Those of you that read my blog know that I am a HUGE fan of the Korean brand Choo Choo Cats by Jetoy~ arguably one of Korea’s cutest original brands that had found a fair share of success abroad in places like Japan!  Well I have wonderful news for fellow fans, Choo Choo Cats is FINALLY getting proper USA distribution at last!  YES!!!

Since I originally featured the brand many of you have asked me where you can buy this cuteness abroad, and sadly for a while you were limited to very overpriced imports from Japan, attempting to order from Gmarket which can be a total headache, or gambling with very frequent bootlegs on Amazon/Ebay.

Meet Jetoy USA brand manager’s kitty “Isabella”! Milk has some competition!

Starting this Dec (aka NOW) Choo Choo Cats will be officially sold over here in the USA through a proper distributor, and Cute in Korea will be here to bring you the latest news on where to buy this brand + other fun releases!

Naturally,  I was extremely eager to help Jetoy USA reach out to you guys and share the news! To kick it off we have decided to pair up for a small holiday giveaway!!!

This will be only the beginning, READY TO WIN SOME CHOO CHOO CAT GOODIES???

We have 3 prizes to offer you guys~ all hand picked for cuteness by Elle and the USA brand manager over some warm red velvet hot cocoa at coffee bean last week ^^ Fun times!!

Grand Choo Choo Cat Prize~ Sponsored by Jetoy USA!

LaLaLa canvas makeup pouch, Choo Choo 2014 planner, sticker set, 4 postcards, and a Choo Choo Alice pen!

The 2014 planner will be a perfect adorable way to kick off the new year! Each page has cute color illustrations or goodies with room for notes or calendar scheduling!

Jetoy currently makes all of its products in Korea, the quality and color is always top-notch!

Tough choices… you hoard these pretty postcards for yourself or actually use them to write to friends? Are they worthy of such cuteness? XD

Adding to the grand prize I will also throw in some Korean treats and beauty goodies~ because why not?!

This time we have TWO runner-up prizes available to share!  Season of sharing the Korean cuteness!!

Runner-up “A”~ Critter Cuties Choo Choo Cat Set

You get an adorable “Animal friends” Choo Choo sticker pack, butterfly postcard, bling pen of the white kitty in a cute little bandana, and some Korean beauty samples.


Runner-up  “B” ~ Fancy Feline Choo Choo Cat Set

In this set you get the fancy “At Home” choo choo sticker set, a very elegant postcard, bling pen featuring the Alice design, and some Korean beauty samples!

Japan LA is the BEST and most TRUSTWORTHY place to buy Choo Choo Cats outside Korea currently!

For those of you already itching to buy some choo choo cat goodies, I am pleased to share the news that the very first store working with the new Jetoy USA distributor is JapanLA~ my dear friends shop/gallery!  You can buy a huge selection from the store in LA on Melrose avenue, or a selection online HEREwhile supplies last!  Again, these are 100% AUTHENTIC Choo Choo Cats products sold directly from the new USA Jetoy team to the Japan LA shop!

Because of this, the prices are some of the best you will find stateside currently!

Enter to win Choo Choo Cats goodies!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Simply enter using the Rafflecopter above!  This contest is open to everyone no matter where you live!!!  Remember that some options we have allowed you to enter once a day 😉  best of luck everyone and let’s support Jetoy on this new venture here in America and spread the Choo Choo Cat love.

Happy Holidays from Cute in Korea & Jetoy!

PS. on a side note, thank you for over 20K likes on our facebook as of this month!!

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139 Responses to “Choo Choo Cats Giveaway + Jetoy USA Launch!”

  • The makeup pouch is so cute!id put so many cute products in it :3 and also love the postcards!!

  • Custom avatar Winnie:

    Chichi cats are too irresistibly cute… I hope they can get even larger distributions here!

  • Custom avatar Tammy:

    Well personally I think that Choo Choo cats stuff is like so adorable in general because I have 2 cats and I just love love LOVEEE cats in yeah. The pouches are cute but I totally want to get prints and canvases in the future ^_^

  • Custom avatar Serena:

    I love their eyes !!

  • Custom avatar Mina:

    awwwwwwwwwww the diary~~~ so adorable, i cant wait to see more choo choo cat posts XD i really hope it opens shop everywhere!


