, how fun! I love kitties!! I MUST go there next time! I may go to Korea next summer, so when that time comes, I will be going through your entire blog looking for places to visit~! 😀

  • I of course loved the cats. But I also loved those giraffe paintings on the wall. So cute!

  • Custom avatar Caz:

    awwwww kitties 🙂 I wish we had cat cafes here *sulks*

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    i’d like to go to one of these… too bad i’m allergic to cats! 🙁
    i guess there are also dog cafes, right?

    • Elle:

      Yes!! I just went to one and it was a LOT of fun, I am still editing pics~ but I will post info about it super soon 😀

  • it’s so cuteeee.. I wished I went there when I was in Hongdae.. T___T

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    I’m so jealous, I wish we had some here! Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one in CA or NY. But I live in little ole’ MN :,(

    (totally gonna feature this on my blogggg)

  • Custom avatar Kat:

    Aww look at those kitty lipths!

  • Custom avatar Casey:

    I have recently found your blog, and officially love everything on it. Thank you for sharing so much with us. Can I move to Korea now? XD

  • Custom avatar Stephanie:

    I’m going to Seoul on a stop-over (two nights) in a few weeks. Found your blog and LOVE it! I’m so excited to buy Korean beauty products and check out some cat cafes!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I just visited there today! I’d read your post a while back, but now that I’m in Seoul I wanted to visit. Loved it! The cats were funny but kind of standoffish. Oh well. It was nice to just sit surrounded by cats. Sooo glad you posted this!

    • Elle:

      So glad you had a chance! If you get to go around Gangnam try the location there (same name, its a chain) that is our favorite and peaceful. Overall yeah though, lots of the cats take quite a bit of time to come around…they deal with a lot of people during the day and I think it gets annoying haha!

  • Custom avatar Lily:

    Aw, for some reason the photos are all broken now! I’m going to stay in Hongdae in September, and even though I will have very little free time, I hope I can squeeze in a cat cafe visit.

    • Elle:

      I hope you find some time to visit!! Really one hour to sip a drink and relax will be perfect during your hongdae visit XD def check out cats attic vs the other ones if you have time! It is my fave by far for atmosphere and cleanliness!

  • Custom avatar Lily:

    Annnd they’re un-broken. I swear I checked and reloaded, but I guess it was my end after all. 😮

  • Custom avatar Amir Asraf:

    I will go to Seoul this November. I really excited and want to go to this cafe. Between Gangnam, Hongdae and Myeongdong which one is better to visit for? Please suggest me. Thank you.

    • Elle:

      I prefer the Gangnam location, especially during the week 🙂 it gets a little less-crowded vs the others. All of the “Cat’s Attic” locations are very nice though, the friendliness of the cats at each location changes depending on the cats mood daily lol

  • Custom avatar Nikki:

    This was the place I most wanted to visit after reading this post. Finally got the chance 2 days ago and absolutely loved it! What a wonderful way to start a Saturday really. Went there pretty early so there weren’t too many people at the time so I got to play with most of the kitties. They were really friendly that day. One of the big white fluffballs especially. Some of the kitties in this post are no longer there while there are a few new ones. Will definitely be reviewing this lovely place on my blog as well. This is the thing I miss most now that I am back home. The staff let me feed the kitties too! Love love love. Thanks so very much for your great post Elle. You really made my trip! Oh btw, the entrance fee has been revised to 8000 won. And I followed you on that peach tea!

  • Custom avatar Alix:

    I love that you include the address and maps etc. So helpful! Thank you for the info! Going to Korea for the first time ever in a couple of months and I’m starting to get very excited / in crazy planning mode 😛

    • Elle:

      My pleasure! I want to make it as easy as possible to find the places since I remember when I was new to seoul the posted english directions were always vague or unclear! Have a great time 😀 new post soon!

  • Custom avatar Deb:

    Thanks for posting such clear details. I’m in the Gangnam cat café as I type. It’s still clean with happy looking cats.

  • Custom avatar Anne:

    I’ve only just found this randomly and this place looks so much nicer than the one I went to. I think I went to the Gio Cat Cafe which was also in Hongdae but nearer to the university’s main entrance. And it was horrible there. 🙁 We were constantly followed by the staff, who wasn’t a Korean and I was very offended.
    As an animal lover and as someone who runs an unofficial cat shelter, I take good care of cats and I know how hold one. (I have the scars to prove!)
    I didn’t feel at ease and I did not want to stay there for more than an hour. Thanks to the horrible staff.
    The one in Busan was much nicer. UGh. Thanks for sharing this and I will definitely go here next time I’m in Seoul. 🙂
    PS: The Siamese cat clinging to the owner at the counter is so cute. 🙂

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