Aside from the Hello Kitty cafes here in Korea, another popular request for me to visit was one of the several Charlie Brown theme cafes!  That’s right, Korea also has some official Snoopy cafes!  Sadly though… I seem to have put it off a bit too long!! T_T   We had a large one right by my house in Sillim and I kept saying “next time” for over a year… till this summer when I walked by and was shocked to find the cafe was gone!  Replaced with an Iceberry cafe!!

I quickly hopped on the internet to find the nearest cafe in Seoul so I could still do a post, but ACK ALMOST ALL OF THE SNOOPY CAFES IN KOREA CLOSED DOWN THIS YEAR! Sad news, but I wanted to make sure I got the word out in English so people do not try and find these cafes!

♥ ♥ ♥

So yes, chances are a location you read about visiting online is closed (the one in Hongdae was quite popular tourists) so in an effort to help save others time I will share the most up-to-date list at the bottom for you guys~ Korea has gone from about a dozen Charlie Brown Cafes to just 5!!  I hate trying to find a place only to arrive and discover it is closed… happened to me this weekend with another cafe *sigh* anyway….

I am not sure exactly why the cafes all closed down, but judging by the comments online apparently it was very expensive and the food just did not taste so hot.  They also set the cafes up in places a bit far for tourists who are the main source of income ~  places like the Hello Kitty Cafe need tourists to survive here because Korea is literally filled with cafes.  Koreans also do not seem to like snoopy very much, he is not really around here at all on character items so I guess I understand…. although I am sad to see so many cute locations go 🙁

My mother really likes Snoopy and Paddington Bear~ so I have inherited a fondness for the characters as well ♥


One of the easiest locations for tourists to hit up is actually in Incheon  Airport! Yes, you can fly to Korea and hit up a theme cafe while you wait for your flight home!!!  During my last vacation I made it a point to find this cafe so I could at least share it with everyone~

Lets visit the Charlie Brown Cafe at Incheon airport!!

Aw so cute!!  However, calling it a “cafe” is a bit generous… more like a pit stop hehe

When we arrived at the Charlie Brown Cafe in Incheon Airport we quickly discovered that they have no sit-down areas~ it is all carry-out only!

This location will take a few different currencies since it is right by the gate!

The Charlie Brown Cafe at Incheon offers a typical selection of drinks, coffee, and teas hot or iced.  They also have a menu of “Snow beverages” which I assume is a crushed ice drink of some kind~ I forgot to ask exactly!  Prices range from around 4,000 won to 6,000 won.

They also have a small selection of prepared cakes , sandwiches, and bagels!  These are not the full menu that is offered at the large proper cafes, but it is an airport so that is understandable! If you order a sandwich they will offer to heat it up for you

The cutest cakes they have are the character shaped style that come in 3 choices + flavors!

They also had a few smaller sliced treats available that looked just as cute!  I decided to try a mini “Snoopy Rare Cheesecake”  and cheese steak sandwich with Lucy’s Seal of approval.

To drink I ordered a Chocolate ice drink and Nara got a Green Tea Latte.  After paying we found out they do not do any coffee art at this location!!  Sorry guys, not even an option!  Booo :/

While we waited for my sandwich I had a nice look around at all the cute goodies they had for sale!  Even though it is a take-out location they still had plenty of character gifts for you to buy.

Mini Snoopy Shop! The stuff they had for sale was actually really cute, Snoopy fans will love these!

Snoopy Tea! Peach black tea sounds really good…

I would have to say the mugs they sell here win the cute award!

Also the Snoopy lunchboxes they had looked very cute as well!  Triplication….?

They also had some large fiberglass figures out for photo sessions!  Yay~ I’m glad for that, made me a little less bummed about the lack of coffee art. I never pass up a chance to pose with a giant character statue! haha

Got yer nose


Our food came out quickly and we headed to our gate to chow down as cutely as possible before our flight left for Japan!  We had to kind of run to the gate at this point haha I was yelling at Nara to be careful and not smash the cake before I could take photos!

