Large 4 floor Daiso in Hongdae! Stores range in size here from 1-4 floors usually.

If you live in Korea you already know very well what Daiso is, and most likely the nearest 5 stores to your home!  For those of you moving to Korea or planning on visiting Korea let me just give you a brief introduction to the giant chain that is Daiso 다이소!

Basically Daiso is like a Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or whatever they call them now~ you know what I mean!  It sells cheap items from around 1,000-5,000 for your home, bathroom, crafts, pets, toiletries, snacks, etc~ basically lots of misc junk you kind sorta need…. or think you need when you actually see it!

Daiso’s mission statement is “Items that make a house a home” so if you need little this and that’s to cute up your place, this is a nice and super cheap solution!!

Daiso is originally a Japanese chain founded in 1977 with its HQ in Higashi, Hiroshima City – Japan.  Currently it operates over 3000 stores across the world and apparently every month about 20 new stores are opening.  Here in Korea this chain is thriving and is a staple in the community, Seoul alone has over 177 locations and counting!  you can find one almost in every neighborhood if not two~  in my area I walk past 3 on the way to the metro station.

♥ ♥ ♥

Compared to the Japanese Daiso the Korean stores have a bit less stuff overall and many items are made just for the Korean market here or repackaged~ in fact, most Koreans do not even realize this is actually a Japanese chain… I think they may try and downplay that fact here as much as possible.  Regardless,  you can still find lots of cute goodies~ It is a hunting game, so just keep your eyes open!

Daiso locations in Korea are generally open from 10am-10pm *closed on national holidays*

Lots of great beauty basics can be bought at Daiso for reasonable prices~ they carry lots of things like nail clippers, grooming scissors, mini razors, tweezers, nail polish, buffers, remover, etc.

These are often just as good (if not exactly the same) as the ones you can buy at drugstores here for double the price.

They also sometimes carry a range of cleansers, shampoo, soaps, face masks, nose pore strips, hair dye, creams, and such.  I find the soaps and creams to be a bit too cheap for my taste, however the nose pore strips are pretty good for the cost (especially the black charcoal ones)  and for face masks they have recently partnered up with Leaders Clinic to bring a line of cheaper 1,000 masks which are great to try!

♥ ♥ ♥

I love Leaders Clinic masks here (they are my favorite) and they normally range from 2,000-4,000 per mask in Korea at drugstores~ so I was excited to find some simple ones by them at Daiso now!  The other Daiso brand masks are fairly basic and make good gifts.

Lots of cheap lashes! These range from 1,000-3,000 a pack usually.

I really like a lot of the nail polish here, for 1,000 won the quality is not too bad and great for layering~ you can see some of my nails painted with Daiso polish HERE.  The eyelashes are hit or miss, some are really stiff and cheap and others are soft and a nice find for the money.  Since I rarely wear lashes I can not tell you which ones to buy at this time though, maybe down the line I can review the choices here if enough people are interested ♥

Tons of pretty mirrors for your purse! They also sell larger ones you can use at home for makeup

often close by to the beauty section they will have a wall of clothing basics like stockings, socks, underpants, etc~  today we also found these fun animal hats for winter haha!  If you are in a pinch you can buy stocking or socks here, but I actually do not recommend it because you can find stocking in bulk packs and socks from street vendors or shops around the city~ they pretty much sell JUST socks in a cart or truck and are hard to miss!  1,000 is the cheapest you can buy cute socks here for though, so sometimes I do grab a single pair in here if I see something cute.

If you need basic office supplies like notebooks, glue, clips, tacks, dividers, folders, etc most Daiso shops will have a great aisle for that.

Cute mini clips for my papers or whatever!

Daiso also carries a small amount of toys which are always so cheap that they are amusing! In fact, I have a post dedicated to cheap Korean toys (mainly from Daiso) HERE on my blog ♥

Lots of basic craft supplies for kids~ clay, paints, and fun kits!

The iconic plastic piggy bank here in Korea~ you see these little guys everyplace.

In most shops you can also find some of the basics for wrapping pretty gifts, some wrapping paper, tissue paper, deco tape (extremely useful!!), and gift bags.

