Outside Sillim station on the center green line is a great drinking hotspot for people that want to hang out in smaller crowds or catch a movie over at Podo Mall across the street and have some beers after.  It is a small area packed with little cafes and hofs, so even though I live around the area I still have not been to a lot of the places *_* too many!

Yesterday we had some time to kill and felt like a drink, so we came across this cute little gem called 사과나무 (Apple Tree) which is great if you want someplace a little quieter for a date or to talk OR really like cocktails!

Inside is nice and dim with lots of cute toys mixed around with apple knick nacks~ it is really cozy! I guess it is an Apple theme cafe kind of ^^

Non Smoking lounge/cafe !! Lots of people like this location for that reason ♥

♥ Free Wi-fi♥

The cocktail selection is really decent considering how tiny the place is, and they have a handy strength and sweetness ranking on them in case you are looking for something in particular! Everything is cute and colorful~ just how I like my drinks! haha.

♥ ♥ ♥

They do ID at this location, so make sure you bring a card with you if you want a drink…. seems kind of obvious I guess, but I have only had to show my card maybe 2 times in two years so I forget it sometimes ^^; plus I am sure I look really old to most Koreans.

Even though it is simple, sometimes you really just want a quiet drink away from the screaming table with 5 pitchers of beer  slamming things everyplace… that is common in most of the bars here and people get rowdy.  Some nights I am always looking for a mixed drink since I hate beer, so I am really glad we found this place for those nights~ plus it is a perfect sit down and unwind meeting location next to the train station.

The dink prices are kind of typical for Korea, about 6,000-8,000 won a glass~ however one strike because the drinks are very tiny!  My Martini glass was a mini size one (~_~) So this would be an expensive place to DRINK drink, its more a sip on a cocktail and chat sort of place I guess.  They also had some basic coffee and other drink choices

Nara got a really awesome looking rainbow drink!!  Mine was an ice-slush pomegranate and tasted very refreshing

We have not ordered them yet, but apparently the brownie and parfaits are really good here!

사과나무 Apple Tree

Address: 서울 관악구 신림동 1638-4   (Seoul, Gwanak-gu, Sillim-dong 1638-4)

Hours: 3pm-Midnight


Apple Tree is fairly easy to find considering the cluster of buildings back behind Sillim.  I find the easiest way is to use Exit 4 at Sillim station, the walk is very short!


Exit 4 and follow the road till you see a “Tony Moly” on your left, turn down that road and keep walking!

eventually you will see the sticker photo buildings on your left,  “Photostar” has a rainbow sign and is hard to miss!  Just next to it is another sticker photo room called “얼짱!” and you will see the brown sign for “사과나무” directly above it.  On the left side of the building is the stairway, just follow it up to the 2nd floor and there you are!

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3 Responses to “Cute cocktails in Sillim at ♥ 사과나무 Apple Tree”

  • Custom avatar Caitlyn:

    I know this is super late, but my friend and I went to this cafe the day you posted this. It was so cute! We even tried the drink Nara got~ But we had to show the owner the picture you took, since we didn’t see it on the menu for whatever reason. She was really surprised, (but happy!) we came there because of a blog post. Now my friend goes there regularly to hang out with the owner 😀 So thanks for having such an awesome blog <3

    • Elle:

      Ahhhhh I am SO happy to hear that!!! It really is a cute little spot to hang out, isn’t it? If you see a blonde girl with a Korean guy inside sometime it is prob me since I live in the area, so say hi! XD
      Thanks so much for letting me know too, I think this is the first post someone has left me that actually went to a place I posted about ^^ so I am happy I was a little helpful hehe.

      • Custom avatar Caitlyn:

        I will let my friend know she can say hi! Hopefully I’ll be back in Korea soon too, and maybe we’ll spot each other ^^
        Wait really? But all of your suggestions are so great! I think I have half of your posts bookmarked so I can visit them when I go back haha. I meant to visit more this summer, but I was on the other side of Seoul for most of my stay, unfortunately.

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