Name:    Crunch King (크런치킹)

Calories: 255

Maker: HT

Verdict: yum, but it needs more crunchy things!


Crunch King ice cream in Korea is really interesting Korean Ice cream snack and quite filling… after one of those I am good to go for quite some time!  Basically it is a chocolate version of the waffle-style ice creams that come and go around here, which is great since they are often flavors like green tea or red bean flavor~ I know it is such a foreigner thing, but I really just do not enjoy those ice cream flavors hehe

The waffle is like all the other types you can buy here in Korea…. I swear they all come from the same factory (most likely lol). It is not exactly like a waffle per say, it is more airy and kinda cardboard-ish… it does not add much to the taste, its just kinda there to fill and contain the ingredients.

Inside you will find a nice portion of creamy vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and crunch balls mixed in!

♥ ♥ ♥

The portion of chocolate with ice cream in this treat is spot on for me~ the chocolate is more of a sweet dark choco so it tastes really great with the vanilla and not sickly sweet like milk chocolate can be.

My only gripe is it needs more cookie crunch-balls, the little things shown in the package!!! You do not get anything close to that amount! The dark chocolate has a very small amount mixed into it, but they are GOOD and add such a fun texture~ I wish it had double the amount! In the photo above you can’t even see any popping out of the chocolate…they are pretty sparse!

Just a note, it seems that this year Crunch King has changed its packaging! Looks nice!

Aside from my crunchy ball gripes, overall its a really good treat! Does not make too much of a mess and it’s one of the more interesting things to munch on out of the freezer section here due to all the different textures….at least for me anyway! Its a nice ice cream and not overly sweet despite all the sugar crammed in!

Have you had this yummy Korean ice cream treat before? Did you like it?  Have another favorite here you can’t stop eating? Got a treat you want me to review next? Share in the comments below!

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