Another one of my dorky loves is looking at cheap toys… I can’t help myself.  I like to look at them in the dollar stores, that random shelf they would always have at the grocery, and the party favor aisles… I make a point just to swing by and see them sometimes.  I’m not sure why I like looking at them, maybe because since they are SO cheap you never know what the heck you will find.  Sometimes I see super ugly things, sometimes bootlegs, sometimes just the package art has been ripped off, and sometimes I see something that is kinda cute!

♥ ♥ ♥

Anyway, now that I live in Seoul I have a whole new assortment of cheap Korean toys to look at~ So this will me my post to share them! I spot these at convenience stores, Daiso, 문방구 locations, or plain old toy shops!

I will update this post as I spot more! Feel free to send in your own pics from Korea as well!

 “Melody Phone” with a blonde Ariel + Frog Princess gown + Barbie on the packaging!

Pororo pretend digital camera~ I’m sure it makes lots of annoying noises!

So what do you think of the cheap-o Korean toys? Do you like to look at these things as well when you are in a store? Have any old favorites you remember? Comment below!

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5 Responses to “Cheap Toys in Korea”

  • Oh I love the little furniture! I can see myself as a little kid begging for it! haha

    • Elle:

      haha I know me too! Anything like miniature or tiny I loved..well still do! I was staring at it wondering if I could possibly use it for something lol any excuse!

  • Custom avatar Jenny:

    Omg I fucking had that furniture set when I was a kid! I got it at a dollar store!

    • Elle:

      hahah omg the same one??? I saw a pizza pen here I swear to god I had in Grade 3! XD

    • Custom avatar Debra:

      hahahaha I had that same furniture when I was a kid too and I lived in Japan at the time. This is wild that they have been selling it internationally for over a decade

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