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Hey guys!  So the blog’s first birthday is coming up and I have been trying to decide what exactly to do that would be fun~  how about a fanart contest???

I am an artist myself, so really it is the only thing that keeps popping in my mind that would be fun! haha…maybe?  Do I have any readers that are artists too??

Here are the rules:

Subject: draw Nara, myself, little Milk, or whatever inspires you in regards to

Deadline March 30th


plus kinda open to maaaybe hearing what you would like as a prize if you win.  You love ETUDE house or a K-star? Maybe I can hook you up with a treat ^^

Winner and runner-ups will be posted in an upcoming blog post! (assuming I get enough entries anyway!)

Feel free to use the logo!

You can send all entries to kika(at)misskika(dot)com with “Cute in Korea Fanart Contest” as the subject!! OR post a link to them in the comments below!


Name/online name


Website (if you want your site, deviantart, tumblr, etc posted with the art)

Please keep in mind I can only display images with a max width of 600 pixels~ Not that your art has to be that size at all, but if you send something crazy looooooong it will have to be sized down to fit! ^^

Please only send in your 100% original art 🙂 no traces or recolors of someone’s drawings! ^^  I WILL be checking on image search to make sure the art is yours.

Thank you everyone and I hope this contest will be of some interest to you guys!!  If you plan on drawing something please let me know in the comments below so I know if you guys are into this or not ^^;;

~~~~~~~~~~ENTRIES ~~~~~~~~~~

Jazmyn Douillard/Canada

Rae B./  USA

AngelaRenee / USA

Serena/  USA

Coco / France

Fiona / Australia

Julie / USA

Lily / USA

Daniela Véliz/Pez en un Papel  / Chile
kojeblogger / India
Sporkii/ USA

Rei // USA

Katie/ New Zealand

Margaret Yoder / USA

Pusine / USA

Winnie Liu/Canada

Winnie Liu/Canada

Winnie Liu/Canada

Revruby / USA

Helen/  Australia

Juleesa / USA

Joan Varitek / USA
Lili  / Belgium
angel roxas / philippines
Stephanie Mided (Octoroxxx)  / USA

Fatin Alkhuja  / Saudi Arabia

Adri Becerra  / USA
Gloriana Coutiño / Mexico
Julie / USA
Magda / Poland
Nanopoli / Italy
shahira chan / Egypt

Nata CrayOn~!  / Poland

City/ Korea

Khalil / USA

Astrid Romero / Spain
TokyoHippie / USA

Animation!  Click to watch the youtube video!

Wiola Wiaderska / Poland

Dali / Mexico

Jenikah /  USA

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