One thing there is to know about me is that I love children’s books, especially ones with cute illustrations. Even now that I am older I still vividly remember which books I loved when I was young…often it had to to with the artwork.  Actually Nara is the same way, so it may just be an artist thing since we are both very visual people~ but who knows!  Anyway, since we live in Korea now I have had a really great time randomly poking around the children’s book section at the bookstores in my area! Let’s take a look together~

In Korea kids study hard from a very young age~ as a result the book stores and stationary shops are filled with cuteness to keep their attention. These areas are always so bright and colorful, I get sucked right in and start to browse!

♥ ♥ ♥

Korea naturally has a vast selection of children’s story books of course, many are ones you and I grew up with, Japanese translated titles, and lots of original Korean published titles!   Some are just pretty stories for fun, educational books for study, history or culturally-related topics, but my favorite are the books that deal with Korean fairy-tales.

Consider this an eye-candy post~ in the future I would love to feature some unique Korea books or fairy-tales in detail! Enjoy!

This story looks familiar~

견우와 직녀 The Milkyway lovers that meet once a year.

Whats in the glowing kimchi pots?

해님 달님 ~ a classic children’s story in Korea about a Tiger who eats a Grandmother and puts on her clothing as a disguise to try and eat the grandchildren. After climbing to a tree for safety they ask God for help who sends down a rope for them to climb to the sky~ he becomes the moon and she becomes the sun.

since Korea loves poop they have plenty of reading involving poo characters that have absolutely nothing to do with potty training.

Poop in high heels watching a cow poop in Namdaemun. Thank you Korea, I have learned so much lol.

Hwang class leader the poop class leader… lol interesting

And of course I had to include some potty training books because I am immature!

Aw it’s cute little Hitler and Beethoven looking sharp!

Nice puzzle of Korea (North and South) which shows some of the produce that comes from each area~ interesting!

And a few more ugly-cute-ish puzzles just because haha!

“The undefeatable robot warriors”

They also have tons of these really fun pop up 3d craft kits to make all sorts of goodies! I think some of these are originally Japanese kits just translated, but I want to buy one to try soon~ would you like to see that? Look at that bitty paper stove~ I would have loved this as a kid!

Korea has piles upon piles of character workbooks.


It’s nice to be surrounded by books with titles I totally understand haha.

They also have all the classics most of us grew up with~ but I only wanted to showcase the Korea or unique stuff in this post ^^ gah Nara has never read Madeline!!!  I made him open the book and recited the first few pages in English from memory! haha I used to love her so much! When we have kids I think I will have to stock up on all of my favorites growing up and make him read them as well lol

Oh god… a Gangnam Style inspired cover…. impossible to escape this stuff.

Bring out the sparkle princess sticker kits!!

Pretty Cure and Jewel Pets from Japan seem to be really popular in the girls section~ so adorable.

Friendship and balancing your budget!

 for older girls they have a large section of help and advice books on all sorts of things that a growing girl needs to know. I say this with a bit of sarcasm of course 😛

Beauty and style advice books~

Studying and blood types!!  I actually know nothing about blood types, but people are always talking about them here so I bought this book haha!  I will share it in a future post soon.

Diet book~ be skinny instead of 뚱뚱.  Oh goodness….

another popular girls series of books is “예쁜 공주” which are uber girly dictionaries for things like English, numbers, phrases, or hanja~  I own the Hanja book plus one that is all about Korean phrases… kinda like “killing two birds with one stone” those sorts of things!  It is very interesting~ I will have to feature these sometime in the future for you guys ^^

How about some pretty fairy tale books?

This page is so cute (*_*) SPARKLE EYES!


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22 Responses to “Cute Korean Childrens Books”

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    Omg I’m in love with this post! So much cuteness! I want to import loads of these when I have children, lol!

  • Awww! I’m so jealous! They are so cute and detailed! Most of the art in fairy tale children books here always looks so rushed.

  • Custom avatar Meagan:

    I love children’s books. I would have been in pink overload if I grew up in Korea. 🙂 Are there a lot of cute colouring books too?

  • Custom avatar Eveline:

    Thank you so much as always ^-^ those last books are really inspiring too me *.* i love sparkle eyes. I love how they do the same fairytails but different especial the story of cinderella and her lost slipper!

    • Elle:

      I am so glad!! omg me too, I loooove anything with over the top sparkle eyes right now XD
      yeah the Korean cinderella book was an interesting twist, at least we are pretty sure it is a remix of the story~ I did not have time to read the whole thing properly!