If you need cheap boxes for gifts or treats you can find lots of choices with pretty designs!

Here is a Daiso  box I bought to use for my homemade Valentines Day chocolates this year <3

Daiso has much cheaper options vs the stationary stores + these boxes make great mini storage


Depending on the size of the Daiso, you can usually find a nice cheap aisle of snacks!! They carry lots of the Korean basics, but sometimes I find a few imported things like Trolli gummie candy or goldfish crackers in here as well.

If you have a small apartment~ these wood racks are the best thing EVER!  I have one for my necklaces, one in my doorway for hats or bags, and one by my closet for coats or things I am too lazy to properly hang up in my closet.

Now that I am an adult, I have learned that I can always use a basket for something….eh useful. lol

They also have a nice selection of cheap, but still very useful frames.  They may not seem like much at the store….

but on the wall they look quite nice!! I used them to frame a bunch of drawings Nara did for me and placed them with my new Choo Choo Cats canvas prints!  You can see more of Nara’s beautiful art on his facebook fanpage HERE

some really adorable pastel cases I grabbed for my desk! Milk loves them too haha

These dividers are so useful~ I use the pastel ones to hold my watches or bracelets!

My Daiso vase for 2,000 won, flowers for 1,000 won, and big wall clock for around 5,000 won!!

Pretty flower decorations for your door~ these are cute and tacky-tastic at the same time.

I actually have a few vases of fake flowers in my house from here… I kinda like them because they are so colorful!

If you have real plants you can get some gardening supplies at Daiso as well~ Like these cute watering cans!  They also sometimes sell real plants, seeds, and flower pots if you want to attempt growing anything.

Baskets for everything and anything~

home department with baskets, shelves, pretty storage boxes, and other handy things.

Toothbrush holders featuring the characters from the famous Korean drama Dae Jang Geum | 대장금

Bunny and Kitty soap dishes!

rainbow of pretty face towels~

Larger Daiso shops love to display goodies in a big rainbow~ we are such suckers for displays, we LOVE this and are always drawn to the wall like a moth to the flame to take photos in front of it hahaha.

If you need ceramic plates, bowls, cups, mugs, or serving platters Daiso often has several designs to pick from. Because Koreans love coffee and tea they have a lot more cute mug choices though, so if you need some for your house this is a good place to stock up! The larger the Daiso, the better selection of ceramic they carry~ smaller ones may only have 2-3 designs while bigger Daisos like this one will have a whole wall to pick from.

They also carry plenty of plastic plates with really cute designs.  I use these a lot, they are a bit easier to manage and look really cute with snacks when you have company over.  I also have a tray on vanity to hold some of my daily makeup.

some handy bowls, plate, and forks I picked up last visit for snacks!

Mini ice cubes are cute, right??

Really useful heart section plate and silicone baking cups with little cars on the edges~ both from Daiso!

new strawberry bowl to add to my Daiso strawberry collection~ Baby Milk wasted no time in making it his tiny new house. Gah he used to be so small…..

If you love to make cute boxed lunches or treats, Daiso has lots of cheap and useful things for you!

Japanese items are in Korean Daiso from time to time, those products are always extra handy and cute!!  I found this cute heart sandwich pocket press and heart + flower rice mold!

Super cute rice scoops! This is mine ^^ They also sell heart-shaped ones in pink!

Cute things to make treats~ or cute things that look like treats!

Lots of basics AND cute basics for cooking and baking!

Cute kitchen gear! Daiso always seems to have what I need in pink ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

Because I am not living in Korea forever when I moved into my own apartment here I had a lot of things to buy to make me feel a bit more at home and make my space a bit cuter~  I think it is important to have a happy home or personal space here, even if you do not plan to stay. Daiso has been really great in helping me put together a “proper” home vs a make-shift one~ even if the things are cheap, everything is still very useful and they have a great selection of cheerful colors that brighten up my home.

