Today I have an extra adorable place to share with you! Quite possibly one of the cutest bakeries in all of Korea, let me share Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰 with you! Hongdae’s cutest bakery for the last 5 years!

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 ♥ Pronounced sho-co-la-yoom

For the last year we always walked by this shop in Hongdae since it is right around the park where they have the art market on Sundays~ I looked at the cakes in the window a few times, but never went in for some odd reason… till today. I think I always tended to pass it late at night and assumed it was a shop for buying whole cakes~ big mistake!

Wow!  I was so surprised!  Inside it has the cutest cottage feeling ever~ pretty lamps, macaroon trees, pastel flags, just editable and non-edible adorableness all-around.

The cakes looked very cute in the window, but when you enter inside it is filled with the most adorable baked-goods ever!!!!  Each packaged individually with pretty ribbons or ties to finish them off! I adore places that pay attention to fine details like this!


They had little cakes, tarts, cookies, chocolates, meringues, you name it!  Everything looked so cute, I knew I had to buy a pile of things just so I could experience them all in one swoop…. like some sort of cute-eating black hole. lol

The whole place feels like a vintage pastel dream kitchen at Grandmothers cottage!

They also had a few chilled cases for cake slices, mini pies, custards, and other treats

Ok, I know I say I love to eat everything~ but I REALLY love to eat strawberry shortcake. I was DYING to buy a slice of that cake… I need to go back for one asap.

This bakery is well-known for its cakes, shoo cream bread, and puddings!

this corner reminded me how much I miss Easter here in Korea~

They also sell imported + hand-made jam as well in the shop! Perfect to spread on your tea cookies or bake with!

Cookie utensils ♥  Perfect to stick in a parfait or sundae!

Little bear cookie sets! Looks like the shape was inspired by that plush bear, doesn’t it??

I was so excited to pick out things! Not even to eat, I just wanted them to stare at hahaha

I am going to be one of those old ladies that keeps fake food on display at her house someday, I just know it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I want to have a tea party asap!

Nara could not resist the cuteness and snuck away with the basket to pick some treats out too hehe

Beautiful Wedgewood treasures on the shelves ♥ I loves all the little trinkets around the bakery.


“chocolayoom uses 100% natural ingredients and stand on using the highest quality as well as Fresh ingredients.”

Chocolate dipped coffee beans in cute little drink containers.

Packaged mini cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, bitty bunt cakes, and brownies!

The brownies they make here are 70%  natural cacao! Everything is really baked with the best ingredients possible ♥

The owner was abroad on business, but we got to speak to the baker on staff and ask a few questions! Even the staff had cute little outfits on ♥ baby blue polka dot scarfs and jackets with red buttons.

According to some Korean blogs we read, since the cakes are all made with fresh ingredients the strawberry cakes are the absolute BEST in spring to early summer when the fruit is in-season!

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 also has a very nice drink menu if you want to have something to wash your adorable cookies down with on the go!  As you can see, the drinks are in Korean and English in case you can not read hangul ♥ some sound so good~ Sakurambo and Pink Lemonade? Yes please!  They also have dark and mild chocolate drinks, those are always really yummy.

Moist & fluffy choco muffins!

Cookies with jam, tarts, choco chip, dark chocolate, and even strawberry chocolate bars with real strawberries mixed in. They really have something for everyone here~ Also the selection changes often so you never know what you will find some days when you walk in.

Yummy cakes available for purchase!

Teddybear chocolate pops

Beautiful bitty cakes of fondant on display! Look at the detail on these~ ♥

Kiki greets you at the counter!

With my goodies in-hand it was time to head back home!  If you need to buy treats for a gift or to travel a bit better you can also opt to buy a box for about 1,000 won.

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰 Cute Korean Cookie Haul! ♥

And here are my goodies! We ended up with quite a plate of cuteness to chow down on, so we bought some milk tea and made a pile to attack!

First up are the macarons! Chocolat Yum sells a very nice flavor selection of these in the fridge below the register~ as many of you may already know though, macarons are often expensive and very hit or miss. We got spoiled forever by our old favorite shop in Redwood city, CA (Pamplemousse) who baked these PERFECTLY…so it is hard to find ones that can match them.

The perfect macaron should be crisp, chewy, airy,creamy and not overly sweet! READ UP ON IT HERE♥ 

Every so often we see macarons in Korea, but they are always dry, super ick sweet, and brittle total disappointment.

