Maybe because I am a visual person, but aside from cute little cafe signs I also enjoy posters and other misc things throughout Seoul sometimes! Here are some fun things from the streets of Seoul that I felt like sharing with you guys~ enjoy!

Last fall we had two movies called “Ted / 테드” come out at the exact same time in Korea.  One was a kids animation and the other was an adult comedy…. I wonder how many people here went into the wrong theater lol.  This wall is around Hongdae and always filled with posters or crazy amounts of leftover tape.

Cute Japanese Izakaya place~ Most of the writing is just about food/ things you can order lol. Tasty Yakitori!

Oppa’s Gangnam Style ! Seoul was covered in these posters before the single came out!

I am in love with this *__* want to steal it….

I have not been inside “Austin Powers” yet, I wonder if it looks fun on the inside or is just another plain bar with a goofy name here in Seoul XD  I get tricked a lot!

How about a giant Korean Mario?

K-pop stars promoting the new Mario Kart <3

Really interesting ad for Big Bang at Gangnam station~ it was like a clear screen showing animation in front of the special items & cds.

I think it goes without saying that I love this billboard lol

Aw thanks Korea!!

Awesome new BBQ restaurant that opened by my house ripping off an old animation cover.  Note the guy in the corner training by grilling his knuckles lmao

Ran into these guys promoting Madagascar 3 on my way to class at Edae last summer! Had to snap a pic and grab one of the promo fans they were passing out for Nara since he animated for Madagascar 2 ^^

random amazing display down in Changwon!

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11 Responses to “Cute Streets of Korea~ Posters, Flyers, Misc.”

  • Posters in Korea look absolutely fun and cool! I especially like the Mario ones 😛 I hope to be able to stumble upon these in my own country T.T

    With love,

  • Custom avatar AngelaRenee:

    I love this! I would have a very hard time trying not steal some of those! I live about 15 minutes outside Detroit and even though I love looking at all the graffiti art (We have some amazing artist downtown)I would love to see more of this though. Thank you for the post!

    • Elle:

      I bet you guys have some interesting street art for sure! Did you see my other related posts on Graffiti here the “Cute Streets” Category may be of some interest to you! I add to them as I find new things every so often, some of the others I need to revamp a little though~ just collecting more pics ^^ <3

      • Custom avatar AngelaRenee:

        I haven’t but I am totally going to go check it out!! I just love all your post, Korea is a place I would love to visit but I know it will probably never happen, so I love reading your blog to get some insight into what it’s like there! (also love looking at all you art…)Thank you for all the hard work you put into making your post!

  • ooh I loved this post. So visually appealing! LOL at Madagascar mascots, those penguins crack up.

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    WOA!!! at first I was all like ‘OMG!!! def leppard’s hystera album’ ( I love 80’s rockbands) but then you were all like ‘nara worked on madagascar 2’ and I was all ‘that just totaly showed up def leppard.’

    • Custom avatar nagrom:

      oh yea, how much did nara do in madagascar?

      • Elle:

        Well they ditty up the shots so each animator works on small bits at a time animating clips. He mainly worked on alex lion ( like parts of his dance scene, big fight with granny) and some zooba lion and granny shots as well. ^^ those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head atm!♥

    • Elle:

      Haha XD yeah he worked on mad2, shrek 3, how to train your dragon, monsters vs aliens, and megamind! dragons was his fave tho!

      • Custom avatar nagrom:

        DANNG! how much does he get payed?? ( if you don’t mind me asking, and if you do, just tell me ;D)

        • Elle:

          Haha as expected~ not really something I want to say outloud. We live well and have fun though ^^ just happy he can do what he loves for a living ♥

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