Daiso locations

Small Daiso inside a train station & Daiso near bus stop

Because Daiso is a huge chain, It would take me a really long time to list of locations you should go to.  If you are coming here on vacation almost all the major tourist hot spots will have a large Daiso, and if you are moving here to live or study you will most likely run into one within days… I walk by 3 on my way to the closest metro station haha. They vary in size and appearance, but the red signs should be hard to miss and often it will say “DAISO” on the sign or within the logo if you cannot read Korean.  Often they are located very close to metro stations and larger bus stops.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you can read Korean, you can find the Daiso 다이소 in Korea closest to you HERE and simply plug the address into Naver maps or hand it to the taxi driver.

♥ ♥ ♥

Daiso is also in America!  If you live in California they actually have a few very good ones that carry lots of things mainly from the Japanese stores!! To see if you have a Daiso in your country you can check the listing on the official site HERE

Directions to Daiso in Hongdae  ♥  다이소 홍대

UPDATE!  Ok so this post became quite popular and I have been getting lots of mails asking where Daiso is~ like I said in the section above, it is a chain so they have them everyplace!  That is like asking where Mc Donalds is here haha, chances are one is close to you.  That being said, many asked about Daiso in Hongdae in particular (the very large one featured in my post)~ so because I love you guys I will post some directions!

You are going to want to take the Green Metro Line #2 to Hongdae Station and use Exit #9.  I prefer to walk straight out the exit along the road because it is a lot less crowded, but you can use the map as a guide of course and go another route if you prefer. Take your first Left and then another Left again and you should see the giant Daiso Hongdae building on your left very shortly!  This one gets crowded, so obviously weekdays will be the best time to visit if you don’t feel like swimming in a sea of students lol.

다이소 홍대  서울특별시 마포구 동교동  162-4

Sorry, I am not 100% sure about the hours of this location~ but I think most are open from around 10am-10pm

Have you ever been to a Daiso? If so, where did you go?  What are some of the best things you have found at a Daiso before? Share your experiences below with other readers!!

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64 Responses to “Cheap Cute in Korea at Daiso 다이소”

  • Everyting on that store is kawaii :O omg even the satins and pots are kawaii lol

  • Custom avatar Cheryl:

    They finally have one in SoCal! I wish there were more though. At least closer to Los Angeles. I hope they build just as many as the Bay Area. I love the little containers. So handy to put anything in!

  • The Daisos in America also re-package their goodies in English–I think it’s more of a translation thing though so people know what its for!! I love that store, I’m always going there to get more things for my kitchen. There aren’t many in the US though, only a few on the West Coast as far as I’m aware.

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, some of the stuff has to be repackaged of course! I think only the bento lunchbox stuff they keep the original text on it because they are made for Japan. I think back in the USA it is very obviously a Japanese store even with the translations though, I know the ones I went to in CA had it marketed as that as well! I used to love the ones back home though~ USA needs more of these stores, they are so handy AND cute.

  • Omfg the neon piggy banks!!! I absolutely love the way they displayed the baskets in rainbow order. <3

  • Custom avatar Emma:

    Not going to lie… I’m becoming obsessed with this blog! Your posts are all so exciting, SO cute, and very informative. I literally gushed to my mom about it because we have Korean family, and I guess I just never knew about this side of the country! But I feel like you should be getting a cut of the tourism revenue over there, because I’ve decided I will totally take up the chance to visit in the future if I ever get the opportunity haha.

    • Elle:

      Aw I am so glad!!! Haha yeah, it takes a little bit of digging to find the cute here~ I think it does not scream as loudly here VS other places, you know? It is here though! Seriously, Korea does need to just pay me a salary so I can keep it up for tourism lol I would love that because working on the blog and talking to all of you is way too much fun ^^

      • k-pop is sooooo popular here as well as korean makeup brands and i wasn’t much of a fan at first but reading your blog has contributed to making me a k-fan. I sooo want to visit now. I REALLY agree that the DOT of korea should pay you! 😀

        • Elle:

          haha aw thank you Marga! I will try to have some proper makeup brand features really soon, I buy so many but I have been distracted by all the cafes and events lately hehehe

