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So yes, I finally decided to start to do a Korea vlog~ I’m new to this, so please forgive the editing and my nervousness ^^ I’m used to answering art questions on livestream a lot, but just show and telling on camera was new for me haha!

코즈니 Kojeunee in Edae (the store with the giant pink shoe) has a new GIANT Choo Choo Cats section~ They have also started to carry some of the art and clothing items! This is actually one of the largest sections for them I have seen yet, so it is a great place to stop by and load up! We bought 3 canvas prints and a few other goodies I will post about later~I also talk about the stupid cute notebooks I have been collecting! ♥  Hope you enjoy the video and subscribe to see some more from me~ I will attempt to do 1 video a week!

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Let me know if you have any Korea questions you want answered or things you want to me to show you!

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8 Responses to “Cute in Korea Vlog~ Choo Choo Cats Haul!”

  • omo~ a vlog post~! how fun! ^^ I really love your lipgloss shade, it is such a bright and happy color~~

    Are those notebooks published by Ibis? Because they remind me of some cute notebooks I bought with fun “Konglish” sayings on them!

  • Custom avatar Lau:

    Neat video! I’d love to see makeup and clothing you like to buy in Korea! (Maybe some brands that you think are definitely worth checking out for those of us outside of Korea.)

    The notebooks cracked me up! But I like your logic: puppies + rainbow + sparkles = Im there! Haha 🙂

  • Custom avatar Tracy Hicks:

    Hi!! I am so excited about your cute in Korea! I have a couple of friends that live in Seoul, and I enjoy all of your posts about Korea! I have always wanted to go there, but haven’t had the chance. Now, I want to go even more since I have viewed all of your photos!! They are wonderful! Thank you so much!!

    • Elle:

      aw thank you so much! 😀 Since you have some friends here you should totally use it as an excuse to visit now ♥ you can shop and eat till you drop here hahaha

  • Custom avatar mike:


    I was trying to find a nice pet boutique in seoul. any recommendations (other than dorthy’s?) maybe even with a online site? Thanks!

    • Elle:

      Hi Mike, sorry at this time this is the only very nice boutique I have come across. Most of the pet clothing is sold on the street here so you can find lots of it around, but expensive clothing is a bit more random. One of the brands sold in the shop is Juni Bell ( ) and if you mail them you can arrange shipping in English because the owner does speak some 🙂 I met with her for an interview a few weeks ago, just have not had a chance to feature yet. Good luck

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