UPDATE!  I found some REALLY nice and subtle brands recently here!  I will be adding them to this post soon and bulking this post up with a lot more info and photos~ I wrote this quickly when I first started the blog, but its one of the more popular pages on here atm so I will beef it up ♥ I promise!


Just my personal experiences and opinions on cosmetic circle lenses as a casual wearer and of course as a Caucasian that uses them.  Also please keep in mind, I write as someone who wants subtle enlargement/ color change~ so that’s my goal when shopping! ♥

Ah circle lenses~ If you don’t know what this fashion trend is just google it for more info because so much info is online now for them in great detail~ no sense getting into it too deeply here. Basically its a contact lens that is meant to enlarge your iris giving you a cute baby eye effect.  For some people it dramatically changes their look with that + some eyelid glue/tape… like the image above O_O wow!! Even large brands from back home like Acuvue have a circle lens line in Asia that (as of right now anyway) is not available in stores back home.

♥ ♥ ♥

I actually started looking into circle lenses a few years ago when they first started to float around blogs through group ordering because I can not wear ANY of the color contacts available on the USA market (at least at the time) unless it was a full tint color which became difficult to find after I ran out of my stock in 2005.  I forget why… if my eyeball is tiny or a weird shape, but contacts from back in the USA basically halo over my field of vision (meaning the color area drifts down and blocks my sight) to the point that they are unwearable! Since circle lenses have a LARGE opening for the pupil they became a great solution to my problem!!

♥ Posing in my lenses

I really love circle lenses and think that Korean girls over here look really cute with them on, but for me its a lot harder to pull off wearing them casually without looking a little weird and freaking out my boyfriend. I think this has a lot to do with the setting and shape of foreign eyes vs Asian eyes (the original market for this) that tends to make something look adorable on them, but a bit too noticeable or strange on me!Argh!  That being said, I still like to wear them for certain occasions, ESPECIALLY when I know I will be taking a lot of photos…. no matter how odd they may look when staring at yourself in the mirror, circle lenses always really make eyes pop and look cute in photos.  Its ok, I’ll take that~ I wont be picky!

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ My eye with 14mm circle vs normal ♥

For circle lenses on Caucasian eyes, I find the closer I stay to 14.00mm the better!! Anything over 15.00mm (or even 14.5mm) just does not have the same effect on my eyes like it does on the girls here!  Dramatic enlarging does not have the same effect on my eyes for sure, subtle with the ring looks the best and gives the same sort of “look” I think without being too crazy. Sticking close to 14.00mm is my general rule..although it can be hard to find lenses that small since bigger is becoming more popular. I have a few around 14.5mm and one 14.8mm that still look ok on me, mainly due to the style of the lens and how the ring is designed.

Most circle lenses have a big black bold ring that acts as the enlarger to give you the doll effect. Behold, the magic circle! In my humble opinion, lot of what makes a lens pretty VS jarring to others looking at you is just how that line is handled.  How thick is the ring, does it taper off into the color, how is the ring designed/shaped etc.

On my eyes ( in terms of how the larger lens looks within my eye shape VS enhancement) I find that lenses with a thinner black ring blended OR the increasingly common colored outer rings (green for green, brown for brown, etc) look a LOT nicer in my eye VS a plain solid black ring.  I cant honestly say 100% its because I have deeper set almond eyes or just because I have a lighter eye color vs the normal brown here,  but black rings that are super thick just look plain weird on me and give me the wrong kinds of stares  VS when my Asian friends wear them.  On them they blend a little better+ sit better within the eye shape since its smaller making it look much cuter.

One thing that I have absolutely learned about wearing circle lens contacts…  I need to wear a BUNCH of eye makeup for it to look nice.  Since my eye is wider, more of the iris is exposed making the lens appear really strange and sharp around the edges in my eye~ that bold and sharpness makes it more noticeable to other people… and not in a good way.  Kinda like in a “ahh I can stop looking at those contacts” … hope that makes sense.  Anyway, application of nice thick liner and lashes really seems to frame in the contact lens in a way and makes the eye area blend together better. When I started wearing bolder eye makeup with the contacts my responses got a 100x better and from looking at photos I can see why.

In terms of comfort, it varies greatly on the brand and size of the lens.  I find GEO to be the most consistently comfortable~ especially the ones with just the simple bands VS a full color change.  I wear contacts normally, but for circle lenses I can only stand about 6 hours in them before they start to bug me a bit…. 10 if I am lucky. When I wear them out I always bring a small bottle of red-out eye drops and apply them after I put in the lens and if they start to get red later on.  It helps a lot and these drops are available here in Korea at the drugstore! “Visine” or the “Clear Eyes” drops, just look for ones that are specifically for redness!

♥ ♥ ♥

 Also, all the other sites say this and I agree~  when you first buy lenses its best to soak them in some fresh solution overnight.  If I put them in right out of the bottle they can STING, but after sitting in the solution overnight they usually feel just fine!

ultimate eye form has been attained

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6 Responses to “Circle lenses on a white chick”

  • Anneli:

    Ohh lenses are so cooool… love that pic of us btw hahahaa – good times!! <3

  • Custom avatar Tiffie:

    Thanks for the super informative post! I’ve always been bummed that I can’t find decent circle lenses here at home. Well, the cute little Morning Glory next to the tofu place sells them, but they’re the SUPER sketch kind. ^_^ I don’t wanna scratch my corneas up.

  • Custom avatar Meg:

    Thank you so much for this guide! I’ve been looking into circle lenses for cosplay purposes but have been having trouble figuring out what they would look like on me, a white chick. This is super useful!

    • Elle:

      I’m so glad!! I actually have some new info and pics to expand this article with, I found even smaller circle lenses that are only 14mm in size here that work MUCH MUCH better… less is def more with lenses on my eyes at least! http://cuteinkorea.com/circlelenses-in-korea/ has some of the top lenses here listed to give you an idea, its Korean top but they like super small lenses 14mm-ish in size as well so it applies here for eyes like ours XD

  • Circle lenses are cute. <3

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