Slippers are a must in Korea since you have to take your shoes off when you enter a home~ you could use some ugly old simple slippers, but why not use something a bit cuter?? Here are some of my favorites! ♥  Keep in mind, Koreans often have a pair for the house, an extra cheap pair or two for guests, a plastic pair in the bathroom, and often a plastic pair for the patio area if you are lucky enough to have one of those!

♥ ♥ ♥

BTW~ Totally not just me leaving out other animals, but so many slippers in Korea seem to have just cats (usually black) or bunnies on them if it is a critter!

Cute fluffy bow pair with nubs for cleaning your floor underneath~ Multitasking!!

The Korean chain ArtBox has tons of cute designs worth checking out!

If you are having a hard time finding cute slippers the best places to look are places like Art*Box and E-mart!  They often sell really cute ones for about 10,000 won or less ($10) or you can always order a pair online.  I like to get very soft slippers for my house, so since many styles are a bit more firm I prefer to check them out and give them a squish in the store before I buy a pair.

You can also buy lots of really cute mini racks for your doorway to keep your pretty slippers as well!  I need one of these since mine end up in a pile all over the place from kicking them on and off ^^;

Here are my house slippers!! 

I found them at 동대문 Dongdaemun on one of the tippy top floors that sells house stuff sometimes for 10,000 won ♥

And here are my cute 화장실용 슬리퍼 bathroom slippers, they are so awesome haha!!  I got these at E-mart for just a few won.. maybe 5,000 or something.

Last amusing tidbit, almost everyone in Korea seems to own one pair of 3 stripe sandals You know, they kinda look like the Adidas ones from forever ago~  Anyway, these are random bathroom shoes and kinda “I don’t give a shit” shoes for running to the store across the street for milk, bath house, or just a sloppy day it seems.

♥ ♥ ♥

Also Crocs, LOTS of little kids wear those~ which makes a lot of sense since they have to kick shoes on and off all day especially in the summer. You can find types of three stripe shoes everyplace around here for just a few bucks, and what is fun is they really come in every color under the rainbow!  Around my area we sometimes have a man in a truck who sells pretty much JUST this shoe and makes a living… I really need to pick up a pink pair or something for those scrubby or rainy days.

Do you have a cute pair of slippers or wear them inside your house?  Even back in California, Nara and I had all of our shoes in the doorway for the most part. It really helps keep the house… or at least the rug a lot cleaner.  The Streets in Korea are VERY dirty with spit and Garbage, so if you live here it really makes a LOT of sense not to wear your shoes inside the house.

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10 Responses to “Cute Slipper Shopping in Korea”

  • I’m so jealous you get to shop in Korea ;o; Those bow slippers are so cute!!!

  • I love your shopping posts. They’re so fun to read!

  • Custom avatar caz:

    I LOVE slippers 🙂 I have a cute pair with monkeys on and a little leopard print pair 😀 but seriously how cute are those ones? NEED!!

  • Custom avatar Samantha:

    If you are in your own home is it allowed to be barefoot instead of wearing slippers? Or is it just rude? What if you’re alone or with a close friend?

    • Elle:

      What Koreans consider “Rude” I find a little inconsistant vs Japan sometimes, so its not a clear cut answer exactly since some people are WAY more lax here vs others. If you are in your home you can do whatever you would like of course, I think some people wear just socks around the house here when hanging out vs slippers. It depends on the house though, in Korea I have found it is really good to ** always have a pair of socks in your purse** juuuust in case you have to take off your shoes (visiting a friend or going someplace to eat) because it is better to have them on. I did go over to Nara’s house once and not have socks on and was barefoot since I had flats on that day outside (Nara usually is barefoot at his house or socks, never slippers) and was told that I should put socks on by his parents… so now my impression is always have socks on at least unless you are in your own home. If company comes over I try to at least have socks on my feet, since in some houses (including my apt) you sit on the floor so it just feels a bit crude to be barefoot around other people…for me personally anyway ^^

      so tl;dr version

      Home in your house or alone= Feet are ok if that’s how you/your family rolls
      Anyplace else not your home or around others = Better to have socks or tights on just to be safe and polite.

  • Custom avatar KSue:

    I just wanted to tell you, “I Love your blog!!” I am in love with S. Korea and my son is also. He loves the house slippers and found your site when I was looking for Korean house slippers. Will definitely keep reading your blog as you have lots of awesome information. Thank you.

  • Custom avatar payal:

    i wanna buy them i m in india

  • Custom avatar Deedee:


    I love your blog, all of the information was easy to read and interesting.I wanna ask you about this one mmm where i can get cute slippers like the picture above when i don’t want to buy online ? I mean the place in Korea ? Thank You ^^

    • Elle:

      Emart and artbox stores always have cute slippers 🙂 you can also look in the home area of dongdaemun but its a little tricky for me to explain the exact location

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