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If you love kitties dancing in fantasy worlds filled with flowers and pearls~ Well let me introduce you to the extremely popular and my absolute favorite Korean brand Choo Choo Cats!! These lovely koyangi are called 츄츄캣 (choo choo cat~ but “cat” is pronounced a bit more like “keht”)  or simply 츄츄 (choo choo) here!

Choo Choo Cats is a line of adorable dreamy eyed kitties from the Korean brand Jetoy!  What started off as a small collection of some mouse pads and stickers in 2001  has grown into one of Korea’s most popular stationary brands with girls of all ages! Now the line has dozens of illustrations on products like notebooks, wallets, passport covers, pens, cases, camera straps, shirts, teapots, and more! If you need something cute for your office or school bag, you need some 츄츄 goodies!

♥ ♥ ♥

My Choo Choo Cat haul… one of the many.  I love cats and bows..shocking for regular readers here, yes I know.

Choo Choo is my absolute FAVORITE Korean brand ever~ it is like a giant ball of everything I love rolled into one. Back in 2008 Nara came to Korea without me and brought me that snow white mouse pad (pictured above) as a gift saying he has spotted it on a small display someplace~ I was instantly hooked!  In 2010 we came back to Seoul for another visit and discovered that the kitty line had grown even bigger, every year since they have launched more an more illustrations on products! Now in 2012 Choo Choo Cat often has the largest display for a single brand in most stationary stores here + has been exported to Japan and Hong Kong with great success apparently.


I love these products because the art style is so soft and pretty + they often add that nice little extra twist of SUPER cute to products, you just don’t see that level of cute in Korea very often~ they like a simple and modest “etsy” cute most of the time.  For me personally, it also feels a bit more elegant cute vs hello kitty which is youthful cute, so I find myself buying more choo choo cat stationary nowadays~ I’m SO mature now!hur hur hur

Choo Choo Cat has many special Hanbok illustrations here in Korea ♥

Many people mistake Choo Choo Cats for a Japanese brand due to the extreme cute factor + they fact they are selling well in Japan, but nope!  This is a Korean brand and made right here in Korea , so the quality is top-notch!  Due to Choo Choo’s success in the international markets some special products with places like Japan in mind have been made~  such as a tea set and a Japanese language art book.

FYI if you are visiting Japan you can find Choo Choo Cats at “Tokyo Hands” but it costs a lot more .

 Recently the brand has started to make more general cat goodies like this new J-slim Clutch for 60,000 Won (about $60) so they are becoming the go-to brand for cat lovers! Products and illustrations retire as seasons change, so if you see something you like you may want to grab it before it goes away!  TOTALLY BUYING THIS CAT BAG!

 The art of Choo Choo Cats is always very whimsical and dream-like.  The cats always have a large gaze like they are looking up at something amazing or at you asking for a saucer of milk in rose china with sprinkles on top ♥

I’ll take one of everything please!

Where to buy Choo Choo Cats in Korea

These are some of the MANY chains you can buy Choo Choo Cat here in Korea. Most larger book stores or stationary shops ( 문방구) will also carry this brand since it is so popular though, so just keep your eyes open or find a big book store and you should come across a display!  You can also try using my search bar on my blog, if I review a location that has a good Choo Choo Cats selection I always mention it since I love them as well! Edae and Hongdae have a few shops with a large section, but really they are quite easy to find in many areas so don’t worry.

The Choo Choo Cat section at Bandi & Lunis bookstore at Podo Mall in Sillim

Personally, my favorite Choo Choo hunting places are 13ook in Hongdae for rare or older items, 코즈니 Kojeunee in Edae (the store with the giant pink shoe), Bandi and Lunis bookstore at Podo mall connected to Sillim station, and the Kyobo bookstore attached to Kwanhwamoon station.

코즈니 Kojeunee in Edae (the store with the giant pink shoe) has a new GIANT Choo Choo Cats section~ They have also started to carry some of the art and clothing items! This is actually one of the largest sections for them I have seen yet, so it is a great place to stop by and load up!

♥ ♥ ♥

Want a bit MORE Choo Choo though?  How about the retail boutiques!

Choo Choo Cats  has two stores here now!  The original is in Apgujeong which is a very tiny location, but has lots of the harder to find items like the Japanese tea set and shirts~ things you do not normally find at the stationary and book stores that sell the brand. I found it a little disappointing so don’t spend a day trying to get here if you are on vacation, but if you are in the area is it worth a stop by just to see the cute store ♥


♥  ♥  ♥

And for those of you around Insadong in Seoul~ Choo Choo JUST opened it’s brand new 2nd location this year!

I have not been yet, but I will do a post about it soon!!


Where to buy Choo Choo Cats online?

The official Korean store for Choo Choo Cats is right HERE , but you must have a Korean bank account and address to order.  Buying from Korean online stores is a giant headache, so you must use a shopping service if you are not here.  I have ordered from the online store before, and by “I” I mean I made Nara… and it was still kind of a pain for us!  Everything did arrive quickly though, so if you can get someone to help you it is a good way to buy whatever you want since they do have the full catalog online.

