New Daiso Haul this week~  I picked up a few pretty new floral plates and some plastic forks!  I have not bought any forks for my apartment even though I have lived here over a year now, Koreans mainly use spoons and chopsticks so forks are kinda “fancy” and a bit pricy at most stores… sold as single pieces usually so I never bothered.  Now I have a nice pack of cheap pastel ones though…lets see if I even use them! haha

I also picked up some lower fake lashes!!!  I was so excited they had this style in stock~ dolly wink lashes have a similar design everyone loves, but they cost almost 20000 won ($20) a pair! I will review them, and some other Daiso eyelashes in another post sometime ♥

I also got a new strawberry bowl to add to my Daiso strawberry collectionMilk wasted no time in making it his tiny new house.

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4 Responses to “Daiso Haul~ Pretty Plates!”

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    Why oh why does Vegas not have a Daiso?? That’s going to be one of the first places I’m going to hit up if I can move to Seattle in a few months. Now I wonder if they’re all pretty much the same..

    • Elle:

      Some are better VS others, if you can find a Daiso with more Japanese stock you will be in Heaven!!! They have 10x the awesome stuff in those stores~

  • Custom avatar caz:

    ooooo pastel forks, very cute 😀

    In Singapore, Daiso don’t really sell these! :'( Oh my god, I’m so jealous!

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