  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Dear Elle,
    You’re the one that started my personal love for choo choo cat! Love love it!!! Hope I win something! >_<

  • Custom avatar gt:

    Omg! So much love for choo choo cat

  • Custom avatar Patti:

    My mother really likes cats and she might find these cats very cute. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Vanila:

    I would love to get the choo choo planner 🙂 I need it for schoolXD

  • So excited to see Choo Choo Cats making their way stateside! I remember your original post and fell in love with everything.

  • Custom avatar Katie O:

    I would love a Choo Choo planner <3 I have so much to do and would love to keep track with something this cute!

  • Custom avatar Jessie:

    Wow! I love the 2014 planner so much. Too cute.

  • Custom avatar Lauren Stanger:

    I love everything. I love to be super organized and on my top of my day to day activities and would love the Planner! <3

  • Custom avatar elodie:

    The bling pen is so cute the other nurses would be jealous of me lol ^^ thank you for this opportunity to win ! Have a merry christmas 😉

  • Custom avatar Cecy:

    I remember I saw this this brand of notebooks back when I was in China and always seemed like the covers read my mind: I love cats! And the art is awesome, I would love to have some notebooks myself, and the canvas pouch to store my cosmetics 😀

  • Custom avatar Suzanna:

    This is great news! Choo Choo Cats has such pretty artwork and so cute. I really love how it has a touch of almost sophisticated cute to it. I will definitely be supporting this brand. In my dream world I’d like for there to be a balance in the US/international eye of Japan and Korean products/media, etc. While it seems there’s a social culture to get interested in one and sort of shun the other, I definitely think there can be a balance and that there’s enough room for both on the market (as well as others).

  • Custom avatar Ronda:

    omg..I WANT THIS SO BADLY!! I mean I live in Kentucky….an I’m my chances of getting anything like this ever is slim to none.

  • aaaaaaaaahh! Choo choo cats! It was love at first sight! The pouch is so cute, and the planer omg who can resist that! and the stickers! omg omg omg I want them all!!! >_< hahaha

  • Custom avatar Ilaria:

    I love Choo Choo Cats because they are adorable .My favorite product are the stickers because I am a sticker addicted !!!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity ^-^

  • I really love the cat stuff!!!!

  • Custom avatar Dawn:

    I LOVE Choo Choo Cats, they’re just too cute! I think my dream product would be a 3DS Case! Think of how adorable that would be! X3

  • I came across your site randomly as it was suggested in my Feedly reader. I was on a solo trip to Seoul last November 2012 (my first time in the country) and I came across Choo Choo Cats in Kosney! Love at first sight! My favorite are the stickers 😀 And kudos to the Choo Choo Cats/Jetoy team, I remember the merchandise display in Kosney was quite striking and made a visual impact, so that’s great branding/visual marketing/merchandising 🙂

    Great site you have here, I love Korean stationery and crafts and Korean quirks, and I’m an illustrator, too! 🙂

    • Elle:

      Oooh kosney has the best choo choo display in Seoul I think!! You picked a good spot to discover it for sure 😉 thank you for your kind words~ its funny, I think I have quite a few fellow designers/artists that are regular readers here ^^ haha we must all be attracted to the same things visually!

  • Custom avatar Anastasia Starz:

    My DREAM Choo Choo Cat product would be something that sells in Australia! But probably kitty shoes with pink bows.

    • Elle:

      Ooooh shoes would be amazing! I know how pricey it can be for you guys, if I hear anything about sellers/shops in AU I will be sure to post it!

  • Custom avatar Karen:

    this is great news! thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Custom avatar Nataša:

    Choo Choo cat is soooo cute ^^.
    My favourite product is Choo Choo planner :).
    Since I am quite busy I need a planner, so that I do not forget things I need to do. I always spend A LOT of time looking for good looking planner in our stores, but I do not find it and in the end I have to buy dull one TT.TT. If you write your duties in cute planner I believe that you will accomplish them in a better mood.
    I would really be happy to win this giveaway, because you cannot buy Choo Choo products in Europe where I come from. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  • I love choo choo cats because they are the cutest!!! Their products are unique and I love cats!!! My favorite would be the weekly planner, because come on, who doesn’t want to write activities on a choo choo cat planner? 🙂

  • OMG! What an awesome giveaway!

