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To celebrate spring this year the modern and hip D-Cube City ( located in Sindorim) put up an amazing display in the center area of the shopping mall.

This area for display is a little tricky to capture with a photo, but the things they set up can be admired from each of the mall and look amazing when you stick your head out and gaze up, or reach the top and look all the way down.  Anyway, this month was a bunch of giant flower blooms with clouds and rain/waterfall flowing down!  They just hung around suspended and looking so awesome~  I had to attempt to snap some pics!

I loved all the colored and textures they put together to make the flower shape~ in person they looked so pretty.

Looking up is so pretty~ They have a digital sky that changes during the day.

♥ ♥ ♥

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  • :O so pretty!!! whoever thought of that is a… <3 I feel like taking one home, not sure what for though hahahaha.. bu it's so pretty and detailed! :D

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