Shopping in Seoul for some cute shoes~

For some reason when I hit 25 I REALLY got into buying shoes.  I always used to wear the same pair of brown flip-flops till they broke, then I would head out to the nearest surf shop or whatever and just grab a replacement pair.  Now I’m all about owning pretty shoes, although my feet sometimes dont agree with me… especially with all the walking that happens around here since we moved.  Unless you hate shoes or have a larger size (stores seem to only carry up to around a US 8 it seems) its kinda hard NOT to buy shoes in Korea because every other train station or store has a slew of them!

I’m sure most people reading this are aware, but in Korea you do not wear your shoes inside the house.  The entryway to the home is separated by a step/lip/etc and usually that room will also come with a closet for storage and/or specifically meant for storing your shoes.  My apartment comes with a giant shoe closet (seriously its huge.) but I have an overflow of extra pairs now from hoarding that had created a nice little blockade for intruders… or guests lol.  Thankfully Nara’s Mother saw this issue (or perhaps tripped on all the shoes I had piled around the door) and found me this adorable heart shoe rack on ♥ SERIOUSLY… HOT PINK WITH HEARTS!♥ She knows my obnoxious adorable taste so well….

The heart shoe rack holds about 27-28 pairs, not bad!! Its very sturdy too, I was pleasantly surprised since in the past I have bought some shake-tastic shoe racks.  I think this is hands down the cutest rack I have seen as well… usually they are pretty blah back at home and consist of white plastic or metal usually. Meh~ this is waaaaay better.

Adorable + Functional+ Affordable= WIN

If you would like to get one of your own you can find them on Gmarket after a bit of searching.  The seller I managed to locate HERE that is selling these has two sizes and 3 colors available for about $20 USD… maybe, they have some coupons going so I’m not 100% sure atm. Gmarket loves to be confusing like that.  😛

If hearts are not your taste~ here are some other cute ones I managed to find on Korean websites!

Power words to search for these are 슈즈랙 , 신발장

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6 Responses to “Heart Shoe Rack”

  • OMG! This heart shoes rack is simply amazing! If I haven’t my shoe closet I would buy one *-* By the way I love your pink-blue-yellow neon shoes! Where did you bought them? *u*


    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! Ah you mean the Sneakers? If so, they are Nike Court Force Easter editions from 2004 I think! I found photos of them online and managed to hunt down an unused pair on ebay a year or two ago ^^

  • Hi Elle! I stumbled upon your blog through… hey I forgot… I just clicked and clicked and viola I’m here.
    I enjoyed reading and I was supposed to leave a comment to ALSO ask about that cute sneakers. Apparently someone had the same interest. 🙂
    Anyway, just want to thank you for a very nice blog! Will be visiting often 🙂

    • Elle:

      haha well I am so happy you found your way here! I have so much stuff to add on this blog still, so I hope you will enjoy it 😀 been snapping photos like a crazy lady all month since the site launched lol!

  • Custom avatar Jen:

    OMG Love this shoe rack!

    Its a pity the seller only ships domesticity! my friend and I would really love to get one each here in australia!

    Love your blog!
    Super cute. Wish I lived in Korea!


  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    ok, I think I just fall in love with your black bow boots on the top right of the shoe rack, look soooooo amazin *-*
    I’m not a fan of heart design, I’m more into stars or bows but this one is pink, looks so great. I’d love to have as much shoes as you

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