    I love Choo Choo Cats because I really appreciate cat inspired/themed products. Also, I love stationery products, so yeah. And plus, cat inspired products remind me of my pet Tina… she was a cat and passed away about 3 months ago.
    Oh, my favorite items are the planner and also the sticker pack! So cute and girly :3

  • Custom avatar DonCookie:

    I once ordered something from Choo Choo cats, love this brand! i love all of their illustrations 🙂

    Btw. Merry Christmas! 😀

  • Custom avatar Angela:

    I love the cat stuff

  • Hello Elle ^_^

    Honest confession I dint hear much about choochoo cat products here because in India I dont think we have choochoo cat shops 🙁 But I came to know about this awesome cute brand from your blog. And you asked my favourite product. To be honest I love them all. Coz I love anything and everything cute. All the products mentioned above looks so damn cute! ^_^ This is christmas season! I am really excited about this giveaway! ^_^ *Hwaiting*

    Loads of love from India! <3

  • I’ve always loved the art style… that planner is absolutely adorable!

  • Custom avatar Irit:

    I love Choo Choo Cats because the designs are really cute, but are also a little creepy – my favorite combination.

    I would love to see some Choo Choo Cats jewelry!

  • Custom avatar Megan:

    Ohhh so cute!!! I love stickers, I have a small collection!! My dream item would probably be small stuffed animals, I love squishy things lol.

  • Custom avatar Gabrielle Anais:

    Ohhh those are so cute. My little sister and I love them but sometimes its tricky to buy them off ebay.

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    😀 where will they be sold in the US? will it only be online? or will they have outlets?! 😀 i’m SO excited!!

    • Elle:

      Atm you can buy them through japan LA (the link I posted, the owner is a big fan!!) But they will start to show up in other select retail locations that place orders soon. Hopefully we will see them in a larger chain ir dedicated shop someday, but for now expect them in cute boutiques I woukd think! If you have a favorite kawaii shop in your town make sure you tell them about choo choo cats so they can place an order XD

      • Custom avatar nagrom:

        XD i saw that when i re-looked at this! i swear, i’m such a blond some times XD anyway, thanks, now to inform my friends of kawaii! <3 god, i just want to buy all of the stuff Japan LA has. i was surprised at how reasonable the prices were! i was really expecting to pay quite a bit for the stationary, but i was really glad to see it wasn't!

  • So excited about this giveaway and the fact that I’ll finally be able to order stuff from Choo Choo cats in the US! =D

  • The Choo Choo Cats jewelry is reaaaaally cute!

  • Custom avatar Maya Williams:

    I love these cats so much! They’re just too cute (=^ㅇㅅㅇ^=)

  • Custom avatar Heather S:

    I love their eyes most! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    What an awesome giveaway! I love Jetoy Choo Choo Cats! I always look forward to getting a new Choo Choo Cats planner each year. ^.^

  • Custom avatar angelarenee:

    Yay! Another post about Choo Choo Cat and its a give away! AWESOME! I love my Choo Choo Cat mouse pad!!! To tell the truth I love every prodect that comes out!!

  • Custom avatar Luly:

    What a lovely giveaway! I really like the makeup pouch so so cute ღ.。.:*・♥・*:.。

  • Custom avatar amanda:

    I’m such a planner fan, and the choo choose cats planner is totally cute! Awesome giveaway!


  • I love the planner. I love to schedule my events really early and it’s organizing to have a planner . I really like to collect cute thing too. Good luck to everyone.

  • Custom avatar rara:

    I like this brand very much . The items are so cute and to die for ^__^
    Thank you very much for this cute giveaway 🙂

  • Custom avatar cait:

    I love Choo Choo Cats! I have a couple pens and would LOVE that planner.

  • Custom avatar Hoa:

    It’s thanks to you I know Choo choo Cat and I have to thank you for that !! I love their delicate style and the fact they use fairytales and common tales to product wonderful images with cats. Two of my passions together !

    I went to their shop in Séoul and felt in love with a reding hood phone case ;;;
    But my dream product would be an Alice in wonderland themed bagpack !!

    I hope one day they will have a reseller or a shop of their own in Paris TT__TT

  • Custom avatar Lara S:

    This is such good news! A cute way to keep organised *

  • Custom avatar Lorraine:

    They are sooooooooooooo cute!!! I’m a HUGE fan of cats too! They’re products are awesome and I really like the planner. It’s super cute!! I’m so excited!!! This is such a fantastic giveaway~

  • Custom avatar Fel:

    Omg, these accessories are so cute I want them all. I love kitties and this is some of the cutest cat stuff I have seen.