One plus was if you want to bring the food on your flight to eat they give you a very nice box to carry the goodies in! Sure beats those squishy paper bags!

When we arrived to our gate we finally had a moment to enjoy the cute food!  Behold~ the “Snoopy Rare Cheesecake”!  I was extra classy and ate this on my belly like some kind of sea otter because the gate did not have any tables ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The cake was a very airy and rich cheesecake mousse…tasted extra cheesy!  Inside I found 2 layers of fluffy yellow cake while the outside had some chips of white chocolate as a decoration.

I personally liked my Cheese steak sandwich, but Nara hated it… more for me!!  It was just like a really good hot pocket or something hahah the bread was really soft and chewy!

Sadly Nara hated his coffee, he said it was gross and super sweet….I’m sure the high price tag and lack of coffee art did not help the situation.

My iced chocolate was ok, I was really thirsty after all the running around so we both just drank my drink in the end.

Final thoughts? Honestly, while I found it extremely cute to visit since I was at the airport anyway, the food really was not that amazing at all. It is kinda like the Hello Kitty Cafe food, you are paying for cute vs amazing taste.  If you love Snoopy and happen to be in Incheon Airport looking for something cute to do and have extra money to blow you should check it out the Charlie Brown Cafe here though~ it was fun to at least see once for me!!

Incheon Airport Charlie Brown Cafe Directions 

Charlie Brown Cafe ~ Incheon Airport
Hours  : 7:00 am ~ 9:15pm
Location :(Duty-free Area) 3F, Near Gate 12

Snoopy cafe (last we checked) is not listed on most of the airport maps, so we had to call the help desk and find out from them! Keep that in mind if you do not see them listed in the directory, we did not either 😛 haha.  The cafe will be on the airport’s 3rd floor right around gate #12 so just follow the signs!  It should be on your right (from what I can remember!) and will be hard to miss because of the giant sculptures ^^

Remaining Locations in Korea as of 11/11/2012

Seoul Location #1   상봉역점

This location is a small sit down cafe right in the Seoul Metro station!  상봉역

Address : 서울 중랑구 상봉동 망우로 115

Hours : 6:30 am ~10:30 pm

(XXXXXXNo photo atm! XXXXX)

Seoul Location #2   메이필드호텔점

위치 : 메이필드호텔 스포츠동

Address : 서울시 강서구 외발산동 426번지 메이필드호텔 내 스포츠동 1층

Hours : 7:00 ~ 22:30

Phone Number : 02-2660-9177

Pusan Location #1    해운대센텀점

위치 : 센텀시티역 부근

Address : 부산시 해운대구 우동 1511 센텀다이아몬드빌딩 10층

Hours : 10:00 ~ 21:00

Phone Number : 051-743-7279

Pusan Location #2   부산대점

위치 : 부산대인근

Address : 부산시 금정구 장전동 312-38번지

Hours : 11:00 ~ 23:00

Phone Number : 051-516-5556

Have you ever been to a Charlie Brown Cafe in Korea before? Did you visit the  Incheon Airport cafe thanks to this post?  Comment below and share your experiences with everyone!

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19 Responses to “Charlie Brown Theme Cafe’s in Korea + Incheon Airport Location Visit!”

  • Custom avatar Cheryl:

    I kind of wished the Santa Rosa ice rink (Snoopy’s Home Ice) had something like this. They do have a cafe, but nothing as cute as this… Then again, it might taste better?

    Definitely think it’s very cute though. 🙂

  • The cute stuff never tastes as good, right? It’s a sad fact of life 🙁 The Snoopy cafe’ is super cute looking though! I love the little figures of Snoopy throughout the decades too!