          • I would LOVE that! My mom is going to Korea soon for research and I haven’t told her what I want her to get for me. Maybe you have some suggestions? Please! 🙂

          • Elle:

            Its hard to tell without knowing you well~ but I will be making a post of the like top 10 things to buy when visiting here in the future lol! For now, I would say cute clothing and lots of beauty products, those are very cheap here and work very well. My fave brand that I still need to feature here is “Etude House”

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    Everything is so cute! I want to order 100 things and have them shipped to the UK!
    You have to search really hard and spend a lot of money for any home essentials in any cute form here.
    This post made me happy, but so sad that I can’t have any of it for myself! 🙁


    • Elle:

      aw haha maybe Daiso will open a store in the UK sometime, they are popping up all over now it seems! Yeah, I really love that I can get simple cheap (and cut) things for the house, in America I would just go to “Target” because they get nice things (and lots of cute pink and heart things around valentines day so I stock up!) but they are still quite a bit expensive if you are on a budget.

  • I really, really looooove Daiso!♥
    It is an amazing store, I wish there was a store like that in my city!;__;
    Thank you so much for this super cute post, your pictures are very pretty and useful!^^
    Have a nice day!(^v^)ノ

  • Custom avatar Lauren:

    I can’t wait for Canada to acquire more of these stores!I wish I lived in BC so I could go shopping there. Or anywhere else I can get my hands on this stuff. ♥

  • Wowzers, that looks like a very colourful Daiso… and everything on the shelves is in stock unlike the one in Sydney, every time I’m there the nice stuff in the beauty section is always half gone ^_^

  • omg!!!

    I am so envious but so happy you found some cute colorful goodies! I sure wish we had one near where I live in Nebraska! but it might take a while, that or I will have to move to san francisco I guess! If I had 500 dollars to burn I would probably walk out with 5 cart loads full! yikes! lol

    • Custom avatar nagrom:

      I sooooo know how you feel! I live in a itty bitty lil’ town in alabama, and I had to go into another county just to find pocky!

      T.T hope they fix a Daiso where you live!

  • oh yeah i forgot to ask, is one able to order online and have the goodies shipped to middle of nowhere USA?? LOL I literally do live in a small town in the middle of nowhere….thanks! 🙂

    • Elle:

      I have no idea ^^; I know we have a site here for shopping online in Korea with Daiso, but I think you may need to use a shopping service in order to make payments to the Korean accounts~ sorry!

  • Custom avatar E:

    Daiso is awesome! Unfortunately, there’s only one (I know of, at least) in Auckland, and it’s always a tight squeeze due to the size (tiny!) of the shop (every aisle is like one middle-sized person’s walking space without feeling too claustrophobic). Always makes me paranoid I’ll knock into something (or someone, whoops). 🙁

    It’s always impossible to walk out of that shop without coming across something new and cute… Makes it hard to just look and not walk out of the store with half the inventory, haha. :S 😛

    • Custom avatar E:

      Also, the Korean Daiso logo kind of makes me think Uniqlo… Or a lego brick. 😛 Another random thought: I swear every country’s Daiso has a different logo or signage style. o_o

    • Custom avatar Percy Darling:

      OMG I totally know what you mean. Its like my favourite store but I can never get in there on a day when there isn’t like 2o thousand people. I always think I’m going to knock over a whole aisle when ever I pass someone. But I did get my Bento and accessories from there for like 10$! Love!!

  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    daiso is addicting for me,although neither dais ive been to is nearly that large! i would probably spend a quarter of my paycheck there lol

  • Custom avatar Javiera:

    I’ve seen many people commenting about Daiso, looks like a great place to go when you feel a little shopaholic and don´t regret it later XD
    Here in chile there’s no Daiso 🙁
    But! There are many korean inmigrants in some cities, so there are like little “Daiso-like” shops, with some korean products like those chalk-markers to write in your window, and looots of k-pop goodies! (here kpop is very popular, and they are showing korean doramas on open TV stations)
    So many cute items!