  • My favorite Choo Choo Cat product is their notebook! The planner is full of kawaiiness! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Custom avatar Amy:

    Yes! I wanted to buy them in the US in the longest time (I spent a ton in Korea buying JETOY products). I hope it comes to the east coast soon!

  • Custom avatar Melissa:

    You always have the best giveaways! I have a lot of Choo Choo Cat stuff but not any of the newer designs, so I’ll enter anyway!

  • Custom avatar Virginia:

    The planner is so cute! I think my sister would love the pen, too.

  • Custom avatar Lynn:

    I love choo choo cats! So adorable!

  • Custom avatar Natali:

    I dream with the Large Choo Choo Cat Tote Bag *-*

  • Custom avatar Abby:

    The little stationary sets are what always get me… The eyes on the kitties. *_* Omw. Too precious.

  • Custom avatar Kim:

    I think I would like one of their cute planners or pens for daily use~

  • Choo Choo cats is so freaking adorable! Can’t just chose one thing for a favourite! Oh and I totally think you should convince them to set up a distributor in Australia XD

  • How exciting! I really like Choo Choo cats-they’re so cute! I’m a fan of stationery and stickers…

  • Custom avatar Andrea M:

    This is a dream come true! I wish I could win a prize pack~ I love Choo Choo Cats because they’re just so dreamy~ The perfect mix of cute and refined! I’d love to have a Choo Choo Cat pillow *_*

  • Choo choo cats are so gorgeous.

  • I love Choo Choo Cats always look cute and fluffy!!!!!!:3

  • This is such a sweet giveaway ^_^ I’m very fond of Choo Choo Cats, especially since their white odd-eyed cat illustration resemble my cat (named Catootje). My favorite product are the Choo Choo Cat cards, which I like to send or give to cat-loving friends.

  • Custom avatar Feli:

    is there luggage? i want a backpack.

  • This post makes me excited for the future possibility of the products being sold further abroad *cough* Australia *cough* that would be amaze-balls, ahh I love choo choo cats, I think their cuteness is out of this World 🙂

  • Custom avatar Izumi:

    This is such an exciting opportunity. Choo Choo Kitty products I’ve seen always seemed to be copycats so I’m glad the official brand is coming and that you get to be a part of it.

    Happy holidays!

    • Custom avatar Izumi:

      Whoops, also need to say for the entry. I love Choo Choo Cat because it is a very cute line of products and the art is based off existing cats, which is awesome!

  • I love Choo Choo Cats cause are so adorable <3
    My favorite Choo Choo Cat product are calendar and pens!!

  • I adore Choo Choo Cats, because I love cats and their super cute images. I love especially fable-themed (Snow White! Alice i Wonderland! Red Riding Hood!) and korean-themed (in hanboks!) Choo Choo Cats stuff.

  • I first saw Choo Choo cat when I was in a tiny little store in Japan that was totally cat themed. I have been in love ever since. It would be super rad to finally own some Choo Choo stuff. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Marieke:

    I love choo choo cats because they are really CUTE!!!!! My favourite product are their stash boxes I love them. I can’t wait for Choo choo Cat in America

  • Custom avatar Lindsey:

    I love all of the choo choo cat products, but my favorite is the stickers and pens!

  • Custom avatar CupKate:

    I love Choo Choo ~ because CATS! Also, it feels so vintage and dainty. I love the rosey cheeks and especially the different coloured eyes, and chubbiness!
    I always liked the little pocket mirrors, but actually I think I like the planners the most now!
    I think my favourite item would be a planner, or any writing paper so I can share with penpals!

  • Custom avatar Sunny Lee:

    omg i love choo choo jetoy but I just never knew what the name of the brand was! I love cats so choo choo cat is something that can feed my addiction. <3

    My favorite choo choo products would probably be the calendars/daily planners! :3

  • Custom avatar Becky M.:

    Sooo cute!!!

  • Custom avatar Kim:

    Aw, I love Jetoy products and I’m super stoked that they’ve finally gotten a US distributor. The first choo choo cat product I ever bought was a passport holder and every time I travel outside the us, I always get comments on it, haha. Anyway, this is awesome!