    And also are those Chanel camellia eyeglasses you have on? I have wanted that style FOREVER, but they never have them at any of my eyeglass locations, and ordering them online would be silly since eyeglasses that fit my face are hard to find 🙁

    • Elle:

      hahaha yeah, well in Japan the taste has always been ok with the extra cute things~ but the price hurts a lot more lol!
      Ahhh good eyes! Yes those are the glasses, I LOOOOOOVE them so much~ bought them just before I moved here actually (plus the Chanel bow sunglasses!) I fell in love with the style at the store! I say go for it! EVERYONE looks good in Chanel~ it is like a rule or something hehehe.

      I can not think of any shops off the top of my head in FL for you to try (I used to buy my fancy frames at a place in Ft Myers, but these I got in SF) however I bet Tampa has several higher-end eyeglass boutiques and I know Sarasota does as well!

      • haha, yes! I might eventually just break down and buy them! I have a small face with huge eyes, so the lines of most glasses don’t quite look right. I’m actually looking for new frames right now. I’m stuck between deciding on a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs with pastel stripes down the legs or a pair of Tiffany frames with Tiffany blue legs. I’ll probably just get both. I’m trying to do something a little different, but black frames tend to look best on me!

  • Custom avatar S. Schultze:

    Just showed my Peanuts obsessed kids and we want to now take a trip to Korea! Thanks for the post! So cute.

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    Even if the food isn’t great, theme cafes look like a lot of fun xD I wish there were theme cafes in Spain too! By the way, did you finally go to that penis theme cafe? I’m kind of intrigued about it, since koreans are very shy about sex but then they have sex theme parks and cafes lol

    • Elle:

      hehe not yet, but dont worry~ I am planning on it!!! Yeah though, the sex thing is very odd here…Its extremely here and not at the same time…. I could write a whole post about it, but it is kinda hard to explain!

  • Custom avatar Kerry:

    Oh dear… I miss Korea waay too much…

    There was a Charlie Brown Cafe in a subway station where I transferred a few times to go to Chuncheon/Gapyeong. I always noticed it, and I always played with the idea of buying a coffee just for the sake of buying a coffee at the Charlie Brown Cafe, but I always put it off and NOW I’M GONE TT-TT Currently trying to figure out how soon I can go back… I really didn’t know how badly I would miss life in Korea!

  • That’s so sad!! I love themed cafes but I agree they are so expensive for what they have to offer, I went to the Vampire Cafe in Tokyo and while it was great, the food was like 3 times more expensive that what I would really have paid.
    But I’d love to go at least one time, just for fun and for the cuteness!! I love Snoopy! <3

    And does that drawing on the wall say Spain? Hahaha, How funny! 😀

  • Custom avatar Tony T:

    Korea seriously needs more themed cafes like this. Maybe one that appeals to geeky dudes more like a Dragon Ball Z or Gundam Cafe!

    I think Yongsan has the potential to be a way cooler nerd hangout spot if someone put in the effort to makes places like that pop up.

    • Elle:

      Yeah, I thought for sure someone would have a Taekwon V cafe~ but no luck yet. I did find a theme cafe around anime figures, but I have not been by it yet to see if it is as cool as the photos make it seem to be lol.

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    Still so jealous of all the cute cafes other country’s seem to have. I really wish that would become a thing in the US. They could at least make the Starbucks look different! Haha!

  • so cute ^_^, i love snoopy since i was little too ♥
    oh you were going to japan for holidays ?? ^^~ lucky lucky, i hope you had fun ♥

  • Custom avatar Allison:

    Location #1 is at “Seoul Metro Station”- what station is that? Seoul Station?

    • Elle:

      Yes, the location listed was at the “Seoul Station” stop on the metro 😀 I have not been by this location to confirm if it is open or the size yet though, if you visit please do let me know!

  • Custom avatar Cameron:

    OMG your site is sooooo cute!!! Its cool and very informative.

  • omg elle how is the snoopy food look like

  • it is very awesome cafe, can i visit there? where is address?

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