So how did our lemon and raspberry macarons from Chocolate yum measure up?

NOT BAD!!  Nara and I agreed that so far these are the best we have found here in Seoul! They had a nice light flavor and crisp, with a soft inside~ wish it was a tiny bit more chewy, but what can you do? lol.  The filling was something we have never had inside one before though, it was a kind of caramel, brown sugar, chocolate-ish smooth spread. I prefer ones that have a lighter filling that fits the flavor better, but these are still the best ones we have had in a long time and will most likely buy them again!

Next up is the character cookie of Marie!

This was a really yummy butter tea cookie with a nice smooth and light chocolate filling! This one was very sweet though, so I could only handle one before I had a sugar overload lol.  You can buy tea cookies in Korea, but most are packaged or if they are baked they taste bland and are often hockey puck hard 😛  these are perfect!! Chocolat yum knows how to bake, I am so glad the taste matches the cuteness so far!

Nara and I both really enjoyed these cookies~ simple and small!  The cookie was a bit harder with (we think) a bit of almond extract and the icing was a nice little bit of sweetness to finish it off!  I will totally be buying these again if I have friends over for tea or something ♥

The bear set was also really good, you get two in each pack ♥ At first I thought they would be butter cookies just like the Marie cookie I bought, but they are actually different!  The chocolate has a nice light and smooth chocolate filling and the cookie had a similar light choco flavor to it which I enjoyed. The sugar one was a bit less buttery VS the others and the filling was a really yummy peanut butter spread!

The chocolate chip & coconut cookies are not cute, but they looked so promising so I bought a pack to try~ soooo glad I did!  These are my favorites out of the whole pile hahaha go figure!  They are super thin and crumbly, but crispy and just melt in your mouth….mmmmm. Nara hates chocolate and coconut, but he loved these as well!

The cutest cookie in out tray tasted the plainist, go figure!  Dont get me wrong, it was a very yummy butter cookie and worth every penny for the adorably decorated top cookie you get with your two plain ones, but in the end it was just a simple cookie in taste.  These would make GREAT gifts since they come packaged so nice, so I will buy these again for gifts when needed~ just not for random munching XD  The icing it is topped with is very hard so it travels very very well, but was hard to eat.

Finally the last in our pile of treats, the bitty brick of cheesecake!  AHH THIS WAS GOOD!  My #2 favorite in the pile, it was a legit soft and creamy cheesecake~ not too sweet and not cakey like almost every other cheesecake in Korea!  It was a perfect single serving and even though it was nice and soft it was still very easy to unwrap and place nicely on the plate! I want to go back and try all the other cakes now for sure.

Directions to Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 358-125

Hours: Sunday- Thursday open from 11am- midnight. Friday- Saturday open from 11-2am

If you are coming by the Seoul Metro the best way is to take Green Line #2 to Hongik University aka Hongdae

To get to Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 it should be quite easy if you are familiar with the Hongdae area since it is pretty much right before Hongdae park. For tourists or people new to the area it can be a little tricky at fist since Hongdae is a little cluttered, chaotic, plus it new buildings are going up all the time lately.

My best advice is to eyeball this map since most of the major things in Hongdae are all on one looooong street, so you are simply walking all the way down and making a turn.

While walking from the metro you are going to have to cross a large street to get from one side of Hongdae (the side with the metro station and mainly pubs + restaurants) to the other side where all the shops and some of the clubs are.  Everyone pretty much crosses where they feel like it, so just follow the crowds to the street filled with clothing shops and people~  it should be easy to spot.  You are going to walk down this road of shops till almost the end where (as of this posting in 2012) you will see a Lush and a very pink Etude House on your left, this is the road you want to turn down to head towards Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰.

♥ ♥ ♥

Eventually you will see the shop on your left, it is a  bit back from the road (as you can see in the photos of the shop above) lurking in the shadows, so make sure you do not miss it.  Right next to it is Tom’s Cat Cafe, and across from it is ZARA ♥

Have you been to Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 before? Did you visit after reading here? Got any favorites?  What would you like to try? Comment below!! ♥

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36 Responses to “Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 ♥ Super Cute Seoul Bakery”

  • Custom avatar Maya:

    I have just recently found your blog, and have already (after looking through some past posts) found a whole lot of new and exciting places to add to my list of places to visit in Korea! I absolutely adore cute cafes and bakeries, so please continue the reviews from now on! Thanks xx

