Want to know the latest fashion trends in Korea for 2012? Let me tell you what I see ♥

Punky pop things everyplace!

Studded, plastic, punky, cute items come and go around here lately, but this summer I noticed a huge BOOM of them in the stores all over Seoul. Chunky laser cut acrylic, Skull, studs, skulls AS studs, punk rock spikes of all sizes, stars, etc are being placed on every kind of thing here right now! Former trends like the bunny twist bow and detached collars are getting punky pop makeover as well.

Aside from the metallic embellishment trend, textures and materials are being combined a lot~ twisted chunky plastic chains with thin metal and such.  Lots of black and white combos with pops of color thrown in, but many other colors are around as well like creamy pink~ It is more because Koreans prefer to wear lots of greys and blacks it seems, but you can find color variations of items in this style!

these embellished pieces are being used and remixed into more “normal” styles as well…. think like a pretty business blouse with a punk studded cuff!

Very large or over-sized tops with leggings or tight pants and over-sized clutches are also everyplace right now and being used in these looks.

SOME YOU CAN BUY ONLINE THROUGH MY SIDEBAR SHOPS!! I’ll link ones I found stuff for!

♥ ♥ ♥

I see that spike headband all the time in Seoul! It’s so interesting~ could not find any listings online for one though outside of shopping on a korean site 🙁 sorry OMG NEVERMIND! YESSTYLE GOT ONE IN! ~  The bag is so cute, several stores are selling it atm in a few styles~ but no English listings atm! I will keep my eyes open though.

Here is the style Yesstyle is selling atm HERE ! Two colors as well ♥

South Korea skull cuff  HERE

(left) Korea off-brand (right) from Sammy Dress HERE

The shirt is an off-brand~ The leggings are as well!

you can buy a stripe version HERE and or 200 other versions of the slashed ones HERE

You can buy the dress above HERE


South Korea skull backpack~ also found the SAME one on yesstyle HERE

Punky pop wedges from Sammydress HERE  and very popular atm Skull bag with skull studs here is also on Yesstyle HERE !

So Nara got these SAME skull glasses in Japan for freaking 3000Yen (almost $38!)

Yesstyle has them for like $18! HERE gotta get more colors now I guess *_*

Candy-colored Skull Dress!! Buy HERE ♥ I love this one

Pretty studded bow to finish off the outfit! Off brand, found one HERE

Super cute wedges that would go with this look on Yestyle HERE

Scarf Image from gmarket and I found an identical one on Yesstyle HERE in 3 colors!

You can buy this sheer skull blouse HERE

You can buy this shirt HERE

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m really enjoying this trend because it is tempting me to buy new pieces that I would have not tried to pull off in the past.  Its an “edgy” style, but it also has a very playful and fun thought process behind it + you can mix in lots of fun colors!  What do you think? Do you like this look or pieces in it?  Tigers, legos, and super large flat clutches are also getting sprinkled and used in the looks above ♥ I’ll share an outfit and some fun things I bought from this new trend in another post ^^

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13 Responses to “Current Trend 2012 – Punky Pop”

  • eff man this is dangerous with you posting links to buy the stuff….T_T

    • Elle:

      haha forgive me! Seriously though, I thought I would not be able to find much on yesstyle… but they actually have a lot of the pieces here, they just style them all pretty or simple so its hard to see when you just look at the site as-is. Which G-market was easier to navigate though… ugh thats a headache

  • I love the skulls with bunny ear tshirts! So cute! I am visiting Seoul for the first time next weekend for 3 days, can you recommend anything that I should definitely try and see, areas I should try and visit or cute coffee shops to check out?! Thanks =] x

    • Elle:

      I know those are so cute! I have not spotted them in stores here, but if I see them on G-market I will add the link♥ For what to do~ You gotta go to Edae (check my post about it), Hongdae, gaangnam (def the subway mall for shopping) and Myeong-dong. Hello Kitty Cafe is in Hongdae~ and try and find the Kitty cafe there or in Gaangnam if you like cats. Since I JUST opened this blog I have not added everything yet, but check back… maybe I can some more things posted before you leave. If you like beauty products hit up Etude, its a pink store and you will see tons of them

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    Omg i love you for this post!!!! I love asian fashion trends but it’s a little bit hard to know what is in fashion there with me living so far away lol. Some of the things your showed would make great DIY’s too 🙂 so thanks for the inspiration. I’ll check that site because it looks interesting 🙂 kinda reminds me of wholesaledresses.

    • Elle:

      Thanks Yona! I have several more to post about, because I was always looking for the same thing when I lived in the usa… I just wanted to know what the new “hip” thing was and it was so hard to get a clear answer! haha! Yeah Sammydress seems to be a LOT like wholesaledress, but I am not sure if they are owned by the same guys. I do like that sammy has a bunch of really fun stuff I see here sometimes though, took me a while to sift though! haha. I kinda wanna DIY my own spike headband with flatter spikes, those are so hot atm here it seems!

  • This entire post just brings me so much joy! I’ve always been a little punk rock girl at heart, but I also love the bright colors and cuteness of kawaii influence and ’80s nostalgia! This post just proves my philosophy that the two absolutely BELONG together, haha 😀

  • Custom avatar Lucy:

    Where did you get those plastic Skull on the first Pics? I want it soo baddd.. Just the Skull though

    • Elle:

      The bead? It was just part of a bracelet design on gmarket. I’m sure you can find the beads loose if you look though, although I have not spotted that particular bead at the wholesale markets here recently.

  • Custom avatar Guest:

    ahhh I want all of those skeleton shirts! D:

    especially the one with the round ears~

  • oh gosh.. i wanna go to korea just to shop @__@

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    does south korea have clair’s jewelry store? if they do, then do they have the ten for ten sale? (i dont know how that translates to the south korean money system…) clair’s always looks to me like this and that is where i go to buy all of my accessorizes usually for a dollar a piece!!! i love it, and its cheap! ^.^

    • Elle:

      I know Japan has Clairs, but Korea does not at this time! We have a better chain called “Motden Koyangi” (aka bad cat) which is EVERYPLACE in the city and has super cheap accessories for just 1,000-5,000 won. I buy a ton of my things there, and it is usually the same stuff you see in other shops for over 10,000. I will be featuring it as a store in the future 🙂 if you visit any of the major areas here in Seoul you will come across multiple stores though, they have them almost everyplace… edae and hongdae have about 5 I think!

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