  • Custom avatar Christina:


  • Custom avatar Catherine:

    These all look so cute, Choo Choo Cats, are so adorable. They really make stationary so cute and fun.

  • Custom avatar Tia:

    My favourite products are the art notes, the little notebooks with famous pieces of art redone Choo Choo Cat style. I especially like Le Fifre and Scream. They’re so cute!

  • Custom avatar mari:

    i love all jetoy products! *w*

  • Custom avatar Rafia:

    So cute! >_<

  • Custom avatar Silver:

    This is great news that they’re finally coming to the US! I absolutely love Choo Choo Cats. All the designs are so cute, elegant and pretty. To be honest, I like all of their products, but I like their pouches and canvas prints the most!

  • Custom avatar grimmfairy:

    So many pretty cat products. *____*

  • what I like is completely all of its stuff like when you just look at it , it will give the joy of cuteness!!! a basically likecats and a fan of Jetoy’s artworks.
    I also loved cats who have different eye color because they really look adorable when the have different shades of eye colors.
    I sometimes bump into street cats here in our country but the cats here always ignore us which upsets my heart ;_; but I was very ilove when I see choo choo cats jumping on my news feed in facebook.
    hope jetoy products will also sell here in the Philippines since I know a lot of girls loved cats here *wink wink*
    thank you Jetoy USA for making choo choo cats so freakin’ adorable!! I hope you spread cuteness around the world :))

  • I love cats stuff, is really cute and i have one cute cat ^^ I want a cute calendar! ;;

  • I absolutely adore the ChooChoo Cat art notebooks and the planner! :3

  • Custom avatar Andria:

    I have been Choo Choo Cats obsessed for a while but I haven’t been able to get my hands on any of the merch.
    Pouches and notebooks and stickers oh my!

  • Custom avatar Joyful:

    I love the cho cho cat pen . They are really pretty

  • Custom avatar Joyful:

    OMG the notebooks are so pretty

  • Custom avatar Amanda:

    Choo Choo cats are so cute! So glad they’re now becoming a little more easily available in the US. : )

  • Custom avatar river:

    so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute 😉

  • Custom avatar Jamie Alice Capo:

    I have been following choo choo cats since your first post on Cute in Korea! I think Milk is the cutest kitty who ever lived and I would like to see him as a choo choo cat!! Or a Miss kika/choo choo collaboration! I would also really like choo choo cat heels.

  • Custom avatar Jill:

    I love the choo choo cat planner I had one last year and used it everyday to keep track of assignments for school.

  • Custom avatar julie:

    OHHH! I love love ChooChoo Cat art notebooks!! It is soooo cute♥
    I think this match my personally and great use for college! 😀

  • YAY ChooChoo Cats!! :3

  • Finally! All the cute/adorableness of this is going to be available here. I’m excited, soon enough I shall be using all the cute things for school 🙂 <3

  • Custom avatar JellishMonday:

    I would love to have a ChooChoo Cat item! ;A; They’re so cute and irresistible! So glad that they’re finally within our reach! xD Now all I need is a cute T-shirt or maybe some themed leggings! <3

  • Custom avatar Odeli:

    I have a friend that likes cats, so I would give this to her if I win. 🙂 All the items are cute!

  • Custom avatar Nana:

    Definitely fall in love with Choo Choo Cats because I am a big fan of cat! Everything is so cute that I couldn’t pick which one of the Choo Choo Cats’ products I like at first! But I really like the make up pouch and planner! Hope to win this giveaway! ^_^

  • Custom avatar Michelle:

    A must have, so cute!

  • Custom avatar Denise:

    My favorite product would have to be the planner! It’s so colorful and cute, the designs are adorable~ ^^

  • I super love Jetoy! I want all of them. They’re just soooo cute~ How I wish Philippines would also have these adorable cats. ♥

  • Custom avatar Samantha:

    I am loving all these cat prints! So much fun! I really enjoy the purses and calenders 🙂

  • I adore the Choo Choo Cats in Hanboks! I would love to have a phone cover or make up compact.
    I’m so glad they are catching on outside of Asia I found one bootleg in a store here in Adelaide. Wish Australia could have more Choo Choo Cats.

    Choo Choo Cats have a very dreamy look to them. Even if the cat isn’t smiling as such they still bring a smile to my face! So cute.