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    I totally love Daiso, while I was in Japan we went to the Daiso in Harajuku and I wanted to buy everything. At first I didn’t know it was a 100 yen shop and didn’t really look for the prices, if I knew it I would have bought more things haha Looking at the photos, I wanna buy lots of things and I like the rainbow display look so much better than random colors. Thanks a lot for this post and for the tons of photos, you worked really hard so thank you 😀
    omg, when I’ll go in Korea, I’ll have tons of stuff to bring back home, can’t throw cute things like this haha

  • I’d love to have a Daiso here, so many pretty things, though I wouldn’t know what not to buy, hahaha!

  • I need this store in my life! I hope they open a few in the UK sometime because I saw about 5000 thing’s I would want to buy including those tack-tastic flower wreaths ^^; How on earth do you go out day to day not buy so many thing’s? I’d have no control. i’m so tempted to ave up and come on holiday to Korea just to do loads of shopping and ship it all back home.

  • Custom avatar Rosa:

    I have a daiso here, but it isn’t that amazing! that is amazing

  • Custom avatar Rosa:

    And those pictures Nara did? i had always seen them and thought they were amazing but i didn’t know Nara made them!

    • Elle:

      Ah the pictures in the frames? Yes 😀 Nara did all the alpaca photos! He has such beautiful drawings so I was excited to have them on the wall hehe

      • Custom avatar Rosa:

        That’s amazing! i had always loved those photos, and did you know the blog Drop Dead Cute did a share on them once? Super cute. Nara’s talented.

  • Custom avatar Karlie:

    I love Daiso – in Korea and in Japan! We’ve got it here in Australia now, but nowhere near as good! I brought so much stuff home from the Hongdae store. I miss Korea!

  • I’ve only been to the Daiso in Harajuku and thanks for letting us know about the Daiso in Hongdae, been to Hongdae couple of times I might have just walked by it. Next time, it will be a stop to visit … I love buying random cutesy things from Daiso.

  • I would go CRAZY here!

  • Custom avatar pinkksoupp:

    Hi Elle! I stayed in Hongdae when I was in Seoul last week and OMG you were right, the Daiso in Hongdae is AMAZINGGGGG. I literally spazzed at the entrance, LOL. It’s nothing like the lame Daiso outlets here in Singapore where I live. I think I overdosed on stickers and post its at the Daiso in Hongdae ;D The outlets in Singapore totally need to step up their game after having seen the awesome stuff that they have in Korea. Can’t wait to be back again!

  • Custom avatar Gaby:

    That store is really kawaii ^^

    I must go there one day 🙂

    Thanks for sharing elle 🙂

  • The Daiso by you is so cute! I wish the ones in the USA had a large selection of nail polish too. ^^

  • Custom avatar Kat:

    Aghh this makes me want to go downtown and shop at Daiso some more. I love that Daiso has resuable shopping bags as well there for not expensive. I bought a couple of really big ones to lug all my goodies in when I’m shopping. ^^

  • oh my goodness, I would go crazy in that store lol
    I wish we had something like this in Toronto 🙁

  • You’re lucky! We have a Daiso here in the Philippines too and the largest one is only 2 floors. The selection is good but the selection is not as grand as the ones you have in your pictures. Maybe because Daiso is much more popular there in Korea and maybe because Koreans are very particular when it comes to displays. Daiso isn’t that common in major malls here. I saw one branch in an Ayala mall here in the ph but it’s really small. I don’t think that it has a branch in SM(the mall chain here in the ph that includes the SM Mall of Asia. maybe you’ve heard of it?). You should come to the Philippines. The department of tourism in the ph gave a hero’s welcome and top accommodations to the 1 millionth Korean visitor last time. They say their going to give a reward again to the 2 millionth visitor too. 🙂

  • Custom avatar tiff:

    im so bummed because i had stopped by the myeongdong daiso the first weekend of feb., and barely got to skim around the store since i was on a time restriction … so i finally went back this past weekend mainly to shop at the hongdae and myeongdong only to find out the latter closed! we dont know if they relocated but most likely not since it just said “thanks for your business” … if anyone has any other info regarding that, it would be much appreciated!! just wanted to post an fyi 🙂

