One thing I love to make cute is my electronics!  Sometimes its possible to find pretty colored laptops or get computer desktops made with adorable shells at the electronics market, but unless I want to pay through the teeth~ usually I’m stuck with black.  I had to leave my large desktop setup back in the states, so after moving I needed to grab a laptop for semi low cost that would get the job done for me while I lived here.  Of course I got stuck with poopy black/grey since white or pink was wither insanely expensive or did not have the power that I needed to run my software. BAH!  What is a cheap way to make my laptop cute???

You can get pretty skin/stickers for the outside, a nice mouse, fancy case, and Keyboard stickers!!

Yes, Korea has lots of very cute stickers for your keyboard which also work extra well if you need to switch back and forth between hangul characters   You can get flat colors and plenty of character stickers (hello kitty, rilakuma, etc) since the appeal is mainly for kids here~  but the other day at artbox Nara and I found this really nice multicolored set for about 4,000 won with a bit of cushion in the sticker! Sweet!

The process is just as simple as you would imagine~clean off your keys properly to remove any old dirt or oil from your fingers that would prevent the sticker from applying properly, then just match the sticker to the corresponding key and press down firmly.  I have had two sticker sets in the past, and both will stay on quite well if you give it a nice press on clean keys + removal was painless~ they just peeled off with little to no residue.

I ran into a little issue with some stickers being way too big for my small laptop keys~ No worries!  Just slice them evenly with a box cutter or exacto knife! Oh look at me all crafy 😛

As you can see, the keys match up and all stickers still show you the English alphabet along with the Hangul alphabet + additional characters related (if available, only 5 Korean characters have this) that are typed by holding the shift key just like if you wanted to make a capital letter in English.

MUCH BETTER!  I love these stickers~  It is such a fun splash of color on my blah laptop and it also has that nice padded feeling when I type. I FEEL SO FANCY.

Where to buy these amazing little goodies?  Well, if you are in Korea you should come across them at Stationary shops, Art Box, electronics markets, or sometimes in the office section of larger chains!


If you are not in Korea I have wonderful news, I checked Amazon and found a few awesome ones!! ♥ ♥ Happy typing!

Some ad-block plug-ins disable viewing these links above!  Please allow to display ads to see these + other products I refer to in posts! They are hand picked links to related items (or ones I actually buy here that can be found online) so they are not useless, I promise ^^

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