  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    I Love the Choo Choo Cats range.
    I love their big shinny eyes and who doesn’t love cat stationary!

  • Custom avatar liz:

    I will have to visit Japan la :l I want some of those planners and pouches 🙂

    • Elle:

      Lol they are actually from Korea! Japan imports them to places like “tokyo hands” but for 2x the price ^^

  • Wow! What a super cute giveaway! I loooove Choo Choo Cats stuff! <3 Thanks, Elle and Jetoy USA! 😀

  • Custom avatar Nara:

    You never can get enough of Choo Choo Cats products. Too cute! <3

  • Custom avatar Oana:

    i loooove the bling pens <3 but everything is really cute! ^^

  • This is the best giveaway of this year so excited for it.

  • Custom avatar Megan:

    i love the soft colors and the uniqueness of it, ive never seen anything like these.

  • Custom avatar Cecilia:

    Hello, i’m an italian fan of this blog.
    Since i was a kid I really like cats and i have two of them: Bibò and Lulù. I found them in a garden and they were 1 month old T_T now they’re 13 yrs old!!
    Since you wrote about choo choo cats i searched everywhere because i wanted to purchase something from this brand, and i found a cover for my iphone and a mousepad.
    I don’t have any preference because I love every single item of this brand.

  • I love the Choo Choo Cats because the design is super super cute and pretty *0*♥

  • Custom avatar rafaela:

    I really love Choo Choo Cats cause your pretty artwork is so cute.

    I really want :
    *Choo Choo 2014 planner
    *sticker set

  • Custom avatar Kellie T.:

    I love anything with the Heaven kitty 😀

  • Choo Choo Cats are beautiful ♡
    I had seen the Snow White Cat and a few others online, but didn’t know their name, thank you for introducing them to me! I really like the pens (especially if they are black ink) as they are not only cute, but practical, make up pouch could be used as an adorable pencil case too~

  • Custom avatar Jenny:

    So excited for Choo Choo Cats in the US! I’ll be sure to stop by Japan LA and stock up on Choo Choo cuteness next time I’m in the area!

  • Custom avatar Jennifer Ramos:

    I’m so excited about this! I LOVE those kitties (。◕‿◕。) ♥

  • How cute! I would love to win anything in this giveaway! I love the cats and the fact that it’s from my mom’s homeland is even better! I really loved everything, that makeup pouch though! Love it!

  • Custom avatar Samantha Cox:

    I love choo choo cats bc they are sooooo freaking adorable! I love the Heaven cat. I don’t care what I win… all the stuff is super cute! Love this contest!!!

  • Custom avatar Javiera:

    I looove cute stationary, and this cats are amazingly cute! At first I find them very scary and un-real, but after your spotlight in the brand and see the real cats, I fell in love with them. I like planners and agendas, also cute notebooks 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Custom avatar Kelly S:

    Dear crazy cat ladies,
    Today we have won.

    Dream choo choo cats, dessert cats. Cause im a sucker for anything cute and sweet

  • I love everything is hard to choose only one, but I’d say stationary and planners are my favourites~~

  • Custom avatar Alieke:

    I think my favorite item of Jetoy Choo Choo cat I own right now are a set of halloween cards I put in little picute frames so they can hang on my wall.

    I loke the Choo Choo cats because they are just so cute and create a dreamy world of dreams, sparkles, flowers and cuteness I just want to live in!

  • Custom avatar Melon~:

    Choo Choo cats are absolutely adorable~

  • Loved all the cute items of Choo Choo Cats by Jetoy.
    Specially the stationary is lovely to gift and add to my collection..
    i have seen the Choo Choo cats collection at Jetoy seoul shop and it was really hard to choose among all those cute collection there!!!!

  • Custom avatar Noof:

    Hello Elle.. Awww so cute
    If you don’t mind, could I have your Instagram if you have one? to see your life in Korea, I love this country very much and I hope for my third visit soon
    I really love your page Continue in this wonderful work

  • I love the choo choo cats, but to live the end of the world, I have not had the opportunity to have some of them, but I’ll settle for looking at the pictures! 3 congratulations to the winners 🙂

  • Custom avatar CupKate:

    I just framed and hung my choo choo post cards. I thought I could post them to penpals, but in the end I couldn’t! I’ve also bought some picture frames for your prints from ebay, because they had to be extra special 😀

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