This post will be updated with haul pics from my shopping adventures here in Korea!  Hope you will enjoy these ♥  I will update this post as I have new pictures to share~ newest will be at the top!

This week I stopped in to Daiso around Sillim and found a ton of adorable plastic frames in pastel colors for about 1,000-2,000원, a cute pop-up book stand for my magazines 2,000원, yummy strawberry candle 1,000원, 6 bottles of “organic farm” Korean nail polish, and a bottle of Chicka Pika gum candy… because I looove it (*_*)  I still need to find art for the frames, but WOW the nail polish at Daiso is AMAZING guys~ it looks so nice on!  Going back for the other colors ♥

This is something I will do a full post on soon~  Spent about 100,000원 ($100) on vintage Korean paper dolls and reprints! These are so freaking cute!!  I’m sorry but atm I can not recall the shop online I found these at, but Nara had to buy them for me because it was a pain in the butt to buy :/ Korea needs to get paypal. Anyway, please look forward to a full post on these pretty papers ♥

Latley (maybe because of children’s day here) Daiso has had a ton of cute cooking and treat gear. Grabbed a cake and choco mold + some cupcake liners!

E-mart here in Korea has these amazing plastic ornate mirrors atm!  They come in two sizes and I think in white, hot pink, and black~ I forget how much I paid, but it was only a few bucks ♥ It’s hollow and thin plastic, but it looks really nice on the wall!

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8 Responses to “Daiso + Mart + Misc Hauls in Korea”

  • I’ve only just discovered Daiso and I can spend as long looking at all the stuff in there as I can in Artbox! I got some really good pink eyelash curlers with 2 replacement pads for 1000 and a bone china tea cup and saucer which I love to drink tea out of for 5000, I just wish I’d found it sooner! x

    • Elle:

      Daiso is SO dangerous! I drop at least 20,000 won every time I go in one it seems lol! Yeah, I like the beauty supplies~ cottons pads and everything its all fairly good quality considering the price!

  • okay, remind me to go to daiso and buy all those nail polishes… wait, how much usually korean nailpolish are? and.. are they good quality?

    • Elle:

      Depends on the brand really~ I see them from 1,000-8,000 won and up ($1-$8+) depending on who made them. I expected the Daiso brand polish to be total crap (I only bought them because Nara loved this one color and wanted me to wear it) but I really like the ones I bought and especially the sparkle one~ it had a nice variety of sparkle circles and gives you a nice amount with one coat. I only needed 2 coats of the daiso brand polish PLUS seche vite topcoat (maybe thats the secret?) and they lasted over a week! I’ll post some nails I did with them in another post ♥

  • Custom avatar Joey:

    Hi may i know how to go to daiso ? Take which metro line ?

  • Custom avatar Olivia:

    Just wanted to say that I think your posts about Daiso were one of the most helpful things I discovered before coming to Korea. Whenever I need something random for my apartment or anything else I check out Daiso first before moving on to other, possibly more expensive, stores. So, thanks! :3

  • Custom avatar Katrina:

    There’s only 1 daiso in canada (where i live) and fortunately, I live a half hour drive away from it. But their stuff is considered crap compared to korea’s daisos! There’s good makeup but a small selection of nail polish! And it’s only 2 floors. I only go there for the adorable candy/cake microwave making, hair, makweup items, and school supplies since it’s butt cheap yet super kawaii!!!! Just to ask for your opinion, do you think it’d be odd for me (a chinese) to take korean classes since I LOVE the culture and want to move there 1 day. I am 13. Will the korean students in my class tease me for being a “wanna be korean”? Thank you Elle! <3

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