A few months ago I featured the very cute bakery in Hongdae~ Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰! Check out the original post for lots of pretty photos of the beautiful treats they bake plus a cookie haul of what I bought!

The chilled display case is always filled with lovely and fresh-looking cakes, but I never had an occasion to try them!

One of the most popular items is their strawberry cake, especially during strawberry season.  Suddenly the cases fill with beautiful strawberry cream cakes! Woah *__*

They sometimes have individual slices for sale by the register as well, but usually we are in Hongdae kinda late in the day so since they do not have a sit down cafe I put off buying them… kinda outta laziness since bringing cake home in a box on the buses and trains here can be kinda a pain!

Well~  Nara happened to be in the area for lunch with his friends the other day and remembered I really wanted to try the strawberry cake so he brought us home two slices! YESSS

While the cookies at  Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 are a little hit or miss in terms of flavor, the mini cheesecake blocks they make are super yummy so I was really optimistic to try the cakes here!  Japanese-style strawberry cake is my favorite and visually these looked really good~ so I was praying to the cake gods that they would not disappoint.

♥ ♥ ♥

I think most foreigners living in Korea can agree that cakes are very often hit or miss~ they don’t have it as down-pat as Japan does just yet.

One was traditional and the other had a layer of yummy jam with a meringue cookie dollop!

The taste….. was REALLY good!!  I was so happy and Nara was equally surprised since we were trying not to get our hopes up!!  Not too sweet, not too bland, and filled with plenty of super fresh juicy and naturally sweet strawberries!  I wish the whipped cream/icing was a teeeeeny bit sweeter, but often Korean cakes just use this totally bland whipped cream kinda icing that tastes like air~ so the fact this was made with the right stuff was good enough for me.  Just being nit-picky!

♥ I would give it an 9/10! ♥

 I am getting a full cake of this from  Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 for my birthday in April because I enjoyed it so much! I have had is a few other times since this post and it was even better when I got a fresh slice!  As of right now, this is my favorite place for japanese-style strawberry shortcake in Korea! YUM.

Milk even got to try a small sample and he loved it haha!  I will update this with pics of the full cake when I get it~ and hopefully I can go back and try some of the other sliced cakes from  Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 since they now have my stomachs attention.

♥ ♥ ♥

Want to visit Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 in Hongdae?  Please click HERE to read my full post with directions!

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16 Responses to “Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰- Strawberry Cake”

  • I absolutely love asian cakes as they have such tasty fruit in them. Growing up, I was always unhappy with traditional birthday cakes with icing on them, it was way too sweet and monotonous in flavour. These look delicious!

  • Custom avatar AngelaRenee:

    The cake looks so cute and yummy. I’ve never had real japanese-style sweets before but I have found recipes. They always turn out yummy and its so much decorating them!

  • Custom avatar Elle:

    I LOVE strawberry cream cake!!!!!!!! I’m getting some today >:D

    haha Milk has good taste ;D

  • Custom avatar Sophie:

    I just read this post and your previous one on Chocolat Yum, and I admit that their pastries look so so so delicious. X_X I would have bought pretty much everything you showed us in the pictures, haha. Everything is so well decorated! Milk is really cute! Thanks for this post, articles about food are always LOVED. :p

  • Custom avatar Lili:

    It looks so light and fluffy, yum!

  • Custom avatar Sunny Jeong:

    Oh my god! That looks so yummy! *.* Elle, you’re a lucky girl! You’re living in South Korea with your korean boyfriend, that’s my dream! I would love to have a korean boyfriend and live in Seoul… well, maybe I’m just too little right know, I’m only 14! haha ^^ And I’m spanish… I don’t know if I have many posibilities… I have a friend who has a korean boyfriend, she’s almost 18 and her boyfriend is 23 I think? She wants to live in Busan with her boyfriend, but she doesn’t have much money… I hope someday our dreams will come true! Wish us luck! :3

  • This cake looks good enough for me to actually make the trip up to Seoul for the sole purpose of eating their cakes!

  • Custom avatar bin:

    I was in Seoul for holiday with my friends and I took them to look for Chocolat Yum after reading your post about their cookies and cakes.. We bought a few slices of the cakes back and they were delicious!!! We also visited the tea cafe that you introduced in Ewha are and my friends all loved it!

    Thanks for your directions and maps! Please do continue to introduce more cute places and cafes in seoul so we can also visit them next time we are there!

    • Elle:

      Yay! I’m so happy to hear! Oh man, I am getting some of the cake this week~ very excited haha. Glad you found the tea cafe a-ok as well, I have a BUNCH of other adorable tea rooms I have photos to feature, hopefully next time you visit I will have several new things posted to add to your to-do list 😀 Hope you had a nice visit!

  • Custom avatar Meia G.:

    I want and need these.

  • I’m going to Seoul in a few days! Definitely need to visit this store!

  • Custom avatar aldin:

    Hello! do you know if they do online purchase and delivery?

  • Custom avatar karen:

    Hello, do u have chocolate yum´s telphone or website…?
    Thank u ^^

  • Custom avatar qas:

    hi liz! i dont know if i’m late for commenting because i just found your blog a few weeks ago and had been reading lots of your posts. I’m going to Korea this coming March and going to celebrate my birthday there. I wanted to buy one of Paris Baguettes cakes but i found out that the cakes are a little to expensive there u.u so i was wondering how much does cakes from chocolat yum cost? i hope to hear from you and if you have any opinion on any best cake shops, please do tell! thank you~

    p/s : your blog’s awesomely cute!

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