As a little girl I LOVED different arts and craft kits~ spin art, paper flower press, clay charms, you name it and I wanted it or got it for my birthday if I was lucky. Korea is FILLED with cute little art kits for kids, and they all look like a lot of fun… I have almost bought a few just to play with~  It is hard to resist!  Here are some quick snapshots of cool ones I come across here  ^^

♥  I will add new ones to the top of this post as I find them!

Jewelry bling set you make with a sparkle liquid!

Mimi fashion doll kit

Cute clay craft kit on display~

close up!  Look at all the cute things you can make ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

Sorry about the photo or lighting quality in some of these!

I have to ninja snap them at the stores so I can’t be too picky ^^

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8 Responses to “Cute Craft Kits of Korea”

  • How cute! I would love to get my hands on the foam donut kit! They have littel cute faces on them as examples!
    And the Bling kit looks fun too! haha!
    I still love little art kits! ^_^

  • Custom avatar Joey:

    Hi may i know where can i get all this craft item from ? i’m heaDING to korea next week ^^

    • Elle:

      Toy stores usually! Sometimes bookstores sell them as well, it just depends on the area~

  • Holy smokes, I would have gone crazy with these as a kid…..or now

  • Custom avatar Jamy:

    omg they are all so kawaii !!!!!

  • These toys you can find them in any toystores, but these pics were taken mostly in E-mart at Guro-dong. ^^ If you go to a toys r us in Korea you will see a lot of these too.

  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    I now know what I’ll be doing with my evenings after work in Korea. Oh god, so much potential to waste money here! I’m a huge sucker for adorable crafts

  • Custom avatar Euri Kim (유리:

    Wow! I loved these kits as a kid 🙂 I remember how much fun it was XD
    I better buy more of these to re-live my childhood… LOL
    Love your blog BTW <3


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