  • Custom avatar Chris:

    I live in yangju. Do you have other locations that may be near my area? Thank you

    • Elle:

      Check the link I posted in the article for Daiso listing throughout Korea. Daiso is like Mc Donalds though, they are everyplace here so you always run into them at some point

      • Custom avatar scorpian cotten candy:

        So what you r saying that there is any daiso store or is it just were you live
        Korea if there is a daiso store at california could you be kind to share please
        Im so obsesse with clay i love the clay there i prayed if there is any store
        Here on caliornia if you see one please be kind to share and God Bless
        You ♥♥♥ XOXOXO

  • Custom avatar Jae:

    Was searching google for daiso in korea and came across your awesome blog!
    Moving to korea later this year, can’t wait! ^^

  • Will try to go tonight, since I need stuff for the room and it’s close to my place, but reading your post, i have that strange feeling that I’ll bring back some different things i don’t need actually ……… 🙂

    • Elle:

      haha at Daiso you always end up bringing something you dont need…. or at least I do for sure :3 hard to resist! Hope you find some cute stuff, it’s all how you use it!

      • hehe cute black and white dots scotch ruban, butterfly cisors, blue and white dot sketchbook…………a pink vichy umbrella……… only things very important 🙂 Are you living in the area? Because i saw today many places from your blog!!!

  • Custom avatar Yvonne:

    its interesting to read your blog posts on information about korea, now that you have mentioned about those leaders insolution masks collaboration with you have any idea where can I get those original leaders insolution masks in Seoul?

  • i love your website and where is dasio

  • Custom avatar Meow Melly:

    Can I buy some of those from the us somehow???

  • Custom avatar scorpian cotten candy:

    🙁 you are really lucky i wish i was there on korea but sadley 🙁 im not, i live on california 🙁 do you know if there is any on santa ana, california :-\ please answer if you know O:-)

    • Elle:

      California has a few locations, one is actually in LA around K-town. Just type “Daiso” in yelp and it will show you the addresses for CA like THIS I have not been to them yet in the USA though, so I do not know what they sell exactly.

      • Custom avatar ♥♥scorpian cotten candy♥♥:

        Thank You Very Much I Checked It Out You Were Right There was one on LA
        I went there today im barely 17 yrs old i told my mom about that store she
        Enjoyed it my mom bought a lot of kichen things she was Crazy inculding me
        I am a Big big fan of clay I almost got one out of every clay i felt like sceaming
        Thank You ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Custom avatar ♥♥scorpian cotten candy♥♥:

    Could you go online to buy it ♥♥

  • Hi Elle! I love this blog post…I will be traveling to Soeul this coming summer…can’t wait to stop at this cute store! Have you been to the makeup store A’Pieu? Do you know if it is a good makeup brand? <3 thank you!

    • Elle:

      Hi lilian! I am so sorry, I have actually never heard of that brand before.. in department stores, drug stores, or as a stand alone shop. Are you sure it is korean? I will keep my eyes out for it 🙂

  • Custom avatar Weitin:

    Hi, I will be heading korea soon. Will like to know whether there’s daiso around Sinseoldong Station?

  • Custom avatar ShuJun:

    Hi Elle, I really like your blog posts! I am researching for places to go as I will be coming to Seoul in September for my birthday trips… love all the shopping info and especially this post! 4 levels! We have Daiso here in Singapore but only limited to one floor(small shops). I love all the cooking and baking tools that you can find and also gift wrapping bags and stuffs! The ribbons are usually so cute and affordable!

    Now the biggest worries are how much money I need to bring to korea and the baggage weight limits… LOL

  • Custom avatar Maggie:

    Hi Elle, I really like your blog posts! It’s very useful. I’m going to Korea this July and staying at Sinchon. I’m looking forward to buy many clothes and shoes around Hongdae and Ehwa^^ By the way, do you know if Daiso sells those fold-able chairs?

    • Elle:

      So glad to hear XD which foldable chairs? They have cheap stools or baby chairs sometimes, but nothing very useful! May have better luck at emart!!

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