The very awesome and trust-worthy Strapya-ya has a HUGE selection of authentic Choo Choo Cat cases for the iphone~  imported from Japan plus the markup is not too bad. also has some Choo Choo Cats goodies!!

 Please be warned that anything not shipping from Korea may be bootleg because outside Korea this is a very difficult brand to buy wholesale and bootlegs for this brand do exist!  Ones being sold from suppliers/sellers in Japan are most likely authentic, however they have a larger markup because Choo Choo Cats is produced in small local Korean factories so they do not sell products for dirt cheap bulk wholesale price to stores or sellers. Make sure the price is reasonable and the product at least says “Jetoy” on it!

♥ ♥ ♥

Even real cats love Choo Choo Cats!

“Choo Choo Cats” is Copyright ⓒ JETOY All Rights Reserved.

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24 Responses to “Meet Choo Choo Cats ♥ The Cutest Cats in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    OMG. I am such a cat lady and I want everything! I’m super jealous you’re living in Korea. Now I definitely have to stalk ebay and see what goodies they have.

    • Elle:

      Choo Choo is very cat lady friendly!! haha it is hard for me to walk by a display without buying something *_*

  • Custom avatar Yume:

    DUDE I AM SUPER OBSESSED WITH THESE! i only have one iphone case & luggage tags but i wanted to buy a passport holder, a purse..EVERYTHINGGGGGG

    • Elle:

      I LOVEE my passport holder!! I’ll be posting a haul later this week and I will take pics of the back, so damn cute *_* TAKE ALL MY MONEY CHOO CHOO CATS. Have you tried ordering on G-market? They have so many sellers on that site, not sure if they ship overseas or not though

  • I love these kitties so much! I have a bunch of stickers and cards because I NEEDED THEMMMmm. I really want that tea pot and those adorable zipper bags! Way cute. I wish I could go to this store D:

    • Elle:

      I wish the tea pot was cheaper or they sold like a whole tea set for $100 or something T__T I would buy that and have magic kitty tea every single day haha

  • I’ve seen this brand many time but never found the name, thank you!

    That clutch is the best (I’ll be on Ebay now) and I never saw the cases on Strapya before..

    Great post!

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    In my imagination Korea and Japan are filled with pretty things like these :). I love your artwork and everything pink, with bows and super girly so of course i want everything in the pictures! 😀

  • Custom avatar Jen:

    Omg I love Choo choo! I’m so glad you did a post on them! I need to get that hanbok version! I love hanbok’s there so beautiful.

    Need to grab some choo choo from Gmarket!


  • damn straight choochoo cats!!! i regret not buying that space kitty calendar….why……….

  • Custom avatar Megan:

    I’m so obsessed with these cats. And I ALMOST forgot all about them on my korea trip because it was so short/jam packed. But then I walked into a bookstore and saw a HUGE Jetoy display, thanks goodness. My life would be so much sadder if I didn’t have my Red Riding Hood cat mouse pad.

  • This blog is the best thing I have ever seen omg! I literally just wrote down a list of things I need to buy the next time I fly to Korea, all thanks to you!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING ALL THESE CUTE THINGS ♥ ♥ ♥ I love Korea T^T

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Elle~! I am visiting Korea this summer and what are the price ranges for choo choo cat items? I am definitely gonna buy some! 😀

    • Elle:

      humm, I think they are pretty typical stationary prices like Sanrio 🙂 not dirt cheap, but not too expensive either. Most things range from $5-$20 usd

  • More of this please! I´m a self-confessed stationary/notebook addict and I really enjoy the Korean brands.<3

  • Custom avatar Victoria:

    I love jetoy!!! It sucks they don’t have more stationary and such here in America. 🙁
    I really want all the cute things but will have to pay a lot online for them. :/ lol
    Thanks for the post!! It’s awesome!! <3

  • Custom avatar angelarenee:

    I want it all!!!!!!!!!

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Elle! I am in Korea~!! I went to 인사동 to shop yesterday and I went crazy when I found a choochoocat store there 🙂 I bought some things on sale and loved all my haul~! ^^ also I went to Taiwan two weeks ago and they had a small section of choochoocat in my favorite bookstore 🙂 absolutely love this brand. Thank you Elle for introducing it to me!

  • Custom avatar Maren:

    Sadly the store in Edae no longer carries any jetoy. Went to ¹³book, artbox, and kojuenae and nothing. Luckily I live in Korea and can order online.

    • Elle:

      Kosney got rid of its wall?? I just saw someone upload a photo of it last month or so, was this recent? I will have to check this out when I go back next month for sure because they had the best selection and have carried it so long! You can try the book store at sillim station (bottom floor of podo mall) they had a very large selection as well, although I have not been by in 6 months!

  • I LOVE Jetoy, so adorable! I’d buy everything too! 😀 xox

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