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    Wow! How have you not discovered such cuteness before? ㅋㅋㅋ I’ll definitely go there specially if I have someone over for tea/coffee. Thanks for the post. The best macarons in Korea actually is in somewhere around Hongdae that unfortunately I forgot the name! They’ve got macarons starting from 2,500 Won to 20,000 W 😀 There is also Passion 5 in Hannam-Dong (near Itaewon) which has its special section on macaron. They’re AMAZING! Passion 5 is a must-go chocolate bar you should try while in Korea! Their interior (at the second F) is beautiful too :X

    • Elle:

      Oh thank you for the info Nadia, I will have to check them out!! Ugh we have so many BAD macarons here in Seoul, I found the filling a bit sweet/different vs what I normally see~ but still quite good and baked correctly which was a start! Apparently the pudding and cakes are amazing so I am going back for some shortcake soon…my waist is suffering a lot lately *_*! If you stop by you have to try the little cheesecakes ♥ ♥ ♥ Glad you enjoy the bakery! I am so mad I never went in till now haha!

  • Custom avatar May:

    Is there a place in Korea which isn’t cute ? :p
    The answer seems to be “no” if we look at your blog, but is it really true ? I wonder !

    • Elle:

      hahaha well we have plenty of un-cute places here, I am just bringing you the cream of the crop! Like a cute-sniffing bloodhound of some kind maybe? lmaooo 😀

  • Custom avatar Reila:

    I just about died, lol. Added to favorites for my next visit to Seoul :’D

    I’m curious, do you live in the area (Edae/Hongdae), or is just your favorite? A lot of the places you post about seems to be there! (or maybe I’m imagining things lol)

    • Elle:

      I’m so glad! Please do stop by and comment here what you liked if you visit 😀 I actually live in Sillim, which is right in the middle kind of~ so I go to Gangnam or over to Hongdae/Edae/Hapjeong depending on what I feel like. I am around all the areas the same amount, however I think just I got in an Edae kick when I started the blog because I was going to school there so I kinda kept posting from that area haha. I’m working on building up the other areas just as much~ so soon I hope to have all the major hangout locations covered for visitors ♥ I think my favorite area is Hapjeong overall though!

  • Everything looks super delicious~~ but some of those cookies are so cute, I would be sad to eat them! ^^;;

  • So yummy looking! That strawberry shortcake looks incredible though!!

  • Wow I have a major sweet tooth so I always love your posts about sweets, but I’m pretty sure I’m about to pass out from looking at all the lovely yummies!

    I defiantly have to visit this bakery when I visit Korean! I wonder if its possible to take the jams back home. I guess I’d have to look into customs stuff.

    And can I say in a totally non-sexual way that Nara is incredibly fashionable! and I wish my BF dressed like that.

    • Elle:

      I have several more sweet shops to post about still, so sit tight haha~ I’m getting fat because of this blog! LOL
      That is a good question about the Jams…I would think it would be ok though, because it is in a jar and cooked, vs something fresh which can have bugs or grow, you know? I have flown with nutella and stuff before without any issues, I just put it in my check-in bags and triple bag it to be safe *_*

      haha Nara tries! Sometimes he out fancies me and I look like a scrub next to him XD

      • Yea I think with jams because there sealed it would be ok. I’d have to declare them but otherwise I think its alright.

        haha He always looks so swish! would you maybe look at doing a post about his fashion in the near future?
        My boyfriend has just agreed to let me show him clothes from Gmarket and stuff that I like.
        Like that jacket Nara is wearing! I love it and my BF likes it too. I’d love to know were he goes shopping.

        Keep up the amazing work!

        • Ahh I totally just found Nara’s Edae Shopping Haul No Idea how I missed that!

          I’m not sure but before you moved to Korea did you stay in Korea in guesthouses or hotels? I’m looking at places to stay when I go to Korea that are cheap and well priced. Just thought I might ask if you knew of anywhere in Seoul.

          Also I was the lady who asked you about buying the Hanbok online. After looking at sites online I believe you were right in saying its best to buy on in Korea. I’m been browsing Gmarket but I’m not sure whats a reasonable price for the set.

          • Elle:

            Thankfully since Nara’s parents have a large apartment here I always had a spare guestroom to crash at when I visited, however one summer I was here for several months and did stay in a Goshiwon 고시원 just so I could be on my own a bit! I highly recommend them if you need a cheap and small living space for a few months mine was a small closet-sized room with a mini fridge, tv, coat closet, and desk. The bathroom/shower was dorm style and down the hall + they had a kitchen with free rice and kimchi if you wanted and stove top to use when needed. I think at the time (although this was several years ago) I paid $400 usd a month to stay, but it is a flat fee so that is the only cost you have (no other bills or key money which is a large sum to cough up if you are only staying here for a year or less) best of luck!

