Ok maybe this is not a big deal to some people, but I love Mentos candy and they have a “Fresh Cola” flavor here in Korea!  I spotted these at E-mart the other day and since I love the candy and pretty much anything that is Cola flavored I got all excited and grabbed a few rolls.

Apparently this is a flavor sold in some parts of Asia, the UK, and in Australia according to the wiki… I wonder why the USA has not stocked it yet?  Anyway these are really good!!!  It does taste just like a fizzy fresh cola! If you see these and have not had the flavor before I suggest you give them a try!


So far I have only spotted these at E-mart, would be nice if smaller shops sold them since they sell the other fruit mentos usually

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5 Responses to “Cherry Cola Mentos in Korea!”

  • OMG girl, these are like a dream come true for me! Is there any way you could send me some!? I still have a box for you ;3 and I can’t find your address!

    • Elle:

      Sure thing girl! Let me check E-mart next time I head over and see if they still have them, I’ll be buying some for myself anyway lol. I’ll mail you my address as well, do you need the FL one or the Korea one? ♥

  • The USA never gets the good candy! haha!
    One of my favorite thing when traveling is to do to supermarkets to look at or buy food. It is just… well interesting. They have differnt brands and food… and … I just enjoy looking.
    I’m studying abroad in France, and it is one of my favorite things to day. Sadly, I’m spending too much and gaining weight from this hobby. haha!

  • Custom avatar purplefreak:

    Hey actually have these in San Francisco, CA. I get them all the time cause they are soo yummyyy

    • Elle:

      really?? Oh where!? I never saw them till I came here, but even here they are rare! Do they sell them normally in the USA now? :D

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