So I have not posted any photos of my kitten “Milk” for quite some time~ so I thought I would just share a few ^^

I live by myself and Nara works all day, so home alone without close friends here gets very lonely~ I am so happy to have this little guy now! My two girl cats back in the USA are sweet, but Milk is a total baby and lap warmer~  he must be by my side at all times and sleeps at the door when I leave T_T it is so cute.

He likes wearing collars and does not mind clothing…. so we have been having a bit of fun with that.

One thing I love is he sleeps very close to me at night usually, my other cats prefer to sleep on top of me lol!

He is always playing or watching me at the computer… like a little creeper in my pastel room

He likes to sleep in such funny places and poses….

He has HUGE shiny eyes *_* What circle lenses do you use Mr Milk?

When he was very small he liked to sleep on my laptop while I worked… now he is WAY too big so he tries to cram himself into my lap since I work on the floor Indian-style lol

Nara having some Father & Cat-Son bonding time. lol tough guys.

Now that it is getting colder we have started to buy him little shirts and stuff.  This is his new Pooh Bear hoodie!!  He actually really enjoys wearing it… I was quite shocked because my other two cats refuse all collars and clothing 100%~ Milk does not care at all lol.  This is good, because my apartment gets chilly in the winter so I want to be able to pop a sweater on him if its extra cold or if we have to go outside to walk to Nara’s house.

Ah yes, he is a really good sport about going outside! I have been trying to make him comfortable with being out and about since he will have a long flight back to California when we do decided to move home~ he enjoys coming outside with me in a tote bag and just peeps out!  I walk with him to Nara’s house across the street or to the post office~ one day we even took him to the park on a leash and sat him down in the grass so he could feel it and smell everything.  He really loved the park, although it surprised some of the people walking by a little bit to see us sitting on the grass with a pretty cat.

Out of all the things we have bought him, that stupid box is his favorite…..of course. It is his #1 hang out space in the house…. it’s so ugly, but I feel bad throwing it away since he likes it so much.

lol so goofy.

When I wake up this is usually the first thing I see when I open my eyes XD

 He loves to stick his tongue out haha! He should be a cat model because he poses so well…

So anyway, that is my little baby right now!  He is growing up so fast T_T  If you want more Milk photos you can “Like” his facebook page… haha we were posting so many we decided to just keep them on a facebook so we did not drive our friends insane with pics!

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23 Responses to “Daily Cuteness with Milk the Kitty ♥”

  • Custom avatar Cate:

    Awwww Milk is such a cutie <3

  • I love cute little Milk! <3

  • You have such a cute cat! I have four and three of them will not let me dress them up. I’m hoping Vash will let me dress him though~ hehe. Also, since Milk likes the box so much, why not try maybe painting it or decorating it to look cute? I’ve had cats obsessed with boxes before, so I just decorate them, haha.

  • Custom avatar Aislyn:

    I think my cat may be the same breed as yours. They look very similar, except my boy has some brownish orange spots here and there. Your milk is so cute!he acts very similar to my merlin who hugs me when I come home (really, he does!), sleeps next to me under the covers, and will crawl in my bags if I leave them open. He would rip me to shreds if I tried to dress him though.

    Also, that scratching post is the cutest one I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to buy my kitty cute stuff

    • Elle:

      Aw cuuuuuute!! Milk is a doll-face Persian, however we think one of his parents may have been a Turkish Angora because he is a lot leaner and longer now that he is older lol
      The pet stuff here in Korea is crazy cute, I need to do a shopping feature super soon ^^

  • adorable… the kitty and the bonnet!

  • Custom avatar Cherie:

    hiii!!! milk is soooo sweeeet!! (: are cat scratching post expensive in korea? and would it be troublesome to bring it back on the plane? also! will a cat forget you if you dont be with it for like say 4 months?

    btw i love your blog posts! (: keep it up!

    • Elle:

      Not really, I found them cheaper vs back home actually… maybe $20-$30 usd. The post comes apart into several pieces, but I may just sell it when I move back home, dunno.
      I have no idea about how long it takes for a cat to forget you, but my other two cats are staying with my parents and they remembered me just fine after not seeing me for 9 months~ just took them a few weeks to come back around.

  • oh my goodness~ Milk is such a beautiful kitty~~ and so patient! ^^ My family’s cats hate wearing clothing, although Pirate let my younger sister color on his face with blue markers yesterday! >_<;; He wasn't quite as tolerant about letting me clean it off of him, though! O____o;;

    You know, I bet you could cover that box with some pretty scrapbook paper or wrapping paper and then it will fit right in with the rest of your room! 😉

    • Elle:

      haha aw poor kitty!! I bet that was a nice surprise for everyone XD

      That is a good idea, maybe I will jazz up the outside of that box!

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t realize how big he’d gotten until I saw the photo of him next to Nara! I love that he loves to dress up! Maybe cats in Korea are born with style. My cats wouldn’t even wear collars lol!

    • Elle:

      He grew way too fast!! T_T ♥ My little baby. Haha we call him “fancy lad” around the house, he really is such a good sport about everything compared to most cats… I have no idea why! I hope he stays small… my other two cats grew HUGE.

  • Awwww milk is just soooo adorable!!!!!!


  • Hey~! I’m not sure if you remember me but I said hi to you in Hongdae a few days ago! (around the scarf stand, and you gave me your card~) Just wanted to say hello again~~ Milk is so adorable!! =D His eyes remind me of some choo-choo cat illustrations! ^^

    • Elle:

      Hi! haha of course I remember you 😀 thanks so much for saying hi!! I get comments on the blog, but it is so great to actually see people here in Korea that are reading my posts and actually using them, you know?? I hope you and your friend are having a good time with school and everything, did you just start or have you been here a while? I dont know if you saw preview photos on my facebook yet, I am going to post the bakery and a new theme cafe I found later that day~ hope you guys will enjoy them ♥ Oh man, now that we have Milk we tend to buy white choo choo cat everything. Korea is really making me a crazy cat lady lol.

  • Custom avatar Regan:

    Aww I must get my kitty some cute accessories!

  • Custom avatar Lilu:

    Milk is absolutely adorable, as are all his little clothing accessories! <3

  • such a cute kitten! *Q* love-love-love ! ! !

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    Your kitty is magnificent! I agree 100% That he should be a model! I have never seen a cat stick his tongue out like that! Go Milky! ^^ I think I forgot to mention this but your so lucky you have Nara to go to places like these with, hes such a good sport. My dad would wear pink but I don’t think not as much as Nara and not nearly as much style, haha. My boyfriend wouldn’t even wear :}

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    Just so you know, you can never ever ever post too many pictures of Milk. I will never get tired of them. I’m a fan on FB, but seeing this post was a whole new SQUEE! <3
    I can't say he is the cutest cat in the world because I'm obsessed with my kitty, Kisa. But, since she is a girl I can say that your Milk is the cutest boy cat in the world! 😀

  • Custom avatar xmenita:


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