  • i have such a sugar craving now!
    Those treats look soooo cute!

  • I’m a new follower, and just want to say I love your blog! Everything is so cute. I look forward to reading more! 🙂

    xo Aubree

  • Custom avatar Lilu:

    Another adorable cafe! I love it. I really wish we had cafes like that around where I am. >.< Can't wait to see what other wonderful finds you have to share.

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    Those cakes are beautiful! Maybe you could have one for your wedding?? Along with a bajillon cupcakes! Oh how I wish I could try that strawberry shortcake! It looks amazing. How are they about food allergies in Korea? All of the baked goods look awesome but I have a nut allergy and I wonder how seriously they take that. A lot of places over here begun to make it super important considering food allergies are on the rise in children. I didn’t know if that was just a US thing or world wide.

  • Oh I love this place! I remember the cookies you showed us~~ Feels very delicate and lovely~ ^^

  • I love everything here sooooooooo much :3
    I’m really a fan of sweets and this bakery is totally a must visit place for me 😀
    how I love there cakes,cookies,macarons, and name them all 😀
    I was really drooling when I view each photo @_@
    I really wanna visit that place so much 😀
    *strawberry lovers unit* I also love strawberries 😀
    thank you for introducing us this oh sweet bakery 😀

  • Oh my gosh, everything kawaii! ^w^

  • Btw, your blog is so cute. It must be so funny to live in Korea ´ ▽ ` )ノ

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    Oh My, This might be my favorite post yet!(I probably say that for all of your blogs) The bakery was adorable and I absolutely LOVE the little smiley face cookies with the pink icing cheeks, Heehee. I might never go to Korea but It’s so nice to dream *_*

    • Elle:

      Aw glad you liked it!! Hopefully you can come someday since it really is a fun place, but I will make sure to keep posting lots of photos for those of you that can not stop by in person 😀

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    I have never seen anywhere so adorable in my life! I would travel from England to Korea just for this one bakery. It’s like my dream bakery, but so much better then I could have imagined! I love this post. Thank you for all the pictures and details!

  • Custom avatar Nieves:

    Hi ~!!

    I love this place *___* I think it’s very cute .< !!

    Kisses from Spain ~!

  • Custom avatar jonephant:

    I visited last weekend but to be honest was very disappointed:(. Everything looked so delicious(and cute)but when i tasted i almost broke my tooth on the icing that covers the cute cookies. Also i would of thought that if someone is gonna spend so much time decorating them so expertly then they could of come up with a better cookie recipe than that. The macaroons were okay but “best in Seoul”? No way! The place does look amazing and feels warm and fuzzy inside but unfortunately the taste doesn’t match the look.

    • Elle:

      Yeah the decorated ones are always SO HARD, I did not enjoy eating them personally as I said in my review at the bottom~ did you see it? They are just for cuteness/gifts XD the actual taste of the cookies is just too plain. I find that most heavy decorated cookies are rock hard sadly here though, its a pity….but I do like that this location gives you a few plain ones under the top one (which I swear must just be for show since it is hard to eat) even though like I said, the taste is not for me. The goal of the blog is to show of the cute in Korea though, and they are cute for sure <3

      The Macaroons are not the *best in Seoul*, I did not say that ^^ just the best we have had *thus far* from a Korean shop (imported ones not included!)! They are baked properly which I have had a very hard time finding here~ most are dry and overdone garbage, so while I am not crazy about the filling they used, I was happy they at least know how to make them properly here! Did you have any of the mini cake squares or bagged cookies? Those are the ones that actually tasted very nice for me, I really love the mini cheesecake squares here and crispy chip cookies. Pity you did not find anything you liked!

  • Custom avatar Daphy:

    Your blog is really informative! 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Thank you!

  • Custom avatar Melody Chan:

    I found this cute bakery during my recent winter trip to Seoul, I love this bakery very much not only for its cute deco and outlook but all the pastries are yummy, I love their macaroons and meringue, regretted didn’t buy more back to my country(o^^o)

  • Custom avatar Jin:

    Are they accepting orders from the Philiipines?
    Can it be delivered to an entertainment in South Korea?

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