  • Custom avatar Amelee:

    These 내가 바로 디자이너 books look particularly awesome ! ♥

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    Oh I love those! I want to have them even though I wouldn’t understand them, looking at the pictures would be enough lol.
    They look like a fun way for Korean learners, to both practice the language and learn culture related things. I guess living in Korea makes it easier to learn the language, but do you use any books?

  • Custom avatar coco:

    omgg they are so cuuuute
    I saw one of them in the house of my korean student to who i learn french and i fell in love with it ^^
    i really really want to learn about blood type because it’s really not clear for me
    and it seems really interesting thing to know
    thank you again

    • Elle:

      My pleasure Coco! Yes, I will try to share anything interesting I learn from the Korean blood type book soon~ it is such a common question here and used to tell personality so much *_* I was surprised! hehe

  • Custom avatar Zuly:

    Ohhh~ * O *♥ with your post you make that my dreams of going to Korea someday, still alive! I hope to someday to buy many of these books when I have kids~ TuT
    I’ll be waiting for your next post cuz I’m very interested in blood types :). Nice day♥

  • omg~~~~~~ want to have a daughter and buy her all these books!
    gotta collect them all XD

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    Loved this post! I especially loved the Fairytale books with the sparkly eyes! So cute!

  • Custom avatar Casey:

    I love seeing the different ways traditional fairy tales are presented!!

  • Such a colorful post! ;D
    Everything’s so cute cute cute~

    Hehe, potty training stuff is always hilarious now matter what age you are 😉 ..or maybe I’m as immature as you are 😀

  • Custom avatar Joan:

    So cute!! I would buy that whole series of teenage advice books, they look so silly and yet charming. I’m curious what the bloodtype book has to say too!

  • I really love reading children’s books especially the ones with cute graphics. I’ve seen a couple of Japanese ones, my most favorite is the Totoro books but I can’t read Japanese TT_TT. The photos above are so cute too! I haven’t really started learning Hangul, but is it much easier to learn than Japanese?

    • Elle:

      Japanese has 3 types you need to learn, Hiragana (the simple shapes), Katakana (the simple looking but a bit sharper shapes used for foreign words mainly), and Kanji (the chinese characters). The first two are fairly easy to learn and I had them mastered in maybe a few weeks when I lived there, but Kanji are huge… even now I only know many 20-30 out of maybe 3,000 to read properly (kids learn like 1000!) for things amied at kids or a younger audience (like some mangas or things younger people may need to read) they often use just Hiragana or very basic kanji often with little kinda subtitles of how to break the kanji word into hiragana right below it (you see this when singing karaoke a lot) so its like easier to learn some… but harder overall. Korean is an alphabet that involves putting sounds together to form blocks kinda like how we use letters to spell single words. It is not too hard to learn to read, but like english it often has several rules of silent sounds, noises carrying over or not reading as they seem, and letters that change sounds when they are placed in different areas~ I found pronunciation a bit difficult to master and reading with speed, but in terms of ability to learn in order to read signs and such I suppose Korean is simpler for that reason since once you learn the alphabet they almost never use chinese characters here anymore (it is extremely rare and very basic ones even I know)

  • Custom avatar Marzipanda:

    Ahhhhh!!!! I love the little pop up stove from Yumeiro Patissiere so much that I had to sign up just to comment on it….so cute!!!!!

  • I love picture books and feel that Asians have a special charisma for such books, drawn beautifully.
    There is also a large and varied market, are very visual :).
    I love them all!! ajajaj

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    해님 달님- This story is so cute! I really like it even though you only explained a little about it, Thank you Elle! ^^

  • Custom avatar BritiShawol:

    man i woulda loved these kinda cute books as a kid!!
    i remember when i first got access to the internet on the home computer i used to always play Korean dress up games!! it was called RoiWorld!! i didn’t know it was Korean back then, i actually used to think it was Japanese!! but yeah anyway some of those books just reminded me of it!!!

    i think i need some of these books and puzzles to help me teach myself Korean words haha!!

    • Elle:

      haha oh I know those sites! Yeah, its crazy how many cute dress up and girly games Korea has made *_* like almost all the ones online seem to be korean lol! If you are trying to study, I LOVE using kids books for that. They have great photos and very simple information VS a stuffy book….. I have korean vegetable/fruit matching magnets on my fridge to learn all the names. I am very mature with my studies obviously haha! <3

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